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The point of the episode...., 15 October 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Anyone who hates this episode didn't actually "get it". The group of people in this episode who get together to try to track down the doctor are representatives of people with no social lives. Such as geeks or sci-fi fans.

They start off fairly well in combining their knowledge about the doctor but as time goes by they get distracted. They start talking about their hobbies and interests. Soon they find out they're all pretty good musicians. They form a band and play together, just for themselves at their meeting place. The doctor is all but forgotten. What this means is they now have social lives. They're hip, they're cool. They're getting out and about.

Then suddenly Victor Kennedy (the Absorbaloff) arrives and puts them all back on track in finding the doctor. He basically screws them over and sucks the life out of them (literally).

Another point is if you have too much of an obsession over a really hard task you will wreck yourself. Although Elton does exceed in finding the doctor, or the doctor finding him, he pays a terrible price for doing so. The Absorbaloff kills all his friends and his girlfriend suffers a fate worse than death.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the episodes where the Doctor and his companion have been reduced to minor characters and only appear for a few minutes. The episode "Blink" is the other good one.

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Not bad for an Aussie show., 17 November 2004

Seeing how this show continues on with each episode, technically it makes it a soapie. They were showing 2 half hour episodes Monday to Friday mornings on channel seven, now they are showing one half hour episodes every weekday on the ABC at 5pm. The special effects are "okay". Remember this is a low budget TV show which is not designed for prime time. The special effects are still enjoyable in my opinion. This show is okay if you like science-fiction. I reckon this show is as good as the other Aussie sci-fi shows "Wicked Science" and "Spellbinder". The producers should try to advertise Silversun more. I've got a hunch that not many people are even aware of this show.

Great 21st century remake of a classic!, 1 May 2004

This new cartoon "Astro Boy" (two words) is the 21st century remake of the popular 80's cartoon "Astroboy" (one word). "Astro boy" is a pretty good modernization of the Astroboy we know and love. It is obviously set in the future which looks more futuristic than in the 80's "Astroboy". The animation is improved, which is obviously done with computers in some parts whereas the original "Astroboy" was all hand drawn. But story-wise, "Astro Boy" is not quite as good as the original 80's "Astroboy". Where "Astro Boy" is pretty good, the original "Astroboy" is excellent! But the new "Astro Boy" is still recommended viewing for all Astroboy fans out there. The new "Astro Boy" gets a 9 out of 10. The original "Astroboy" gets 10 out of 10.

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The good points, 12 July 2003

The thing I like about this new series is how realistic the producers try to make it. This is similar to another show 'Roswell'. Other Superman series such as 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman' and the 80's 'The Adventures of Superboy' were camp. When Clark (Or the supervillain of the week) uses their powers they try to make it as realistic as possible. (It still looks far fetched of course but at least the cast and crew put some effort into believability. A lot more effort than the other Super shows did.)

Another positive is Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor. He does a good job of acting where you can't tell if his intentions at the moment are good or bad. Having Lex good is a very good idea. In the comics Clark and Lex were good friends when they were much younger. This way we get to explore Lex's inner self and see what stages he goes through which sets him on his evil path later on. Already we've seen his father force him to realise that he has to become much tougher and more self independent. Lex's road to his destiny is already starting to be paved.

Lex and also Lana suspect that Clark is not all that he seems. If the writers put enough effort on carrying this through properly and don't rush it, this aspect of the storyline will do wonders. In the comics, Lana as a grown woman knows about Clark's identity.