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Twilight (2008/I)
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Just trying to enjoy the movie for what it is., 19 November 2008

Don't spend your time comparing it to the book. If you just sit there comparing the book and the movie, you'll take the fun out of the movie itself. If you are a book reader, reading Midnight Sun really helps understand Edward's reactions and such. This is the best movie I've seen that has stayed the closest to the book as much as it could. I do understand why they made a few changes to please some of the moviegoers who haven't read the book. It ties things in a different but acceptable way. I loved how they interpreted the book. I understand that it was a teen movie so of course there was a little cheesiness at times. But hey, the book is geared towards a teen audiences regardless of the wide age range that actually reads it. I think Summit did a good job and should make New Moon.

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Thursday Morning Ritual, 4 March 2008

I believe this show has a lot of potential. I think it had a slow start but it's getting better every episode. I certainly like it better than Lipstick Jungle. It really shows that women can have power too and how sometimes men can be intimidated by that. Yes it is like a Sex in the City except it's does not always have to be about sex. Sex is great but there's more to life than just sex and this show displays that. This show really brings out actresses that have appeared in previous works but this can be their chance to really shine through. I think they should have more shows where women can be powerful. Why does it have to be a man's world? Why can't it be men & women?