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Evita (1996)
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Guns! Tanks! Exposions! More Tanks! Earthquakes!, 2 September 2005

Nearly ten years after seeing it in the West End on Boxing Day my mother and I sat down to watch our bargain basement copy of "Evita" Two hours or so later all we could say to each other was "Sniffle, wow!".

If you have the power to switch it into b&w you'll be transformed - the attention to detail is amazing.

After the inexplicably lauded "Chicago", "Evita" takes us back to the first half of the 20th Century where hopes were rising in the southern hemisphere that they would overtake war torn Europe and rise as the dominant power.

Madonna is understated and sublime as Eva Peron. She acts with her eyes. I abhor Madonna's acting but there is something about her as Evita which is so touching, so powerful one cannot helped but be hypnotised.

Evita ROCKS. You are watching a very serious movie where every word, more or less, is sung. The MTV generation can handle that - can you?

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Hilarious, 23 August 2005

Roger and the Rottentrolls was a televisual boon in the mid nineties. I used to love coming in from classes and catching their latest antics in the chaotic labyrinth that was the "Treacle Mines".

Think of an even more demented "Fraggle Rock" and you'll be along the right lines. Random plots which frequently seemed to make sense at the beginning but would then reach a conclusion not even Agatha Christie would have seen coming, witty scripts which veered from the sublime to the ridiculous to the even more sublimely ridiculous and appealed to my nephew, then three, and the adults in the room making sure afore mentioned nephew didn't fall into the VCR.

The puppetry was also top notch. Occasionally I'd forget they weren't real and feel a little sad. Definitely recommend buying the DVD.

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Ridiculous, mildly entertaining bobbins, 10 February 2005

Unintentionally hysterical paranormal rubbish and occasional psychodrama from wee Ms. Porter. A show so full of biographical errors, random locations, "orbs" and the like that it makes you wish you could hide on set and jump out screaming at a crucial moment and see Gail Porter become the unofficial spokeswoman for Tena Lady for the rest of her natural.

Best way to watch this show is with a bottle of wine already sunk, the lights off and poltergeist activity of your own on the landing outside your bedroom - you may then be a little scared (or levitating surrounded by Fisher Price toys, depending on your mood).

I wish I could think of something genuinely positive. There have been moments when I've wanted to hug Gail and do v. bad things to her male co-host in one of the rooms at the Roosevelt Hotel but they generally pass. I did actually really appreciate the way Chris could be channelled by a v. p'd off Joan Crawford and yet his hair remained perfect the whole time. Hmmm, maybe it was her.

Anyway, if you find yourself a bit tipsy of a Tuesday evening do watch this show.

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Almost Perfect., 12 December 2004

Fast moving, well acted and brilliantly scripted adaption of a Christie classic.

Geraldine McEwan is exactly as I imagined Miss Marple should be - subtle with a cheeky glint in her eyes and a permanent look of mischief.

Joanna Lumley shines and rather steals the show is Miss Marple's close friend and neighbour who becomes something of a sidekick in this episode.

The direction is beautiful from start to finish and the costumes are flawless.

There are a few double entendres in the script which I'm not sure were intended (very funny though!) and a few scenes boarder on pastiche but overall this was a successful start to the new series.

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Understated, witty and intelligent, 21 August 2004

This shows tongue is so far into its cheek it's a wonder there's not been a serious rupture!

From the outset back in 1997 there has never been a moment that we were meant to take too seriously - but we do! Every time a new feature length episode is announced we sit, gripped, for 2hrs stifling chuckles not because it's "so bad it's good" but because it's "so good it's wicked!".

It has inspired letters to The Times newspaper ("Joyce Barnaby - Britain's most elusive serial killer?") and made those of us that live in chocolate box villages feel like locking our back doors at night (just in case).

"Midsomer Murders" is a gleeful repost to the plethora of "gritty" and "realistic" crime shows. Long may the death toll rise....

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Lies! Glamour! Sex! Intrigue! Joan!, 29 July 2003

Joan Crawford acts her diamante studded socks off in a role which garnered her another nod from the Academy. Understatement was never one of Miss Crawford's closest friends but somehow she manages for most of the film as fabulously wealthy (and intelligent too!) Myra Hudson.

Of course, it's more fun when Joan Crawford loses the plot completely. The wild eyes, the screaming, the Bette-Davis-on-speed like zig zagging across the set. If you're a fan of the old Hollywood Goddesses or just camp actresses in general you'll love those moments.

Jack Palance is about as menacing as SpongeBob Sqaurepants. Gloria Grahame, bless her, tries her hardest but this is Joan's movie and she takes it all the way.

And then some!