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Dennis Quaid's low point, 11 May 2011

This is quite possibly the worst performance of Dennis Quaid's career. The rubber-faced mugging he does neither looks like Jerry Lee nor does the phony "voice" he uses during this performance. His lip-syncing is always just a half-beat behind the music. Although Dennis had the wavy hair like The Killer, it wasn't long enough in the back to look like Jerry. His acting was a farce when he'd throw back his head in an apparent attempt to look arrogant. He failed. Alec Baldwin is also not very believable as Jimmy Swaggart (I actually knew the man in my youth). The storyline was okay but it could not overcome Quaid's awful acting. Especially at the airport when they are leaving England and he tells England to kiss his ass. Dennis, why did you sink so low?

"Camelot" (2011)
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Could they have destroyed the story line any more?, 16 April 2011

The only reason I gave it one star was for the costuming and the cinematography. The only thing the makers of this travesty stayed true to was the NAMES of the characters. Merlin doesn't seem to be a wizard through most of the first 3 parts - he's scared to use his powers because he can't control his dark side, and he's always getting the snot beat out of him. Arthur looks like he'd be more at ease in a skateboarding competition than in armor. Dude! Guinevere marries someone no one ever heard of in the Arthurian legends- Leontes (who was a character in Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale") and Arthur acts a spoiled brat because he can't have her. Morgan is the only one who acts even close to the legends as an evil sorceress obsessed with power. Excalibur is not the sword in the stone after all, but Merlin has to have it made for Arthur. Come on!! Why didn't you just tell your brand new story, change the names to protect the revered stories, and play merry hell in the time-honored Hollywood tradition.

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I'd give it one star, but the cinematography is stunning, 28 March 2011

This is right up there in the five worst movies I've ever seen. Elizabeth Gilbert has to be the most dysfunctional, scared-to-face-life-with-or-without-anyone, soulless person ever to walk the earth.

I can't believe people paid money to read this book/see this movie about her wandering around, hoping to meet someone to heal her all hurts, show her how to face life, how to grow up.

This movie should be a drinking game. Every time someone says "seeking truth" or "losing my balance" drink. Of course, then you'd only get through the first half hour of the movie...not a bad thought.

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You can like BOTH versions!, 6 December 2009

I thought this movie was very funny and light-hearted, which IS the point of a comedy. Everyone knows re-makes always take a certain poetic license. I thought there was a great relationship with Cannon and Kristofferson and he was perfect as the crusty woodsman. Cannon carried her part off with great panache and that million watt smile. The supporting actors all performed beautifully also. The "son-in-law" who was also auditioning, the faux daughter who was the real cook, and of course, Tony Curtis as Mr. Yardley, proved once again that he is a comedic genius.

This is laid-back entertainment, not a Shakespearean tragedy. Lighten Up People!