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Not The Best Movie You Will Ever Watch!, 8 October 2002

This is a movie I watched because I am a fan of actress Susan George, most noted for her role in Straw Dogs with Dustin Hoffman. Susan is a good actress when she has the right script and director, this film had neither to offer her or us, the viewing public. The best thing this movie had to offer was a young, obscure actress who was credited as Robin O'Conner in the end credits. She stole the show in cuteness, but even that is not enough to make this one float. I would recommend this movie only to someone who is a die hard fan of one of the actors in the movie. The movie's plot is hardly worth mentioning, about 2 brothers, who have a penchant for theft, one is lucky enough to be shagging the delectable Robin O'Conner, the other becomes involved with Susan George who is the wife of a wealthy slime-ball. The pair rob him and that is about it for plot. It's not worth being any more descriptive with this low-budget mess. There is not even an unnecessary sex scene in it to justify it being made, or at least one that's steamy enough to be called one. There are probably 2 romantic scenes, neither being worth holding your breath over.

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I'd like to see this come out on DVD!!, 2 August 2002

This film was actually not bad, for it's genre! A group of hunters abduct a couple, (A young female and middle-aged guy) They take them up into the wilderness and subject them both to humiliations and abuse. The girl is coerced into having a night of sex with the men. She becomes a sexual toy for them as she tries using her womanly charms to avert what she slowly begins to realize is a deadly game unfolding. Before too long, the men turn the couple loose in the woods and tell them they will be hunted like animals. Seems the men, all Vietnam vets who having returned from the war, no longer get a thrill hunting animals after hunting "The real thing!" The plot has been done before, but it works here, the film is enjoyable, suspenseful and at times titillating! I am really hoping this comes out on DVD. I watched this on late night TV years ago, and later found a badly done pre-recorded copy. It's not a classic film! But it's well worth a look if you like this genre!

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This movie was strangely compelling! :), 2 August 2002

When I watched this film the first time, it was a taped copy and the title was/is Caged Terror. I still own the tape, and I confess, I've watched it more than once from beginning to end! The film is extremely low budget and the dialogue is often unintentionally amusing! I have gotten a few of my friends to watch this and we've had some great laughs from the terrible script. The film concerns a couple, (remember this is like early 70's so they are just too hip man!) who go on a week-end camping trip in what I believe was supposed to be upstate NY. They have some hilarious dialogue after catching and eating a fish and the girl bemoans the death of the fish and that they ate it! The guy comes back with something goofy about how they ate the fish and now it was a part of them, and he goes; "And that's beautiful man!" Heavy man, really heavy! LOL! Anyway, along come a couple of Vietnam vets, one of who plays the flute, I believe. (At any rate they are musical fellows!) The guys are clearly attracted to the girl and when the couple prove unfriendly, they end up terrorizing them during the night. The guy ends up caged in a chicken coop, and has to watch his girl friend being ravished by the two guys. Actually, by the end of the night, she seems to be pretty into it, and when morning comes, the guys leave and the girl and guy are free to leave. Supposedly the guy has learned a lesson about how to treat people, and the girl has a smile on her face! :) Anyway, I would recommend this film highly to anyone looking for a damn good laugh! It never fails to amuse me anyway! If I could find this on DVD and replace my old tape copy, I'd actually buy it again, it's classic camp! You gotta love this stuff!