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Yes, it's That Bad..., 20 April 2010

Before the girls storm my castle with torches and pitchforks, let me put something out there. I'm not high on my own testosterone or blindly hate love stories. And I'm definitely not new to vampire books, movies, and video games.

While I finished the whole set of Vampire Chronicles books and I'm going through half of Sookie Stackhouse books, I couldn't bear to read even half a book of Twilight. I thought visuals would help me see what all the fuss is about on this Twilight saga. I was wrong. Twilight movie bored me to tears.

I thought New Moon would be better than Twilight with all the establishments out of the way and other kind of supernatural added in. But I was wrong, again. I lost all my interest after only 30 minutes. Yes, It's That Bad.

Character design for vampires was ridiculously bad right from the first book, so that wouldn't get any better for sure.

But Bella was still as bland and uninteresting human as ever. She was just a Mary Sue who was thrown there to be protected by a bunch of good looking Mighty Joes, so that women could dream themselves in her place.

Let alone the stiff performances of the actors and actresses (not Harry-Potter bad, though).

In conclusion: This one is a total chick flick and utter nonsense. It failed as a vampire movie, and as a love story.

If you want a movie about star-crossed lovers, watch Romeo & Juliet or Moulin Rouge. And if you want vampire-human star-crossed lovers, watch Underworld.

But if you are dying of curiosity about Twilight and New Moon, I recommend you borrow a DVD from your friend, like I did, or find a 99-cent copy on eBay.

[[[ SPOILER ALERT ]]] ** NOTE ** They made fun of 'Face/Off' in New Moon when the characters went out to see a movie 'Face Punch' and they said that the movie sucks.

What an irony. Just 30 minutes of 'Face/Off' entertained me more than both movies of Twilight saga combined.