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Ok, so the majority of gay movies revolve around a love story. Otherwise it wouldn't really be a "gay" movie, which is aimed, in the majority at a gay audience, it would just be a movie with gay characters. So having viewed a large number in my lifetime I decided to share with you my favourites. As with all movies there are still some I have minor criticisms over but then, don't we all? My reason(s) for liking each one is unique to me, and of course you are welcome to share your own opinions/feelings on my choices. This list is open to being updated/amended as new movies come to my attention. Hope you enjoy.
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Over the years there have been some pretty amazing documentaries covering a variety of subjects. Some individual, some in series format. Here I have decided to list the ones that stuck in my memory for one reason or another.
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A list of my favourite Horror films ever. Simple as that. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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This is a selection of my favourite War films. They don't all focus on military conflict but are all in some way connected to either World War 1 or 2 and I would say are well worth checking out.
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Who can really say what the best film ever made is? Just because a movie took $200 million at the box office doesn't necessarily mean its any good. Different people like different films for different reasons. Be it, that it evokes a personal memory for them or that they can relate closely to the subject matter or storyline. That said, here are my 30 favourite films of all time, each with its own reason for being on this list. Hope you enjoy. I would love to hear anyones views or comments.