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"Sumairu" (2009)
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Interesting and Provocative, 9 October 2009

As Smile opens we meet Vito who has been imprisoned. He has a visitor who we learn is his lawyer.

This is the opening of the Japanese TV Drama Series Smile.

Jun Matsumoto is Vito and in his role, he portrays a half- Filipino half Japanese man. He was born in Japan, speaks only Japanese, but yet he is subject to prejudice and racial discrimination.

Smile asks us to take a look at his situation. It also asks us to look and consider the problem in Japanese society regard racial discrimination,the reality of truth and justice in Japan, as well as the jury system.

The story circles around in time with flashbacks to 2000, and flash-forwards to 2015. Most of the story is set in the present time.

There is some narration, but you are not overloaded with this. As it should showing is better than telling.

I thought the series was well made, provocative, and even though there were a few 'wait-until-next-week' cliffhangers, the series wasn't overly melodramatic. It seems geared for a thoughtful and intelligent viewer who would not be afraid to think about serious issues.

The supporting cast of characters included Vito's attorney, and his assistant. A pretty girl played by the lovely Yui Aragaki, who has lost her ability to speak is the love interest. And a nice family who not only took Vito in and helped raise him, but also gave him employment help round out Vito's story.

The series began in Japan on April 17th, 2009 and included 11 episodes. There is a DVD Boxed set available and I do recommend this series.

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Rani is beautiful, but the film is less so, 25 August 2009

Sundar (Govinda) is a boy from the country. He arrives in the big city and finds that life is not easy for someone without an education. He applies for job and gets it but it isn't what he expected.

Payal (Rani Mukherjee) is the daughter of a well-off family. She's just returned from America.

They meet and because Rani is quite beautiful, there will be some sparks.

There are musical interludes (shot in Switzerland) - A trio of male friends for the hero which serve as a Greek Chorus and also provide some humor - The music is just OK - There's a dance sequence which was the best musical part of the entire film, neither Rani nor Govinda appeared in it.

As others have stated the ending sort of comes out of nowhere, and really is a downer.

Still if you like looking at Rani Mukherjee you can watch the video. But she is the sole reason to watch the film. It runs about 160 minutes. Do yourself a favor and watch only 153.

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Too much fighting but still entertaining, 19 October 2008

This series is about a married pair of lawyers. Both are very attractive people but seemingly their marriage is a mismatch.

They are constantly bickering, and creating scenarios sure to displease their partner. Not only are they partners in marriage but they are also partners in a law firm.

While their struggles do become wearisome, you can always look forward to Koyuki's next wardrobe change.

I've liked her ever since The Last Samurai. If you've not seen her in anything since then, please try this TV Series to see her in a contemporary setting.

I won't tell you how it turns out but I will suggest that you will find this series very entertaining. There's an excellent supporting cast and a few sides stories to offer a respite. Recommended.

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aka A Million Stars Fall from the Sky, 21 April 2008

The story opens after a young female student kills herself by jumping off a balcony. And so we begin. A few minor details lead Detective Kanzo (Akashiya Sanma) to suspect that Ryo (Kimura Takuya), an enigmatic chef's assistant, knows more about her death.The two have run into each other by chance a few times, and each time left Kanzo with an uncomfortable feeling. Every clue that is revealed seems to lead to more questions.

From 2002 - it is quite an interesting if not riveting drama. Detective Kanzo is much like Lt. Columbo. Takuya Kimura plays the oh-so-cool suspect. He speaks in the lowest of tones, and women are drawn to him like magnets.

Eri Fukatsu and Shou Shibasaki are the women that command our attention.

It's eerie, and mysterious, and well worth your time.

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Attention Please, 9 April 2008

I recently completed watching this entire series.

While the lead actress Aya Ueto as Yoko Misaki or as she was called throughout the show - Misak-san - was initially overdrawn - she was loud, rambunctious, and certain over-the-top at times, her role was ultimately satisfying.

You found that you were pulling for her, rooting her onward as it were. And each time she screwed up, you would groan.

The supporting roles were delightful - The mechanic The aging pilot The instructor was particularly good. I thought she stole each and every scene she was in. And Misak-san's fellow students were delightful as well.

Sure, the plot was filled with 'pratfalls' and nearly unbelievable situations, but the series was captivating.

Yes, I've flown with JAL, and my impressions are that the cabin attendants on my flights were not unlike those portrayed on screen. The only difference was that I unaware of any trainees undergoing On-the-job training.

From another perspective, I'm positive that none of us had any idea of the rigorous training that the cabin attendants undergo.

To me it is no surprise That Aya Ueto has become a major star in Japan.

I watched this series on DVD's so I wasn't tuned into being there for the TV schedule. I heartily recommend this series.