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Euphoria (2001) (V)
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possibly the best xxx feature in the last 10 years., 17 March 2003

This is the best feature put out by Wicked Pictures, and thats quite an endorsement. Wicked does the best job in the industry for plot, acting, transfer to digital, extra features, etc. Euphoria has the feel of The Matrix, with a similar story line. Euphoria is a sex drug, several generations beyond viagra. Lab tests are done on the indigent poor to see how the drug works. The sets are great. Acting is top notch, better than most b movies coming from Hollywood. The women are beautiful, the sex is plentiful, and hard enough to satisfy almost any taste. Ava Vincent (a personal favorite) has jet black hair in this film, and the effect is stunning. Also worth checking out is the music video starring Asia Carrera. If you like porn, and are looking for something to watch with your partner, this is a must see/must own movie. Kudos to Wicked Pictures, Sydnee Steele, Ava Vincent, and Brad Armstrong for an incredible effort.

Dark Angels (2000) (V)
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Excellent hard core couples film, 5 August 2002

One of the better adult films in the last 5 years. Excellent special effects, blood & fangs galore. the sex is not too extreme, yet still manages a respectable heat level. The first scene reminds one of the opening scene in Blade. If you like sex and vampires, this is a keeper. special addition includes a second disk full of special features.