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NOT IN ORDER!! Started off as a Top 10 list of Best British comedy shows (representative, funniest, notable) NOT FILMS OR ONE-OFFS, then I just added loads of others that I can roughly remember as being alright or they're popular and I can't remember if I dslike them that much. `definitely no G & Stacey here! Some to add, some to remove, some to research. NOT IN ORDER!!
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Just an unpretentious and organic personal list of essential viewing; not in any order. Repeat: not in any order!
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list of recognised voices. Not in any order whatsoever!
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a few wu xia and east asia fighting arts titles
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Could be the movie itself, the message, a character in it... This won't be a sentimental list. Also: IT WON'T BE IN ORDER!!! Just have to make that clear... Some people seem to think #1 is the top spot, it's not necessarily so, it's just the first that comes to mind, and it's a bit of a pain to reorder lists. Personally, I don't care, I don't have a BEST FRIEND or a favourite film. There is such a thing as reference. OK? Wow, a rant in a description! ;)

Ok, I'm out for now, there's pleeeenty. And I'm very sure of that because I only did this quick, like 2 minutes. Open to suggstions, just nothing soppy and sentimental. If tyou check the list you might see where I'm geting at. Like, I could put in Schindler's List, good film, but I want something a little less heady and more uplifting in a lighter way. And nothing pretentious, I don't do pretentious arty "cultured", 'Get me? :)
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not a good idea
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Fantasy genre movies
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Once was enough
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Unseen Sci-Fi in search for new gems. No order. Help needed...

Up to and including this year's (2012) as yet unreleased.
List generally starting mid-70s.
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Sci-Fi movies
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Stray sci-fi
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Asian Cinema watchlist
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To look forward to... Or not. That is the Q.
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