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Heartwarming Family Movie, 4 September 2004

I have been told by many people this was a great movie and one I needed to watch. Well finally I watched it today and it didn't disappoint me. It has so many great elements to it. I laughed in some parts and cried my eyes out in others. I loved the line "...died with his (or her) boots on." It's a great statement about living your life to the fullest and believing in the things that really matter like love and honor. The actors were fabulous. I think young Haley Joel Osment has a lot to offer films and I hope we see much more of him in the future. Michael Caine never disappoints me and I love his Texas accent in the film. Overall, this is truly one movie fit for all ages. A true heartwarming film with a great message for anyone who will hear it.

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Surprised and Sore, 23 October 2004

I laughed so hard during this movie my face hurt. Ben Affleck was hilarious and reminded me of a pretty boy Jack Black in this role. Gandolfini gives his typical A performance. The entire cast is funny, the story pretty good and the comic moments awesome. I went into this movie not expecting much so perhaps that is why I was so surprised to come out of the flick thoroughly pleased and facially exhausted. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys comedy, can identify with loneliness during the holidays and/or putting up with the relatives. The best part to this film (to me anyway) were the subtle bits of humor that caught me completely off guard and had me laughing long after the rest of the audience had stopped. Namely, the scene involving the lighting of the Christmas tree. Go see it and have a good laugh!

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Blown Away!, 20 May 2005

I love Star Wars but to be honest I wasn't expecting to be as totally enthralled by Revenge of the Sith like I am. Knowing the final outcome I thought how good can this one be? Well, it met my expectations, and went above and beyond them. I am so overwhelmed by all the visuals, the action, the emotion ... George Lucas is a genius. Hayden Christensen pulled off the transformation (emotionally and physically) superbly. The action was non-stop as was the emotional turmoil. Many true to life themes. Wow! I just can't say enough. Everyone must see this movie. If you're not already a Star Wars fan you will be after Episode III. I feel like I finally "get" the entire series. I have closure now. This is just THE movie to see this year. Like I said not just because it's a great Star Wars movie but because it is just a great movie period. Go see it - you won't be disappointed. You might think you know what's going to happen but they give us so much more than just straight cut answers. This is so much more than the missing piece of the storyline - this is IT! This is why we were blessed with Episodes 5-6 to begin with.

Spanglish (2004)
Enjoyable and Heartwarming, 2 April 2005

As a single mother I really appreciated the story of a single mother dedicated to giving her daughter a stable environment in which to live, and a good life. I liked all of the actors in the movie. They were all very believable. This story was very true to real life situations as such there are some sad moments and funny times, too. The comedy in the movie is great but the drama in the story is what really touched me, and made this quite a heartwarming movie. I loved Cloris Leachman! And the little girl who played Paz's (Fleur - sp?) daughter was adorable and impressive. The pace of the film is a little slow but overall it's a good movie with good messages.

Saw (2004)
Good story but more of psychological thriller, 29 October 2004

Okay so in all fairness I watched The Grudge last week, which was absolutely freaky and VERY scary. I was looking for the same scares in this film but it definitely is more of thriller/suspense than horror. I liked the way the story is told and the visuals definitely set the mood. The colors and music are gripping, and you feel desperate by the time the characters/story reaches their/its climax. Elwes was a bit funny at times when he was supposed to come across stressed and worried. The guy playing Adam (sorry I didn't look his name up yet) was very good. I liked him and actually found myself cheering him on as opposed to the character of Lawrence. The graphics aren't very gruesome, which makes me wonder how much they edited to bring it down from a NC-17 rating--if it was indeed ever going to get the NC rating. I'll be looking forward to the (hopefully) unrated DVD with deleted and extended scenes (again a hope of mine). It definitely has the "feel" of Seven but I would've liked to hear more of the music rather than feel it. There were some great songs in Seven but I can't really remember any songs used in Saw. I just remember the melody, no lyrics. The twist was entertaining but a tad predictable.

If you're in the mood for a good, suspenseful, "who's the bad guy?" movie then this is it. Very entertaining thriller that was worth the ticket price but like I mentioned above I'll be looking forward to its DVD release.

Hero (2002)
Overwhelmingly beautiful and tragic, 31 August 2004

When I saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon years ago I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting into but I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless. This movie was no different. The story is somewhat tricky to follow but in the end you know what has happened. While watching the movie though I found myself so caught up in the visuals I wasn't even reading the subtitles. The scenery, score, sounds and photography are absolutely breathtaking. The actors do such a good job conveying emotion I almost didn't have to keep reading the subtitles to know what was happening. My favorite scene was between Flying Snow and Moon. The sound, color and movement was awesome. Hero also had a really good message. Overall, I gave it 8/10 and I will be buying it on DVD. Definitely an enjoyable entertaining movie.

X-Men 2 (2003)
Exceeded my expectations..., 7 May 2003

I was anxiously awaiting the release of the X-Men sequel and it surpassed my expectations! I loved the new characters, plot, fight scenes (the opening scene was awesome! and definitely grabs your attention--after you see it you know you're not getting up because you've gotta know what that was). Wolverine my favorite character gets a lot of screen time which I absolutely loved. I'm crossing my fingers hoping for another sequel and hoping all the main characters (and actors) return for the sequel. I couldn't imagine another actor "fitting" Wolverine as well as Hugh Jackman.

Great job to all the people who made this movie--it was satisfying and most importantly entertaining!

The Ring (2002)
THE Best Scary Movie...Ever!, 24 October 2002

I'm an avid horror/suspense/thriller fan and this flick blew me away! First off with the vagueness of the trailers you really don't know what to expect and I tried not to find out too much about the movie ahead of time--my usual practice with scary movies because lately the movies seemed ruined by the detailed trailers. So going into this movie all I was thinking was "When you see the ring, you die."

The suspense was terrific! The shock/surprise of the first scary image (if you've seen the movie you know what I'm referring to) was awesome. And then of course from their it just builds and builds until THE scariest movie scene I've ever watched (to date, that I can remember). I definitely give this film two thumbs up! Don't read too much about it, if you can, it'll increase the fear factor.

And a bonus was you didn't figure the whole story out 15 minutes into the movie. I'm notorious for guessing the entire plot and then sitting for an hour and a half waiting for it to play itself out. Not with this movie. About halfway through I even turned to my sister and said "I don't know where they're going with this...I am confused." LOL it was great. So definitely give this movie a view or two. And thanks to the creators for restoring my faith in the scary movie makers ;)

Signs (2002)
Old-Fashioned Horror/Sci-Fi, 1 September 2002

First off, the anticipation for this movie was almost unbearable with trailers being shown something like three months before its release. I felt they really promoted the heck out of this movie, building it up like they did with Unbreakable, which in my opinion wasn't really that suspenseful of a movie but they were trying to ride the success of The Sixth Sense, and who wouldn't I guess. Anyway, I digress. "Don't See It Alone" was really the icing on the cake for me. That little tag line was like a magnet pulling me into the theater.

Jackpot! M. Night Shyamalan has to be one of the most promising filmmakers of my time. Of course, my favorite genre is Horror/Suspense/Thriller so you can understand why I enjoy his work so much. With this movie he remembers the key to making a good scary movie: music, suspense and the ever elusive leaving things to the movie goers' imagination. He knows just what NOT to show to keep us on the edge of our seats, biting our nails. Plus he knows how to add humor to make you relax just enough to scare you even more in the next scene. You feel safe while you're laughing and he knows how to get you when you're feeling safe.

I enjoyed the plot, the characters, and the overall film. The only complaint I would have (if I had to have one) is that Shyamalan messed up where a lot of other filmmakers mess up in a scary movie by showing a little too much. However, I am still extremely pleased with the movie and can't wait for Shyamalan to take me on my next ride of suspenseful intrigue and fear. Scary movies now stand a chance of being good again.

Open Water (2003)
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Very original and innovative filming, 19 February 2005

I don't know much about the different types of cameras and film but this movie, which was shot in digital I believe, had the gritty, real life feel to it that made it 10 times better than if it had been shot with the regular type of cameras and film like most Hollywood films. The whole movie felt so intimate and real, like I was right there with this couple, experiencing everything with them.

I loved the story and the ending, which I won't even hint at because I hate it when people ruin a great thing like a movie's ending. If you enjoy original writing, great filming and a beautiful location this is the movie for you. Oh and did I forget to mention it was very creepy? The tension was wonderfully built and the jolts were perfectly timed. I loved Jaws but Open Water is my new poster child for staying out of the ocean. Seriously though, this is very entertaining, very believable - well worth the time to rent or buy it on DVD. And the DVD has some great deleted scenes and a "making of" documentary.

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