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T2: not just a marketing feature, 24 February 2017

T2 has got style and soul even if it isn't equally shocking as its predecessor. Instead of surviving the drugs, this time we see our so loved and weird characters facing another, even more inescapable treat: aging. The cast and director Danny Boyle do their best to make a more than decent sequel of a cult movie. I went to a double bill event, where they projected both movies and I could appreciated the differences and similarities among them. I can tell that T2 isn't just a marketing feature and offers a pretty good pay back for the audience.

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What if the next Pope were everything but not what we expected to be?, 22 November 2016

An unconventional, bizarre, crazy and never predictable story of a young American pope who, against all odds, is not how he looks. A beautifully TV show shot by a visionary director like Paolo Sorrentino. It could look provocative but never silly and always inspired by deep reflections about faith and human nature Even the few episodes less involving have moments of great cinema and brilliant thoughts that you wouldn't miss. Jude Law is literally lightened in his role of Pope Pius XII. The musical score by Lele Marchitelli is exceptional and I love the main theme used for the titles. The only flaws are few episodes that really could be shortened and insert in the others to give more rhythm to the story. But someone could enjoy also them.

"Fargo" (2014)
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Simply superb!, 17 August 2016

ref Season 2

The show switches from dark comedy of season one to a much more complex gangster story full loaded of black humor, awesome acting and tributes to Coen Bros Cinema. Cinematic is pretty different from the one we saw in season one, but yet one of the best and smartest in modern TV show. So if Season one was exceptional, season two doubles the scores. I've really appreciated also the way the first couple of episode smoothly takes you from the "family's interiors" ambiance of season one to western open space of season two. Some episodes (in fact, most of them) are so well done and worthy that can stand by themselves as excellent action/drama movies. Simply superb!

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What a disappointment, 16 August 2016

Suicide Squad reminds me that time I stopped watching superhero movies because they looked too silly and boring to me. Then Cristopher Nolan's Batman trilogy and latest Marvel Movies made me change my mind. And now this Movie with a great trailer, great cast, including Margot Maggie, that results just like a huge disappointment at the end. The Movie plot is messy, dialogues are embarrassing, some characters really don't work and others are a total non sense. According to the their last productions, they must have a big problem at WB finding new talented directors and writers. For their own good, I hope they resolve it soon before it's too late.

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A superhero movie with Italian style, 10 March 2016

Gabriele Mainetti has made a quite unusual movie for Italian standard. With an outstanding cinematography and a very good acting, he takes us among "Roma sud" outskirts where a neorealistic superhero and a psychopath villain fight to survive their doomed daily lives. As all good graphic novel teach us, this kind of story need a strong philosophy between the lines, that can't be just replaced with some romantic- even if well done- moments. Too bad: "Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot" just lack strong dialogues and quote to be perfect in its own class. In fact, even if actors are perfect in their own roles, all dialogues target their force overall on roman slang, leaving me a little bit disappointed. Because the movie shows some very violent and bizarre scenes, someone in Italy compared Mainetti style to Tarantino's one. I hope next time Mainetti will borrow from Tarantino not just the violence but also the art of writing script and dialogues strong enough for a superhero movie.

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A bloody Tarantino Christmas' tale., 8 February 2016

Is there any best time of the year than Christmas for bed time stories? Hell no! So in "The Hatefull Eight" Mr. Tarantino decided to tell us his ones, with his own unique style. Prepare yourself to immerse in the most snowy experience of the old wild west, where the most brutal killers play at piano Silent Nights meanwhile Major Marquis Warren, an afroamerican bounty killer, tells his cruelest revenge story. Then anything can go wild much more than you think. Well, well, well gentlemen, after all this is Tarantino's vision of America: a nation with dangerous people, each one with his own sense of justice and revenge and armed with deadly guns. And when they met all together, blocked by a snow storm in a remote emporium among Wyoming mountains, Christmas can become their bloody ultimate experience. For the general audience it couldn't be the best Tarantino's Movie and a little bit boring, instead for Tarantino's fan,"The Hatefull Eight" is an excellent cinematographic work.

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Not epic but a nice nostalgic experience, 20 December 2015

The most noticeable effort in Star Wars VII is the accuracy in the balance among old and new elements. To avoid spoiling the original Star Wars experience with too different, too much and too easy modern CGI technology, the director J.J. Abrams had to make something new starting from technology made almost 40 years ago. It wasn't a easy task but Abrams did it quite well. Actors Harrison Ford and Daisy Ridley are greats (they are worthy the whole movie) but the rest of the cast left me perplexed, with some actors really out of their roles. Some parts of the script are really poor too, lacking fresh fantasy and "wows" scenes, even if two thirds of the movie are enjoyable yet a awful climax makes the end very disappointing, if not boring to me. Too bad. It really could be a good Star Wars movie but it feels like the director wasn't up to carry the job all the way till the end. After this one, will I watch the next Star Wars chapter? Probably yes. Hoping next time it wouldn't be just a nostalgic experience and takes us finally in the future of the saga with something completely new and remarkable.

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Furiously Mad Max, 15 May 2015

In a world desolate, arid, populated by horrible freaks driving amazing machines, only the divine beauty of five women can redeem us. Or get us irremediably lost. "Mad Max: FuryRoad" could be the most powerful feminist manifesto ever done by a man. In fact, in the last, frantic George Miller's movie we have time just to give a glance at the beauty of all kind of women: mothers, accomplices, lovers. Without them men are only arid souls in the wilderness. Exactly like Max Rockatansky, who lost the women he used to love: his wife and daughter. For the rest of you guys who love pure action, crazy crashes, amazing FX and unbelievable stunts: don't worry, Mad Max has got all of it too. And it rocks. The picture is technically flawless and it try to give to a new generation of audience the same strong, crazy visual impact that the original movies gave in the early 80's. In that way, we can say: mission accomplished. Bravo Geroge Miller.

Gone Girl (2014)
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Stra-ordinary. I mean literally, 26 December 2014

Enjoy, think and have fun with Gone Girl, definitely the best Fincher's movie since Fight Club. A story that tries to analyze the usually untold part of a marriage, relationships, media biz. It's like a knife that rip off hypocrisy of modern society and let you see something that you know is almost true and real as all other bullshits that movies and media generally try to tell you about love relationship. All of that, with so much black humor and an unpredictable end that really made me love this movie. it isn't possible to tell you much more without spoil the experience to watch this movie except that the acting is great and some scenes are directed in a perfect Fincher's style.

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Tell me about... Silvio, 22 February 2008

"Parlami d'Amore" (Tell me about Love) is indeed a movie written, directed and interpreted by Silvio Muccino, the 26 yo brother of the most internationally popular director Gabriele Muccino. The movie is a kind of post romantic story full of non sense where the only purpose is to show off the Muccino Junior's cinematography and physic skills. Supported by an unusual rich budget for an Italian production, Silvio Muccino made a film full of little inspired quotes of great pictures, trying to upgrade the original level of the story into something better. The result is even more less real and genuine then the plot itself. His own acting is stacked in two or three facial expressions that usually remind to the public a Russell Crow's young fun exhibition. The screenplay is so full of different social themes, at the end never developed, that the whole movie seems just a giant face book of Silvio Muccino, gifted by some rich producer focused on spoiling the Muccino's popularity.