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Jet Boy (2001)
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sad story, 30 November 2002

It's a good movie. It's about a boy who sells himself for money. And then his mom dies and he has no dad, so he has no where to go. While in a diner he mats Boon. It's sad because in one scene he says "I just want to be a good kid" and you feel sad for him. He dosen't want Boon too leave him all alone.Branden Nadon plays Nathan,the main character. It's also good because it's canadian.

Home Alone 4 (2002) (TV)
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great, 9 November 2002

I thaught it was great. Though Alex linz is one of my favorite actors and Home Alone 3 was much better than this. I also like Mike Weinberg and this movie was really good. What i didn't understand was, how was this kid Kevin McCallister if that was the character in the first one and in this one he's younger and the kid in the first one didn't know Merv,but in this one he does. But even though it didn't make sense if you've seen the first two,it's still good.