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Dead Heat (1988)
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Much needed 2nd opinion, 15 April 2003

Just want to offer another opinion on this movie for fans of zombies, buddy cop movies, schlock & the like. And don't miss Vincent Price.

OK, Dead Heat will never be listed alongside OscarT winners, big deal. There're plenty of award-winning movies that I don't like, but fans of cult movies are missing something here: Funny kitch.

The pitch meeting must've been hilarious: Picture Lethal Weapon meets Return of the Living Dead meets ReAnimator. C'mon, the genre mix alone is worth the look.

It may not be saying much, but this is Piscopo's best movie. I've been waiting for the DVD release to add it to my cult favorites.

The Point (1971) (TV)
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Small clarification, 26 December 2002

The kid's name was "Oblio" (sounds 'round' doesn't it) and Harry Nilsson's song "Me & My Arrow" played in reference to Oblio's dog, Arrow. Another classic '70s cartoon that should be on DVD. Add this to your list, which should include "The Phantom Tollbooth," "A Magical Trip Through Little Red's Head" and "Willy Wonka".

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Educational & Entertaining, 24 July 2002

Why aren't ALL the educational cartoons from the mid-70s available on DVD yet?

I believe this cartoon was part of a government initiative to bring more educational programming to TV -- the same initiative that gave us "School House Rock", Captain O.G. Readmore ('a readin' kinda cat') and a cartoon about the founding fathers (may have been called "Spirit of '76, but I can't remember for certain).

All of these aired on ABC from the early to mid-70s.

This cartoon in particular taught about bodily functions and the importance of nutrition, etc.

It also gave us "Timer" (voiced by HR Pufnstuf, Lennie Weinrib), who also apperaed in several follow-up intersticials on ABC Saturday mornings that taught us how to make "Wagon Wheels" and "Sunshine on a Stick."

Remember this...?

"Since 6 o'clock last night you haven't eaten a bite. C'mon I'll show you why that's not the way for a growing boy(?) to start a busy day...."

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