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What is this trash?, 19 August 2009

This show is awful, crude, and downright Nasty. I can't believe that they would even air this crap, it's not entertaining all. The jokes are not funny, the look of show in general is really bad and to top it all off there is a laugh track. A freaking laugh track! I knew from trailers they ran that it would be bad but the laugh track just took it all to another level. The writing its self makes no sense. There was also a scene they showed in the trailer that let me know for sure how crude this was, the Dad was digging in some kids mouth and his whole hand went through the kids mouth including the chair he was sitting in. It's bad enough that Nick is suffering with the crap they show during the day and now this? Ugh please end this. This show is just begging to be canceled, I won't be surprised if it doesn't make it past the first season.