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wow!! dull...... really really dull, 7 March 2009

could be perhaps, the worst coming of age high school movie ever. this movie setting is a high school graduation party where the usual suspects found in teen movies can be found. clichés about nerds and jocks abound. did you know that jocks pick on nerds and nerds secretly hate jocks? and, did you know that nerds are smarter than dumb jocks and can easily play tricks on them? of course you do. this old chestnut has been in countless films as do others. clichés about the plight of the popular girl. is she really happy being the center of attention? who will be able to draw out of her all that she can be? why its the handsome misunderstood loner kid. at least put some nudity in this film so one can sit through all of the poorly written, filmed scenes. it would be a way of saying "thanks for watching this wretched tax dodge of a film."