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Academy awards 1999-2016
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Great ones and others worth a look
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The movies I liked best of the ones I`ve rated 10/10 so far.
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I known I have a lot of good movies still to watch, so this list will be changed.
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I obviously have too much spare time...
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I have listed my favourite movies from all of the directors under each name...
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I tried to sort the movies in the beginning, but didn`t quite follow through, so the latest additions are at the end of the list. The list consists of mostly every movie I`ve seen which I`ve rated 7 or higher.
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The list is not totally sorted, but I have my favorites at the top. I rate almost all the movies in the list between 7 and 10.
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On this list I have tried to focuse on movies or scenes that include at least one memorable dark theme, inside the frame of the list`s title. There might be a few movies that maybe doesn`t fit the description for all, but that`s depending on subject definitions.
There are some really great ones here which I regard as favorites and truly masterpieces. They have given me much good entertainment with inovative and unique scenes never seen before.
On the other hand there are quite a few I wish never crossed my path!
A lot of these movies will guaranteed make an everlasting impression, some that are best to try and forget!
There are also movies that I thought were horribly bad and a totally waste of time. But quality is not a relevant criteria here (though I will try to place the good ones at the top of the list).
Some movies are just included, based on a high level of violence.

To sum up, this is a collection of movies which are connected by being unique in some way, and/or in my opinion, have elements that are not regarded as mainstream (in hopefully most cases). That said, when I`m finished with the list, I guess it will have a low number of movies, made by the big Hollywood studios.
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Some movies on this list are included based on just one or a few reallly funny scenes. These movies will be marked with a comment.
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Not in order...
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I still have a lot of classics that I haven`t seen. Too many movies and too little time!
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