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13 Seconds (2003) (V)
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Good for laughs, 8 November 2008

This movie is horrible. As much as i hate to say it, it is an awful movie. The acting his horrid (my friends and I had affectionately given characters names such as Tone Deaf Girl #1 or Robot Man). The frights are ripped off. The film quality is worse than much I have seen on youtube. The characters actions are absurd (at one point, an angry man finds human teeth in a box, and later chews on them in frustration). The plot, however, has immense potential. I say potential because it could have been executed much better, but the idea behind the story is actually pretty interesting. My friends and I really enjoyed this movie, but I would like to stress the word "friends." This is not a movie you will enjoy alone. It's the pleasure of making fun of such a horrid movie that gave us such enjoyment. Then again, we feel loyal to this movie. Our town is rather small. One mall with about 14 stores, a theater with 8 screens, and that's about it. Our only claim to fame is that this movie was filmed here.