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Apparitions, 15 November 2008

I missed this one because I was out on the Thursday night, but I caught it on BBC's iplayer - and I'm glad I did. Another fantastic performance from Martin Shaw and another thoroughly believable character to add to his repertoire. Father Jacob is played with all the intensity and humanity we would all wish our religious leaders to have. Lots of excellent acting and an interesting - and slightly scary - storyline, keeps the attention. At one point, I actually had to stop the playback and go to make a cup of tea - an old trick to break the tension that I haven't used for several years when watching a TV programme... A good sign. Great start to what I hope will be a first rate series.

My only concern is that it might be a bit of a one trick pony and I wonder how we're going to get past that. But for the time being, thumbs up and all systems go! A success.