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Absolute genius! Carrey was robbed of an Oscar for this!, 13 February 2011

?This film is utterly fantastic! A work of genius even. Jim Carrey was Oscar worthy here, and Tony Clifton needs to be on T-shirts! A unique biography with unique humour and a unique yet true story. I cant praise this film enough, and what an ending! Along with cable guy, and Me myself and Irene, this film is so under appreciated its criminal. I am at least glad its found its way into cult status, especially in the UK. Tony Clifton has some of the funniest and quotable lines ever! And without disrespecting the real Andy Kauffman, Jim added more spark to his characters, but played a convincing job.

I think in many years time when Carrey is old, and receives a lifetime achievement award, this film will resurface and get the recognition it deserves.

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One of the most under appreciated comedies of all time!, 13 February 2011

Cable guy is one of my favourite comedies ever! Carrey is fantastic and shows his darker side for the first time, later to be echoed as Riddler, as Hank in the hilarious Me myself & Irene, Lemony Snicket, and even the Oscar worthy Man on the Moon! I think Cable guy is a misunderstood masterpiece! People went into this movie expecting and wanting Ace Ventura 3 and Dumb and Dumber style comedy, but instead got a darker twisted creepy stalker movie. But I'm glad, because this showed a little more of Carreys acting range and a broader comedy style. Also this film is funny as hell. Only beef with it is that Jack Black and Owen Wilson were under used, though Wilson was a superb jerk.

I urge those that hated this on first release to re-watch it with a fresh mindset, and not expect it to be like Ace Ventura. This film is too clever and funny to get such a low IMDb score! Its criminal. Also, the trivia on here about this is interesting too.

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Breathtaking animation, and attention to detail. Blown away!!!, 11 February 2011

WOW!!! The artwork, design, pacing and microscopic attention to detail in both look and movement is incredible. From the city scapes of 1950s Paris, London and Edinborough, to the interiors of damp theatres and guest house rooms is so incredible its untrue. I'm a huge fan of Chomets other masterpiece, triplets of Belleville and was looking forward to this follow up. It is a film that if you blink you will miss something beautiful.

The storyline is a little vague and has that french film feel, where not much happens but it captures your attention. It isn't as adventurous as Bellville, or as funny, but it swaps it for artistry. A few more humorous moments would have helped the pacing, and having a film set in Scotland without dialogue is a little jarring, especially when Scotland is characteristic of its accent. But these are minor ish flaws in a stunning film. I hope Chomet is working on another masterpiece, but hopefully he will bring back some of Bellvilles humour and quirkiness, but with illusionists craftsmanship.

Megamind (2010)
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Better than Incredibles!!!!!, 11 February 2011

I was shocked at how much i loved this film, and thoroughly pleased! The Trailers initially, i didn't fancy this one at all. And Megaminds design from the trailers i didn't initially like. The trailers kinda made this look like B grade fare, like say Hoodwinked or similar.

BUT, WOW! As a fan of most of Pixar and Ice-Agees, I personally think Megamind is my new favourite of the lot! Ferrel was perfect, the designs and animation was stunning, and the storyline was interesting. I speak as an adult fan with no kids, this film had everything! It was witty, smart and well written/acted and spectacular.

Toy story 3 was fantastic, but Megamind for me was more entertaining and funny. Incredibles was my number 1 pixar for a long time, and I wanted/want a sequel to that, but in Megamind, it bettered incredibles, and provided me with enough similar substance that it quenched my thirst as a sequel/spinnoff of sorts. But instead of following the Hero, we followed the villain. (As did Despicable me) But again, Megamind was much better.

I only hope THIS gets a sequel. I'd actually rather a sequel to this now than incredibles.

I love Pixar, but with Megamind/Kung Fu Panda and How to train Dragon, and cloudy meatballs, the other animation companies are seriously catching up!

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If this is what Snyder can do with Owls, his Superman should be beyond comprehension!, 15 December 2010

INCREDIBLE!!! As a big fan of cgi based movies, such as the Zemekis and pixar type movies, I knew i would at least like this films visuals. What i didn't expect was to not be able to blink for so long. Every frame was mind blowing, the designs of scenery were so stunning it made my eyes water at its sheer majesty. My only regret is that I didn't see it in 3D. Luckily I did see it in bluray and NO other film compares to this visually. This made Avatar look dated and cartoony.

My most loved animated film of all time is "The Secret of NIMH" and this film falls into that category, and even seems related. I also heard NIMH is getting a reboot, something I am heartbroken about as the original is PERFECTION. However, if the visuals can match this Gahoole then I may be tempted to change my mind. However NIHM is the better film, Gahoole has the visuals.

Zac Snyder did the excellent Watchmen and 300. And is rebooting SUPERMAN, I just hope he uses the skills and team behind Guardians. If krypton can look as good as anything in this movie I will be impressed.

OK, a few downsides... The voice acting was a bit jarring and cheesy at times, it sounded like a new Zealand crew were voicing the film, surprised to see the credits belong to many British actors. Music score wasn't amazing but OK. Compared to the sound and music on Secret of NIMH which was beautiful. Also the story was a bit odd too. These faults are minor however, may have swayed me into giving the film a 9/10, but i gave it a 10/10 as the films beauty more than made up for any lil quibbles.

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Where the hell are the Oscars for this movie and Carrey ??? AMAZING film!, 22 March 2010

I missed the 3D experience, and the cinema experience for this film, so I just rented it on DVD. GUTTED!!! I wish i saw this in the theatres because this film blew my mind. At first I thought this film was a strange match, all this technology used on a story that in past incarnations did not titillate the senses, nor warrant all the effects used. I was wrong! It brought, beauty, adventure and charm to a usually dull story. I never understood why Scrooge was so remade and retold over the years. It was to get to this point, mo-cap! And its incredible.

Anyone nay-saying on this film deserves to have their inappreciative eyeballs kicked from their heads! And the book-smarts people, go read a book and stop whining about films trying to compare.

This film was beautiful on a visual, emotional and acting/performance level. Carrey deserves at least an Oscar for his acting skills in this, as does the vfx team that brought that world to life. Stunning on every level.

Its scary for some kids, and the dialogue is more for adults, but who cares? Animation and computer graphics are for all of us, not just children. I was a fan of Beowulf but this flick just beat it. I really wish i'd seen this in 3D. I cant wait for the next mo-cap movie, and Zemekis, you ain't lost it like the stupid nay-sayers think, your at the top of your game! Keep em coming, and choose great stories to show off this technology.


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Bloody FANTASTIC !!!!! 300 meets Rome meets Gladiator, better than all 3., 6 March 2010

I liked 300, but the visuals were an acquired taste. I liked ROME but found it a lil slow and plodding. I liked Gladiator but found it a lil too Hollywood clean, and it sagged a bit in places, overall it never lived up to the likes of Braveheart for me.

So, now we have SPARTACUS. Its the best of all 3 I mentioned, but thrown into a great ongoing series! Who would have ever thought TV could get as good as it has. Its quickly surpassing many movies for me. Lost, Dexter, Prisonbreak etc, all way better than most recent films.

Spartacus is no different, Its high budget, high stylised art, bloody, steamy, and each episode has as much action as 300.

My only 2 gripes with Spartacus is the Language is a little TOO colourful. I don't mind swearing, but in this show its very frequent and very coarse and I feel with some viewers it could be the shows downfall, it distracts too much.

The other gripe, is that the guy playing Spartacus NEEDS to be cast as CONAN in the upcoming reboot, he's perfect for the role and the guy they did choose looks awful as Conan. Still, thats not a flaw with Spartacus, its just a fan pipe-dream.

For those new to the show or looking to give it a go, the pilot (which hooked me) is not the best episode by far, it just sets up the characters but feels more stylised than the rest of the series. So give it chance, the characters really grow, as does the story.

Verdict... 10/10, Highly addictive!!! If you can see past the naughty bits.

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Great fun Lethal Weapon style action/thriller/comedy buddy movie !!!!, 26 February 2010

After seeing this tonight i thought it was worth reviewing here. OK, so its nothing new, but what film is these days? At least its not a remake reboot re-imagining or cgi filled nonsense.

It has some decent characters, likable, over the top, but nothing silly like the overrated "Wanted". This plays out like a LETHAL WEAPON / Kiss Kiss Bang Bang sorta movie. Travolta was actually a fun (if not camp looking) character. He was slightly distracting as his head was shaved and he wore a neckerchief the whole flick, but he had on screen presence and became quickly likable. Great action, in the same vein as a 007 flick.

I think this film was a fun joyride, and I would be down for sequels. (which I imagine must be on their way.) If you like action, humour and don't mind some over the top kills, then this flick is entertaining. Its all very familiar territory, but i say, whats wrong with that? It works, ticks boxes, and is probably Travoltas best role since maybe Pulp Fiction. Maybe worth a cinema ticket, but definitely worth a DVD.

Legion (2010)
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Oh my god! How did this get the go-ahead, let alone the funding???, 18 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First I'll start by saying, I'm not religious but I know of the source its based on, (Michael/Gabriel etc) And I am 50/50 on horror films in general. I hate at least half of them. The other night I watched Cabin-Fever on TV (I switched it off after 40 or so Minuit's.

Then saw a preview of Legion last night, The trailer looked cheesy but I thought i'd check it out just for fun and action. I gave it 2 stars, and thats one for the granny and one for the ice-cream man.

This film was shockingly bad! the middle was just mindless zombie types trying to "Get In" to the diner,(see better Zombie films, and better yet, Dusk till Dawn to see this done properly) the concept ridiculous and unoriginal (see slightly better film The Prophecy) And even better(End of days) spoilerish... Sooo, ANGEL Michael, turns up in an alleyway Ala John Connor, cuts his wings off, next time we see him, he turns up at a diner with a car loaded with machine guns, to fight... angels/demons? Oh and a pregnant waitress just so happens to be the barer of some unexplained chosen-one, against uber villain Gabriel, and ANGEL with bulletproof kung-fu wings and a mechanical bladed Mace.

It sounds so bad it would be cool/funny in my description, BUT the film looked like it was mostly played for seriousness.

It didn't work as a spoofy type, and it certainly doesn't work as a serious horror, it doesn't really even work as an action film, because we've seen it all before. The only way i can see it, is ridiculing the religion its based on, which isn't hard to do anyways.

Save your cash, and your mind. Go watch brain-dead instead.

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BLAXPLOITASTIC!!!!!!!! Great film making, meets Funny as hell comedy! RARE GEM!, 5 February 2010

WOW! OK, so I'm a typical white guy that loves my movies. I like a few grind-house flicks, but I usually prefer the style of such films more than the often laborious content. I say this because although one may think it is aimed at JUST a Black audience, it works on many levels that anyone can enjoy. (Unlike some spike Lee / martin Lawrence films.

Here however, Black Dynamite wins on every level. Its so well made that every single camera angle, shot and film grain fits so perfectly it could have been shot on an old super 8 film in the 70s. Perfection in film making! The characters are well written and their make up and wardrobe are truly of the time. Usually when Hollywood tries to recreate the 70s style in films its only half done right and is never as believable as what it was actually like, usually the hair styles let it down. But here, this is perfect.

The biggest surprise about Black Dynamite, is how consistently funny the film is. Almost every line is a gem, very quotable, and the delivery is spot on. The dialogue is well thought out, unlike for example Austin Powers, where the films were good and it was quotable but not much thought went into the dialogue, Powers was more cool than genuinely funny. Dynamite, slightly more subtle but funnier. Especially the deduction of the "lil Richard" scene. To think that all that hot air actually added up to the answer they were looking for is pure GENIUS!

Anyway, I hope this film gets the recognition it deserves, shame it will be only on small screen success as I didn't even see it hit theatres. Thanks to the internet and a bootleg that i even saw it otherwise I wouldn't of even heard of it. Now it will be my number 1 blu ray purchase!

THIS is the kind of film that Tarantino should be envious about!

10/10 from me on every level.

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