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The reason why I put so many genres in one list is because they are very similiar to each other and they fit almost perfectly in this category.
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Here is a list of my Action movies I have selected. Most of these titles I enjoy and can easily watch them more than once.
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We have lost so many of those great B-Grade action/martial arts American movies that I grew up watching which were made in the 80's and 90's before the change over from VHS to DVD. These films seem to get harder and more difficult to find. If you can help, can you please let me know? Cheers guys.
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All movies waiting to be added into my collection. Some are VHS tapes I bought and some are DVD's that will be converted into AVI format.
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I have collected as much of the old school American martial arts movies as possible. The dates range from late 70's to recent times.

You'll find that a few of these movies might possibly belong in the Action genre, but for me if the actors are martial artists or are known to have a strong background in martial arts then they belong in this section.

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These are movies I have been watching from childhood over and over again without getting bored which gives me good memories as well. I've been a major movie buff from a young age. Enjoy the list.
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I am now a new member of Quickflix and discovered that there are some DVD's in my list of wants from there that I can put on until all are installed in my massive movie collection.
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If anyone else knows of some other movies of this type even if foreign such as European, Russian, Middle Eastern or Asian etc please let me know and share the titles of the movies on my comments list. Appreciate it in advance.
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Some of these are missing some seasons because I am in the process of completing them. If some titles are short of their seasons...this is why. if you could recommend me some Tv Shows I may not know of or that is interesting, please let me know. Thank you in advance.
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From old school comedy movies up to recent ones.
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This is some of the recent or even old documentaries that could be enjoyable to anyone who is involved in martial arts or boxing and any other combat orientated sport will be posted in this list.
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These are not in order...however, I try to put them in Title Order but it doesn't work.