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A list of movies that plays out in One location for the majority of the film. I love these movies, even low budget movies like this could be very cool because you build up the characters so much.
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Some of the best movies ever made according to me of course.
If you like One of these you'll probably Love the others so see em.
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Wanted the title for this list to be simplified but
this list will be movies on the brink of an apocalypse or post apocalyptic stories. Not nessesarly zombies involved.

What if something changed the world dramatically, what then?
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Movies featuring gangs. I'm 36 today so the 80s was my time when it comes to movie influences and there were a lot of gang related movies then. So if you want to make a themed movie night (weeks) then check out these movies and preferly in a row. It's not about how good or bad they are but for the theme of gangs itself.

I'm not going to include the Mafia or prominent race wars but mainly focus on youngsers, school gangs, hooligans and those type of gangs. No real organization or hierarchy.

There are many more great movies in this theme and I'd like to continue build on the list so if you like it. Give me a boost by leaving a comment.
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Post apocalyptic movies that all give you a story of what could be after a global disaster.

This is a category where you never should look at the ratings. Some people love this category while others simply just don't care and hate it for that reason so don't go by ratings.