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This is the list of SOME of the shows I find to be the best and/or most entertaining to watch.

Actually, It's the list of XY shows that I recommend to You & that lead me through my childhood, puberty, teenage days and present time.
It's sorted... well... randomly; but let's say that from 1 to 100 (some give/some take) are SOME of my favorites, the TOP.
[Don't laugh at some of the choices, I really did this in a hurry, and I wanted to have 100^ titles + & this is just for fun]

Soooo; check it out & feel free to leave a replay or something; maybe even YOUR list (if you find my taste similar to yours :) )
[ ^ ] ; I've put that sign ^ in the line "...and I wanted to have 100^ titles"; because soon I realized that I'll probably add many many more shows. So, that "100^" means EverythinG but 100. O.K. ? :) Now it's more then 100 and it will be ∞ [infinity sign] until I stop updating or watching series. Which will happen... well... probably never...

|last update: 5th of March 2013.