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Fun!, 8 June 2013

I really like Alyssa Milano and I was hoping this show wasn't just about a bunch of sluts... And it wasn't!

It's actually about relationships and I'm looking forward to next week. I hope the writing stays sharp and the plots stay interesting, and I hope there's not too much gratuitous sex. Please let it stay classy!

I think it was fun and I don't agree with the reviewer who said it sets women back. At all.

I hope the show explores some of the guilt that I imagine would be associated with having an affair. It will make the characters seem identifiable and human.

Please don't cancel this show!

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I think it's a fading star...., 4 November 2012

I loved this show initially. Sadly, I can now hardly get through an episode. I really want to like it, so I'm hoping that it gets back to what it once was. My main objections are:

1. Rayna's character is so annoying. ALL she ever does is stomp around, act huffy, give annoyed speeches, or look confused. I would love if she had less screen time, but I know she's the star, so maybe she'll just start being a little more cool and likable.

2. Not enough of Juliette!! She is so much more interesting than Rayna. And a better singer with better songs. Please give me more Hayden!!

3. Nashville has lost its nuanced touch. I feel like it has dumbed itself down so much since the pilot, which was surefooted and well planned. Now the show is just a mess. There are no good guys, it moves so quickly, all of the plot lines are very transparent, one note, and straightforward...

I still watch it, but just to see Hayden. I even think Scarlett has gotten completely annoying and dramatic. Please, I hope this show doesn't just become another dumb drama.

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I love it--keep it on the air!, 10 October 2009

I really like it. The original was awesome, and this version, although totally different, is just as good. I even like Ashlee. She is getting way too many bad reviews by haters. PLEASE give the show a chance and keep it on the air.

I think the scenes are well shot, and I like that it moves fast. There might be a few too many songs but whatever. I hope they can get some guest stars (real celebs).

I'm excited about seeing Heather Locklear. I hope Sydney is somehow alive because she and Michael were my favorite on the original version. Thank you for bringing it back, CW!

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I LOVE this show! Please let there be Rock of Love 4!!!!!!!, 6 April 2009

Seriously. This show is the best. I love Brett and his sense of humor and willingness to face, head on, the ridiculousness that makes me watch every week. I agree that the girls this season pretty much sucked and are super lame, esp Taya, but even sub par casting didn't stop the entertainment factor. I would love to see season 4 with better girls (less boring/less obvious strippers/better talkers) and more of Brett. He seems like he doesn't really like any of them this time around. It would be cool if he seemed like he was into one of them. I think they focus too much on the girls fighting. But whatever. I love the show, please give me one more season Vh1!!!

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I don't hate it, 18 October 2008

I am willing to give it a chance because it's different and doesn't have a ridiculous laugh track. However, I do think it could be improved if they could make me care about the characters a little bit more. They're pretty 'flat' at this point. Not that this show is meant to be deep or meaningful, but I do wish the characters would develop a little (or show the potential to develop). Right now it's pretty forgetful and not witty. I will give it two more episodes and if it doesn't improve too much, that will probably be it. Someone else mentioned the word wooden and I think that's a pretty good description. Although, I do like Selma Blair and think she plays the pouty daughter really well.

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Love it, 7 March 2008

This show is so good. You can actually tell the characters apart. They have relationships and problems you care about. You can even identify with them. The dialog is not stupid. Finally, a show that doesn't feature sex crazed neurotic morons. This one is smart and every scene is so pretty. It's big budget all the way around. I love it. Please do not dumb it down or make it like every other lame show. I don't think it needs more sex. I think it's just fine, the way it is. I'm sick of all the idiotic shows on TV that have fast scenes, and trite one-liners that are obvious innuendo setups from the beginning. Are people really that dumb? Do writers/producers not see these shows fail over and over? Why do they keep underestimating the intelligence of the American public? On Lipstick, the guys are hot, and I like that the woman are older but hot too. You don't have to be 20 to look amazing. And I freaking love Victory Ford. I love all the characters but I love her the most. Seriously. Watch the show. I am a throw back fan from Melrose Place. This does not have near the same level of scandal but it has my attention just as well. I was originally worried that it would be too much of a Sex and the City ripoff but it really isn't. So if you're going into it worried that you're going to find Carrie and the girls, or even that you're not, don't worry-- it's worlds away from Sex. I also love Brooke Sheilds. Nico's character is growing on me, but I love her plot line. I love getting home on Thursdays, grabbing a glass of wine and settling in for the Lipstick Jungle. It really is the best way to close down the week because we all know Friday doesn't count! I do hope there's more scandal to come, but clever scandal, not just who's- sleeping- with- who scandal. Not that sex is bad, but it really should be more of a magnifier than the backbone. So far, Lipstick has proved just this, and I hope that its momentum keeps going.