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Bring Back The After School Special, 27 February 2008

I am a woman that was born in 1965. The times were very different then. Since I have become an adult, I realize that back then, things weren't so bad. I think that every generation views their coming up as harder than the one before theirs. I am a writer. In each book that I write, I try and provide hope and encouragement to the reader. My work covers practical situations that people experience every day. My most recent work is about drug addiction. Whether the reader be an addict themselves or a loved one of someone addicted to drugs, I tried to provide love and support and suggestions that would help either. When I was about half way through this book, I mentioned to my husband, my memory of the ABC After School Special and how vital a program of that nature was at that time. I think that it's a travesty that a program of such high impact, could be replaced with the likes of Judge Judy. In 1975, when I was just ten years old, I watched these After School Specials, every day after school. I enjoyed them. Even though I didn't realize that over 30 years later I would recall not only watching them but all of these years later, FEEL the impact of these shows and appreciate their invaluable message. Our children need these types of programs. Television has become a poison for our young viewers, glorifying violence and sick behavior. They are being programmed to grow into warped adults. Bring back the After School Specials. Let's arm our children with lessons that will enhance their chances of becoming caring adults. In the meantime, I will continue to write material that hopefully can help achieve this to some small extent.