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Day of the Dead (2008 Video)
Another Zombie Movie bites the dust
6 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Well well what can i say about this movie that hasn't been said. Coming from the genre of movie lovers that grew up with original classics such as Night of the living dead/dawn of the dead, i was expecting a modern version of the original day of the dead.

The first 15 mins i thought the film stood a good chance of succeeding yet after the hospital outbreak and the following predictable plot i was gutted that another zombie flick had bitten the dust. Why oh why didn't the film start off from the ending of the modern DOFD is a mystery. Surely this would have been a better story than some town getting infected with some Resident Evil style T-virus?

The zombies weren't consistent at all. We had one guy climbing the ceiling then others jumping in harmony from hospital windows, then others driving around, even firing their guns???? The end part in the tunnel with 'bud' the zombies were suddenly docile similar to the original ones yet turned into 100m sprinters after they spotted the heroine. As for Captain Rhodes eating his own eye and turning into a terminator style machine this didn't cut the mustard.

And why do we have to have corny one liners from stupid squaddies who ccome from the ghetto? Is it really necessary. Kills any atmosphere the film had if it had any in the first place.

The bunker sequence was awful. They apparently find this place. After 20 secs a hundred zombies break thru and to their amazement they find the doctor who just so happens to be involved in the whole ghastly affair. Then we have the usual stuff of being locked in a room full of gas canisters. Surprise surprise!!!!

If this is the future of zombie flicks then i despair. As for people saying George Romero would have been any better then i can remind you of his last poor attempt in Land of the dead. Is there any director out there that can bring the suspense and atmosphere back that us Zombie fans want?
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