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This list compiles the greatest episodes this increasingly exciting medium has to offer. Some episodes had been brewing for sometime to the inevitable gut punch featuring on this list. Some come from an already hilarious show to comedy heights not seen since the dawn of man. Some trascend the show's boundaries with experimentation to become a different show entirely (and succeed). Some have singlehandedly shaped the way individual episodes are structed. All of them prove television has just as much artistic merit as any other outlet.
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Greatest TV shows from many era's and many genres. TV seems to be the only medium that seems to be improving this generation as opposed to movies, music, games etc., so expect a slightly biased list for modern TV. Although some of the classics are here of course.

It's currently in construction, and when I discover more TV shows, they will be placed here until I get to a Top 100.

I have also highlighted what I think is the peak season and the single greatest episode of the show, just to make it a tad more interesting.

In alphabetical order:
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Spanning across all genres and languages, this is a list compiling the very best movies of the decade so far. Some instantly classic dramas, others ridiculously entertaining blockbusters, but all are must see films.
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I always let curiousity get the better of me when hearing about a disturbing film the community deems challenging to the viewer. But too often, a lot of these definite "disturbing" films simply don't pay off. Most of the time is because of it's sheer dedication to shock the viewer, and therefore lack of depth in any other department, missing in a great plot, character development and just any artistic merit. Films in this list range from the shockingly brutal, the twistedly humuorus and the downright bizzare, but always superbly executed and well done.

If like me you're sick of rummaging through these empty, admittidely, disturbingly bad films (I'm looking at you guys, Salo and Cannibal Holocaust!) that leaves you with nothing but a bad taste in your mouth, and just want the right balance between relentlessly hard hitting, emotionally jarring and truly great film making, you've come to the right place. Just don't expect torture porn or snuff films!
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A list compiling the most lovably eye deceiving, gut wrenching and awe inspiring short films that have said more in half an hour than an entire TV series ever could.
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Intensity is a very hard thing to accomplish in films. In my opinion, it is rare to come across a film that can give you a sense of eeriness, but it something truly specail when it can make you literally standing on the edge of the seat, so on the edge that you want to look away. I originally wanted to make a list of the most intense films, but I realised it would only be a list of very few items. So with scenes, I can add many more that deserve to be mentioned. I'll try to make it spoiler free as possible, although it will be very hard to do. I recommend skipping to the next image if you see a title you haven't yet seen.

Oh yeah, and please recommend me some I may have missed. Just make sure you use the all important spoiler tag!
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Its that time of the year folks were i'll be catching up on any chick flicks or oscar bait from '12 that happened to slip by my radar. Sorely to complete this list! Overall I have to say best year of the decade so far (even if my beloved Drive retains the throne as the best film). So I will be ranking these best to worst, give a professional critic opinion of it and rate it out of 10. And please dont be butthurt if your faves havent made it. Its under construction and within a few weeks hopefully the followin in particular will be here:

Argo, Amour, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Brave, End of Watch, Frankenweenie, The Hunt, The Imposter, Killing Them Softly, Lincoln, The Master, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Seven Psycopaths, Silver Linings Playbook, Skyfall, Wreck It Ralph
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A list compiling the most legendary perfomances. Films that are primarily documentaries will not be included, but featured on this list instead:
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A list compiling the greatest music documentaries ever created. In alphabetical order:
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Ranked in order of anticipation.
Critera = Talent involved + the premise of the film.
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Due to The Avengers' undeniable awesomeness, I decided to make a list of films that use their big budget wisely. These are how you make a blockbluster, take note Michael Bay!
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Ok so I've far from seen all the films of 2011, but in the past couple of weeks I've been making it my mission to catch up on all the oscar worthy chick flicks I might have missed. Anyway even I agree my opinion is kinda terrible so lets leave the abuse out the comment box, OK? Here goes :D
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So this is currently in construction. Films in order of best to worst, so this isn't necesserily a "top" list. Sure it's a little too late, but seeing as though I'm catching up on a lot of the films I've missed, I'd thought I'd throw this list out there. Couldn't really think of an original title either, so that might change soon as well. Here goes:
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Films based purely how cool they are. Great acting, spellbinding plots need not apply. This includes guys with guns, guys the ladies wanna be with and the men wanna be, guys who can make holding a cigarette look cool, cool guys representing his nerd community etc. etc.