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Respectable, 18 September 2011

Like others have mentioned is not the movie of the year, but it is respectable. Good director & good story.

The acting and the script lack enthusiasm and spark. Fortunately the worst actor gets eliminated early on. I think he was perhaps the son of the producer or whoever financed this movie, or made it happen. The story has an elegant twist, but the story could have been developed much better to make this an excellent suspense movie.

The director created enough suspense with what's given in the script, but the fact is that the story needed to be developed more to where everyone could be a real suspect. Overall, it's a pretty good movie compared to what is being produced out there, and considering there are not any big stars in this movies.

Setup (2011/I)
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The usual nonsense, 12 September 2011

Don't waste your time and your money watching this movie. If you get it free, then it's fine. The movie doesn't offer anything. Poor acting, specially Jenna... so many bad acting that Bruce can't really rescue this movie, considering he only has a small part. May be this movie is a ht with younger audience for the appearnce of 50 Cents! The writer really tried to induce some higher purpose than just killing and robbing... But, really! There isn't any... U can wait for the DVD to come out and if one day you are really bored, and need to get your mind off something... U can watch this movie. Otherwise, don't waste your time or money to see this on the movie theatre.

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Why 2 good actors do this?, 5 July 2010

This a movie that couldn't get worse! You can have any amateur director add the worse screen write, and then top that with a bunch of terrible actors, and finally you'll get what you have in this movie. It's really really hard to believe that Cuba will do this to himself. I mean, so much time, so much money spent on this crap? Why? What a waste of time! I'm glad I didn't pay to watch this movie. I fast forwarded through the fight scenes as they were the worst! As if they purposely wanted to make this movie so terrible. Or perhaps the editor mixed up the deleted scenes with the real scenes, or we could say there was a computer glitch, or human glitch! Whatever it was! It really nominated this movie for Razzie award! Please DO NOT watch this movie! Do NOT waste your time!

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Waste of time!, 19 March 2010

This movie goes on and on! No climax no plot!

Right from the start is all whinnying and whinnying of Bella!

The movies go flat from there, and then she is not sure about Jacob.

No what I expected at all.

I haven't read the book, but the first one was a real attention catcher.

This movie is a waste of your time.

This movie could be done in 60 Min. or less. There was no need to keep the movie going for so long! Waste of film, and our time.

The whole movie is very predictable.

Just a waste of time!

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This is an awful awful movie, 21 March 2008

I am not sure what the director was thinking.... Was was his objective and I even thought this was pieces of a movie that never made it to the theater. I just bought the DVD for 10 cents, so, I am not worried about my money, but I am upset for the time that I took to choose and then to watch it. I should have known better from the start that the movie is going nowhere! I suggest everyone who reads this never, never try watching this movie. I have to agree with some of the critics..... This is the worst movie..... I mean the worst movie I have ever watched. What a waste of cast.... So many good people in this movie, and what were they thinking.... As the movie mentions.... Is it just about money.... But this is even a low budget movie.... So I don't get it...