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Scuba Diving from the Edge of Your Seat!, 21 February 2009

I rarely go to the movies anymore. We have a plasma TV at home, so it's only on special occasions that I'll fork out my meager pennies to see a flick at the theater. This movie was a real treat. Not only are you plunked right into the oceans of Indonesia, and other tropical locations, but you witness the marvels of nature that are rarely viewed by the human eye. Seals seem inches away. Great White sharks are within biting distance. The dance of sea life is an underwater ballet.

I'm a big snorkeling fan, and with all this cold weather, I've been dying to visit someplace tropical so I can indulge my passion. Until I do, this 40 minute gem will satiate my thirst, without having to endure a 13 hour plane ride.

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Should have rented this boring movie, 4 August 2008

This movie must skew toward males, as I thought it really lacked heart and a decent plot line. Maybe when men go to the movies, they don't care as much for a carefully crafted story line. Perhaps it's adrenaline that makes guys go to the movies. This movie did have that. In particular, the chase scenes in the tunnel were quite exciting, but to me, action is not enough to carry a film.

I didn't find it emotionally engaging at all, except for the curiosity factor of seeing Heath, who did a great job. Christian Bale, in my mind, was out of his element in this movie. I don't really view him as any sort of an action hero.

Spiderman gets my vote over this media-hyped disappointment. At least you're dealing with well-developed characters, some emotional depth, and the dissection of moral issues.

I blew $25 dollars at the theater with this, which would have been a month of Netflix. Now I know why I stay home most of the time to view films.

I watch at least a movie a day, and this was a waste of an afternoon.

Bloodline (2008/I)
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Michael Moore Takes On the Catholic Church?, 25 May 2008

This film extends the investigation over the bloodline between Jesus and Mary, but provides some additional information that is quite profound. I'm not a big fan of documentaries, but since I was raised Catholic, I found this film to be quite fascinating, and full of ramifications, should the investigation prove to be true.

I have seen a few of Michael Moore's movies, and this one is similar to his genre of film-making. I found the line of reasoning plausible and quite illuminating. Given all the trouble that the Catholic church has endured in recent years, this is the icing on the cake.

I'm familiar with the music of Miriam Cutler, as I knew her through some fellow musicians when I was in college, when she wrote and participated in a very colorful jazz band. I still have one of her early recordings, and it's a real gem. It's great to see her outstanding work applied to such an endeavor.