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History brought to life, 12 November 2012

A great comprehensive series about our history. Of course it can't tell all, but it's based on the latest findings and discoveries. It reminds me of "Il était une fois..." a series I loved as a child. It also has a lot of facts that have a sort of "QI"-ness about them. Little things you didn't know and big revelations about things we thought we knew. All brought to us by fascinating stories framed with visually beautiful reenactments and everyday imagery If you love history you'll love this show and if you watch this show you will fall in love with history...

So what's not to love? Well, Andrew Marr is no Richard Attenbough and he will put off people rather than attract them. And the previously mentioned reenactments are not all up to par with the Hollywood imagery we're all spoiled with...

Still I enjoyed every episode thus far and encourage every one to watch it!!

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Unspoken: unfinished good idea, 21 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I know the unspoken first part of the show was connected to Mac's aphasia, still the writers could've done a better job, things just didn't add up from the get go: Lindsay saw the shooter get out his gun and she does nothing to prevent it and no, being there with her daughter is no excuse. After she hits the ground, she stays on the ground in a crowd: no one could really be that stupid, right!? After that the time-frame for the accidental shooting of the little girl just doesn't add up: Don is in hot pursuit of the victim, but the kids have at least more than a minute to play with the gun... The idea of an unspoken episode could've worked although it felt really forced and didn't last the entire episode, which would've made it a lot more interesting. I especially hated Danny's texting at the hospital. Boy, did that feel like a major cop out! To top it all off the shooters motive and actions were the most unfinished bad ideas of the episode: Writing on the window and leaving a print, the gun belonging to the victim, that wasn't the victim and some half-assed accusation that in the end didn't cost him his job as the reason for the attempted assassination of a high school principal!!

So writers next time run the episode by me or anyone else with half a brain...

Still love the series, although I would've dropped NY and kept Miami of the CSI-franchise!

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The girlie show brings you Spider-man.., 19 July 2012

Girls will love this movie and guys will enjoy it more than an average rom-com but this sh**ty unnecessary piece of sh*t will have all true spider-man fans gagging and rushing for the exit. Too bad it's already a commercial success so there will definitely be a sequel which pobably will be even sh*ttier. Like everyone I'm appalled by the lack of respect for Sam Raimi and for the original comics. I'll admit Spider-man 3 was a mess, but this was the fault of the studio- execs and not of master Raimi...

It seems its success is biggest in India home of Bollywood movies. So maybe next time Spidey will be singing and dancing..

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Beautiful film. Tres bonne!, 17 February 2012

A very enjoyable kids' movie which pays homage to other 'monster'-classics like Frankenstein, The Phantom of the Opera and King Kong. A feast for the eyes and a classic story with a twist in which losers become heroes, heroes become villains and a monster turns out quite different to what we expect. Well not really, because all monsters are misunderstood gentle souls and greedy ambitious people always turn out to be the real monsters. The story is accompanied by beautiful songs. I regret to have seen the English version because I just know the original French chansons must be even better. My 4 year old daughter, 11 year old son and I loved it and my wife quite enjoyed as well. Certainly not a waste of money like some of the other reviewers said.

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The almost perfect adaptation of Tintin, 19 November 2011

Puritans will see flaws and see no need to combine the stories of 3 comics. But a book by book adaptation of the original comics would just be boring to people unfamiliar with Tintin. So fanboys aside, this is the must-see picture of the year. Action packed, funny and like a roller-coaster ride that ends too soon. As always Andy Serkis steals the show. Man this actor should be honored for his entire body of work that only seems to get better. Who doesn't remember Gollum from the LOTR (in all the parodies, homages etc. his precious is never overlooked), the very believable chimp Ceasar from Rise of the planets of the Apes, which many of my friends and family thought was a trained ape and now the absolutely stunning show-stopping performance as Captain Haddock. I hope the Americans will finally fall in love with Tintin too... Because blistering barnacles, I can't wait for the sequel!!!

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Don't believe the hype, it's not as bad as they say!!, 2 December 2010

Just finished watching "Dinner for Schmucks". To me it's a typical rom-com, but there's this weird guy in it that steals the show. I really liked the "mice"-en-scenes, the ones at the dinner were lame, but the scenes Barry recreated from his marriage were beautiful in an odd way. I liked Steve Carell, as Barry, because surprisingly of all the over the top characters in this movie, he was the most believable and lovable and I'm not a fan. It took me a lot of time to like him in "The Office", but thanks to Comedy Central over here in Holland and after a lot of sleepless nights with absolutely nothing else to watch, he kind of grew on me. Zach Galifianakis character was great too, but the only things that had me laughing out loud was some of the slapstick. S o was it a good movie? Yes, enjoyable enough for a Sunday afternoon. I tried to watch the original "Le dinner du cons" before I saw this remake but I couldn't stand it, because of the slow pace. Now I have seen the remake and was pleasantly surprised, I just had to watch the original, because everyone keeps saying it's so much better. I used to love Louis de Funes and the Pink Panther movies when I was a boy (and yes I know Clouseau wasn't really French!), so I gave it another go. I was happy to see Jacques Villeret, the sidekick of Louis de Funes in a couple of movies, but I guess that's also the problem. He needs someone else to shine and he didn't really on his own. The dialogs were more tongue in cheek than laugh out loud funny and I really feel sorry for people who think this is the funniest movie ever… I was also very disappointed that the actual dinner wasn't in the movie, because I expected the French to outshine the remake in it. So if you like Steve Carell you'll love this movie and as a remake I think it did improve on the original even though they gave it a typical Hollywood ending. If you really want to see a train wreck of a remake, I still think Louis de Funes' "Oscar" by Sly Stallone is the worst remake ever!

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To be or not to be that's the question, 24 November 2010

Though it's not a financial success. It is clearly an intellectual success. Just surf the net. Everybody has an opinion. Is it real or not? It's what we were supposed to think here and are supposed to think about everything we see. So whether you hate it or love it, is besides the point. Believe it or not, that's what's it all about. If you think it's real, he's a really good actor or in your opinion without ever meeting him a complete moron, that can't rhyme, has no flow, but still wants to be a rapper. If you think it's an elaborate hoax, he's not a good actor 'cause you think he was obviously faking it and you believe what he says without knowing him. Whatever your opinion, I hope your not still a fan of "reality" shows... Watching it is not as much fun as thinking about it, but any thought provoking film is a work of art.

If it had you thinking (and that's something you do on a daily basis) go watch S&Man and Catfish two other films that play with reality in a fictional setting or fiction set in reality, you decide, you judge, you think....

PS Don't surf the net first, do it afterwards for the full experience with all three of these films!

S&man (2006)
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Almost impossible to review, 24 November 2010

What have I just been watching? Good movies are supposed to make you think and that's what this one does. If you have the opportunity to see this movie do. Anything else I write would spoil the fun, but when you've watched it, I'm sure you'll be asking yourself the same question. So look for answers afterwards. You'll want to. The human soul is complex. We are horrified by tragic accidents, but we want to watch too. Every killing is a waste of human life, but the dangling and twitching of Saddam Hussein is one of the most viewed clips in history that's forever imprinted in our collective memory. It didn't make me feel any remorse and I certainly wasn't horrified. There are worse ways to die and he deserved it, I guess... But I digress, go see the movie, rent it, buy it and you'll find yourself surfing the net for answers, movies and clips!!!

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Time will value this gem, 3 November 2010

The cinematography is breath taking, but with top photographer Anton Corbijn at the helm, you wouldn't expect anything less. There's very little dialogue in this film, about 500 lines in total, which emphasizes the acting and the visual spectacle. Don't expect any CGI or amazing action scenes. It's just not that kind of film. It's a homage to C'era una volta il West by Sergio Leone, to The Day of the Jackal (the original!) by Fred Zinnemann and writer Frederick Forsyth, to Italy and in a way to Clooney. The deliberate slow pace will put a lot of people off. The movie is about professionalism, betrayal, loneliness, revenge and love. How good "bad" people can be. A wonderful film, that will not be valued by the average Hollywood loving movie goers, but a must see for people who love movies and for whom movie-making is an art.

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Just awful!!!, 1 February 2010


11 minutes never felt so long and wasted... A real piece of crap, bad acting by ugly actors, lame action and a handy-cam like production value. No way this is an official Marvel release...which I all love. The other reviewer most be a deluded teen or someone involved with this monstrosity's, 'cause it ain't even worth a Razzie. There aren't enough words to describe just how bad this is, but here are a few; worst ever, dog-awful, atrocious, abominable, dreadful, painful, terrible, unspeakable, unwatchable, nauseating, dire,atrocious, abominable, deplorable, lamentable, pitiful, sad, sorry, frightful, hopeless, horrid, icky, crappy, lousy, rotten, shitty, stinky, incompetent, unskilled, mediocre, poor, no-good,uncool, unfavorable... Let's hope everyone involved with this project never make movies again.

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