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Tai-Pan (1986)
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I thought this must be a joke, 17 February 2005

The Accents! Not even an attempt - what were they thinking? They might as well have done the whole thing in that Southern Drawl of the Russian Ambassador. Maybe it's because I'm a Brit but the crass incongruity of someone who seemed never to have heard a Scot trying to do a Scottish accent - who did they use as a voice coach - groundskeeper Willie? Scottie from Star Trek (a Canadian)?. This meant the whole thing never really got started for me - I'm sure it's a great story (never read the book - maybe I should) but I couldn't get past the awful casting, dialogue and wooden performances. Is this Hollywood poking fun at the Brits again? It was hard to tell - if it was it was a joke that backfired pretty badly. If the performances were meant to reflect badly on the colonial British (we've heard it all before - get over it) then all they seemed to show was that a portrayal of buffoons by buffoons doesn't really give much insight into the original buffoons. Actually there's a whole sub-thesis there about how you need to be a good actor to play the baddies - hence why Brits always get a staring role as the villain I guess. Anyway this movie is a stinker - which is a shame because it obviously cost quite a bit to make.

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I laughed continuously for the first half hour, 27 April 2004

I'm not in the market for lad mags (don't read 'em 'cause I don't like 'em), I like high(ish) brow culture, so I should have loathed this film that others have slagged relentlesly.

I'll admit I was dubious about even going but having had my arm gently twisted, I was pleasantly surprised. Why? - can't really put my finger on it - maybe it's because I had a job delivering spuds to chippys once.

I have read people saying it has no artistic merit and I'd tend to agree - except that it captured something I recognise from the zeitgiest of my confused (and actually very different) life.

It was very funny , and to that extent not at all related to embarrassing 70's British Films.

To read some comments one would think it was full of explict sex scenes - but unless I missed something, it isn't - less "revealing" than something you might see on Channel but much funnier.

Overall I really liked it - and as with many things if that puts me in a minority - all the better.

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Awful, 25 December 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am not an airline pilot but I do know enough to know that "fly-by -wire" computers can't be overriddden in order that the "infinitely more expert" (ho ho) pilot can fly an otherwise unflyable aircraft.

None of the various different aircraft shown in the film is fly-by-wire anyway

Actually I thought this film must be a joke at first. I realised it was serious when I saw the start of the development of the most loathsome character on the aircraft. He is played as English - compulsory of course in poor quality offerings of this type.

I would strongly advise anyone against wasting a single moment of life on this awful film.

I won't include any plot details, but if I did a spoiler warning would be entirely superfluous since any five year old could guess the plot whilst being distracted by something more interesting.

Mad Cows (1999)
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Lighthearted but an unexpected Joy, 23 July 2002

I should say that I am a huge fan of both Joanna Lumley and Anna Friel, however I didn't hold out much hope for this when I bought it. As a bloke I was wondering if it would really suit me and the title's a bit dubious (in my humble opinion).

However, this is a lighthearted film that manages not to be trivial, and what other reviewers have complained about as its "pop video" style I found funny and refreshing (although it did take me a while to realise what was going on). I will certainly be on the look out for other work by Suggarman.

Worth 87 minutes of anyone's time in my book.