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13 May 2008
One evening, around 15 years ago (or maybe more), on our national television station, there was broadcast a movie that, I can say without any doubt, has "marked me for life". I was around 11 at that time. I would have loved to see that movie again, a lot of times, since then... but, unfortunately, I couldn't remember neither its title, nor its plot or characters, not even the language of the movie. There were only a few things that have remained clearly in my mind: the fact that almost the entire movie is about a fancy dinner held in the honor of an old lady, the fact that one of the guests sticks his tongue out at this lady and the fact that, at the end of the movie, there is a chaotic scene shot in a forest. Oh... and also the fact that this lady looks at her guests using a pair of elegant binoculars.

With the help of a friend of mine - and I would like to thank him again this way - I have found that movie! It is LUNGA VITA ALLA SIGNORA! (LONG LIVE THE LADY!). In my opinion, it is a masterpiece. It is a great, excellent, magnificent, marvelous, fantastic, fascinating, superb movie! (I can't find at this time more superlatives, as I would have used them here, too!) The movie is perfect, from all points of view. It is mainly a comedy, but it has some dramatic elements also... and maybe a few horror ones, too. In fact, the movie is so perfect that it manages to convert little things like not having a lighter with you, at a given time, into a real drama. Also, the contrast between two worlds - the rich and the poor - is magnificently and uniquely achieved, mostly via visual means rather than dialogue, which is reduced to a minimum.

If, until now, somebody had asked me what my favorite movie was, I wouldn't have known what to say, as I had more than one favorite. Now, this "dilemma" is over, as I've got a clear answer: my favorite movie of all times is, indeed, LUNGA VITA ALLA SIGNORA!
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Great movie!
18 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I used to have this movie on a video cassette about 20 years ago, when I was around 7-8 years old. I remember watching it several times when I was little. I guess I was fascinated by the human-animal bond that existed between the Beastmaster and his animal friends, or maybe by the dark age placement of the action - the time of mysticism and sacrifice, as the movie trailer says - with all its magic, sorcery, witches... Anyway, I remember liking this movie a lot and it being one of my favorites.

Little by little, cable & satellite TV replaced my old VCR which ended being put in its box I-don't-know-where. The cassettes also.

It is not long ago when I started talking to a friend of mine about old VCRs and old movies and stuff like this, when suddenly I remembered I used to have a favorite movie. Unfortunately I couldn't remember its name... I remembered only very few things - mainly the appearance of some masked men from over a hill, a pyramid with a lot of stairs and a fire on its top where people were sacrificed and also a tunnel with traps. ...Nothing about the plot, not even the existence of the human-animal bond... nothing else.

I had this only thing in my head: to find this movie! I took the VCR out of its box, connected it to the computer and watching every single video cassette I could find... unfortunately I couldn't find my movie. I started reading plot summaries on IMDb, I started watching movie trailers... hundreds of titles, sorting them, eliminating those that did not match my memories, adding others that might be it... After a very long time I ended up with a list of about 15 movies. And The Beastmaster was the one that matched best everything. I can't describe to you the happiness when realizing that THIS was the movie! While watching it... everything came back to my memory: the 3 witches, the people working the fields near the village, the appearance of the Junes from over the hill, the eyed-ring, the temple tunnel with those monster-arms coming out, the colored eyes of those monsters, the children sacrifices, the fight on the temple's stairs... everything.

To conclude... I can say that The Beastmaster is a great, excellent, magnificent, marvelous, fascinating, superb, extraordinary movie... Even nowadays I can say that this is one of my favorite movies. I enjoyed watching it the same way as when I was little. The plot is great, the adventures of the hero are fantastic... When watching it, I feel like I'm living during those ages... Everything is so... I don't know... realistic, mysterious.

Ahh... one more thing. I love to play computer games where the action takes place in the woods, in temples, in places where you can always expect a monster or an enemy to appear... And I think now I have the explanation why I like this kind of games :D C. S.
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