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underrated to the extreme, 30 December 2011

what the hell ???? I've heard and read about so many people bitching and moaning at how much they dislike this movie as compared to pitch black, but honestly i think this one is fantastic (although undeniably pitch black was much better).

Its basically the character Riddick from the pitch black movie in his own adventure fighting monsters , avoiding authorities and escaping a prison . in a nutshell thats what it is and thats what you get . people complained that this one strives too far from the feeling that the original pitch black gave us , but thats not necessarily a bad thing is it ? its a new take on an expanded universe created for the soul purpose of telling the story of this character.

If you love pitch black then there's no reason you shouldn't lover this one. I feel it necessary to say that Vin Diesel being nominated for worst actor in this movie is scandalous. Top film bad critics - end of story!

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Quite a slow show, but well worth the wait, 25 November 2010

I LOVE this show. i own seasons 1 through 9 on DVD and i am currently watching the newest episodes on television. I first watched this show about a year ago , before which i was never really a big fan of superman.I'd seen all the 4 movies and loved them all (well the first two anyway), but i was always a bigger fan of the batman movies, but i wanted to try something new, and WOW do i regret not being part of this years ago!

Im pretty sure you all know the story - bad guy comes to town , Clark saves the day , all is good. But i think i can safely say that its the stories between the characters and there relationships that grips you to this show. For instance - for the first season Chloe loves Clark, Clark loves Lana , Lana loves Whitney........... you get the idea.

As each season goes by the relationships twist and turn in unexpected places and we meet new characters , like Kara (Supergirl) Lois Lane, General ZOD, Jimmy Olsen, Oliver Queen and more. The acting is some of the best I've ever seen in a TV show, and Tom welling as "the man of steel" is perfect! if they ever decide to make another superman movie again , i would love for them to use the characters off smallville. I am sure many will agree that Erika Durance's portrayal of Lois Lane is the best of the character by anyone, hands down and The same can be said about Micheal Rossenbaum's Lex Luthor - what a fantastic actor and character.

I think the only 2 bad things about this show are; the pacing and the departure of Micheal rossenbaum in the later series. The reason the pacing is soo dam annoying is because they drag out certain characters relationships, even when we have seen them together before and break up before . this is mostly the Clark and Lana relationship which has got to be the most complicated relationship in the whole world; They fall in love , break up , get back together, he tells her he cant be with her, then he decides to tell her about his powers, then he has to go back in time to stop himself from doing that, then he doesn't end up getting back with her, then she marries Lex Luthor, then she gets back with clark, then she leaves Smallville, then she comes back with superpowers and gets back with Clark, then she absorbs kryptonite and has to leave him for good so she moves out of Smallville again!!! Phew! that pretty god dam intense , but it seams to last forever, its like they can never decide what to do , its just annoying. They better not do the same thing with Lois and Clark in the new ones or ill be pretty annoyed. Like i mentioned earlier the other bad thing was Micheal Rossenbaum leaving the show. I got to come out and say it because every smallville fan probably agrees that its no where near as good without Lex Luthor. i mean he's the main villain in the superman franchise for Christ sake, so by killing him off in Smallville, how can they end the series with Lex being the main bad guy. I just hope Rossenbaum comes back for the last few episodes of season 10!

One thing you might be wondering is "does Clark put on the superman costume?" , simple and short - no.........well .... not yet anyway. i think it would be such a big insult to the fans who have spent nearly a decade watching this show, if they don't put Clark in the superman costume by the end of the series. seriously i cannot remember how many times they have teased us about the idea. I think in last episode of season 9 when we see the "S" from the costume reflecting into his eyes as he openes a box left by his mother.

This show also has a nostalgic feeling to it. They use Annette O'toole (who played Lana Land in superman 3) AS Martha Kent, Terence Stamp ( who played General Zod in superman 2) plays Jor-El , Cristopher Reeve plays doctor Virgil Swan and we have cameos from Dean cain ( superman in " the adventures of Lois and Clark") and many other familiar faces, and its brilliant it makes you remember the old superman movies and shows.

But all in all, there's a reason why its in the Guinness book of records for longest running TV show, because its fantastic in more or less every aspect. if you can tolerate slow story lines and pacing then this show you will love!!!

By Scott Dewhurst

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Romero at his best & zombies at theirs, 25 November 2010

Day of the dead is a follow up from dawn of the dead by the same director George A. Romero. The story takes place underground in an abandoned missile silo , where a group of scientists and soldiers are barricaded in.

Now let me explain something. After the release of the successful dawn of the dead in 1979 Romero intended to end his "trilogy of he dead" with a big budgeted follow up. But because of major budget disputes and the artistic need to release the film unrated, Romero was granted £3.5 million for the budget, just under half the initial £7 million he had at first. This forced Romero to scale back his story, rewriting the script and adjusting his original vision to fit the smaller budget. so the movie we see today is completely different from the one we were intended on having. Apparrerntly the script for the original version is leaked all over the Internet but i haven't read it yet. But i wouldn't change this movie for the world its the essential horror film , just look at how many other films and TV shows have used material from Day of the Dead - resident evil extinction ( the zombie using the phone like bub) 28 days later( with the physcotic military & keeping the infected alive for testing) the band GORILLAZ use audio from day of the dead in the beginning of the song, south park made an episode about zombies and borrowed a lot of elements from Day of the dead.

I must say that the opening scene in this movie throws you into the action head first, the characters land the helicopter in a city and use a megaphone to see if there is any survivors. but then the undead rise and within seconds,there are literally hundreds of the undead around the city. the first thing i noticed when i first watched this film, was just how genuinely scary the zombies looked compared to the blue skinned ones from Dawn of the dead. These zombies look outstanding, Tom Savini i salute you!

The phsycotic military leader Captain Rhodes ( Joseph Pilato) is a truly outstanding character. I mean he is such an ar*ehole and you are always hoping throughout the movie that he gets killed (and trust me you wont be disappointed). Now I've heard people say that this movie is full of terrible acting, but i find it really good. Its not too over dramatic or bland its just right. I also hear people say daft sh*t like " There was no action until the last 10 minutes" and "All they did was argue all the time". well thats okay i suppose, they weren't exactly lying, but it only makes sense that everyone in the movie is at each others throat. They are the last people on the face of the planet, there is bound to be a lot of tensions!

I gotta go all out and say this film has the best zombies ever in it. they can tear limbs off like its no problem, and the eat everything they can from humans, unlike some zombie films where they just eat certain parts, and that makes these zombies seem all the more scary. The special effects are out of this world . Back in 1985 i couldn't imagine what the peoples reactions were to the gore fest in the last 15 minutes of the film. Tom Savini at his best no doubt, he received a Saturn award for his work on day of the dead and he more than deserved it. Another aspect of the movie that does it well is the soundtrack, its brilliant and helps set the dark tone the movie goes for. I Always liked the dawn of the dead soundtrack but i think this one makes dawns just sound a bit silly

The trailer for this films describes day of the dead as "the darkest day of horror the world has ever known" , and it is well worthy of that statement. This movie has to be one of the darkest, most claustrophobic and gory films in history. that being said, is it a good film? plain and simple - YES!!

By Scott Dewhurst

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25 years and still magical !, 25 November 2010

25 years on, and back to the future is still seen as one of the best films to ever exist. And i completely agree, because this film is a masterpiece - yes i said it a MASTERPIECE!!! so is it as good as everyone says, oh undeniably , but just what makes it so dam good? well they have that catchy and nostalgic theme tune that just brings a smile on my face every time i hear it. They have the wonderful duo of Christopher Lloyd and Micheal J. Fox who are just hilarious together on screen, and then of course is the story.

To keep this really short and not spoil anything for those who have not (and should) seen this, the story is about a Young teenager Marty Mcfly ( Micheal J. Fox), who accidentally gets sent back to the past in the year 1955. he travels back in time in a delorean invented by the brilliant Doc Brown ( Christopher Lloyd). Marty must somehow find a way to get back to the year 1985 and try not to change the past for the worst. that is all i am willing to say because this really is a film you must see without not knowing whats going to happen.

I think my 2 favourite characters have to be the villain of the movie Biff ( played to perfection by Thomas F. Wilson) and Lorraine Baines ( played by the beautiful Lea Thompson). I Love Biff just because of how big a prick he can be but still funny and charming at the same time. I can guarantee that once you have seen this movie Biff Tannen will be on your personal list of favourite bad guys , because he's high up on the list on mine . I also love the innocent and sweet Lorraine Baines because.......well, because shes so gorgeous , absolutely stunning. i really like the character but in all honesty, iv always had a thing for Lea Thompson so thats probably why i like that character so god dam much haha.

So if you are unfortunate enough to have not seen this epic masterpiece then i advise you do. Robert Zemicks and Steven Spielberg have created a franchise that leaves a warm and happy feeling in the hearts of the viewers, which never leaves. The sequels are both just as good , as back to the future isn't just the perfect movie, its the perfect first chapter, to a perfect trilogy.

By Scott Dewhurst

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Awkward feelings, 25 November 2010

I have to start off by saying that seasons 1-9 of the Simpsons were absolutely fantastic, easily some of the best television i have ever seen. the writing was sharp and witty, the characters unpredictable and to some degree you could relate to them. I don't think anyone can deny that the Simpsons is probably the most famous TV show ever. even people who don't watch the show have heard about it or can name a few of the characters whether it be Homer, Bart or Marge, THAT IS HOW POWERFUL THIS SHOW HAS BECOME. After all the success of the TV show it was inevitable that eventually a movie would be made, but to talk about the movie would be starting a completely different review all together, so i won't get into that.

Now you might have wondering why i have got "Awkward feelings" as my summary, well thats exactly what i get when i watch the more recent episodes. i feel awkward and pretty upset to be honest, at just how bad the newer episodes are. they are over the top, pointless and predictable. in the first 9 seasons each episode had a subtle moral whether it be about stealing , drugs or other things, but when watching the latest ones i just get the feeling they make them just for the money factor, without actually giving a Sh*t about how they are ruining the memories most hardcore fans have of when the show was the best thing on television. It has gone on far too long , and i know i am in the majority when i say that this show is slowly starting to leave a bad taste in mouths of the fans. They should just end the show now whilst its still "decent" , in the 400+ episodes that exist, you would think they have told all the stories they wanted about the family, but no they keep coming up with stupid stories that make no sense, which we have already seen similar ones to in the older episodes.

As much as i cannot stand the last 5 or six seasons , ill still have to give this show 10/10 , because of the first 9 or so seasons, That is how highly i think of them.

By Scott Dewhurst

Cass (2008)
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Very familiar !! feel like I've seen it all before, 1 April 2010

I enjoyed this film just enough to watch the whole 90 minutes, but it felt like i had already seen a dozen movies like this - football factory, green street, rise of the footsoldier, the firm (2009 version). it was a film that left me feeling unsatisfied for some reason, i cannot explain.

The story is simple - A black baby raised by a white couple, who grows up in London. He grows up in very racist times and as he gets older he earns his respect by fighting rival fans at football games(he is a West Ham fan). This is the third football film in the last 3 years that revolves around West Ham united, (Green Street and Rise of the foot soldier) which is pretty tiring, as it makes you wish that the main character supported another dam team for once! Now one thing i will give this film credit for is the acting. you get a pretty good performance from Nonso Anozie and Leo Gregory, who you will notice from green street. Tamer Hassan also has a bit of screen time who you will recognise from the football factory and he does his tough man act pretty well.

And thats basically it...... a football hooligan, no other story apart from the obvious confrontations that brings his way. He meets a women settles down and end of story. I'll admit that i felt cheated by this film, i thought there would be a better story....but never mind.

If you are a huge fan of these hooligan films then by all means you will love it, but if like me, you are getting bored of these type of films then stay away

By Scott Dewhurst

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Another pointless embarrassing movie to the collection, 1 April 2010

This is one of those films that brings you to the question - WHY???? Was it necessary to make another mask film?! Did people really want another mask film without Jim Carrey?! So why the fu*k does this movie exist, i mean no body expected there to be a sequel or a prequel or whatever the fu*k this is. I suppose new line cinema were just hoping to make a few bucks rapid time.

Jamie Kennedy is okay in this movie playing the workaholic husband who dreams of creating his own comic books and drawing his own cartoons. That is, until he puts the mask on and try's his best impression of Carreys version of the mask, but he is horrible. i mean really, really awful as the mask. he is so wooden and unfunny and what the hell is the stupid voice about? 2 words explain Kennedy's performance as the mask = CRINGE WORTHY! Alan Cumming portrays the movies villain Loki who wants the mask for its power. I swear that the character he plays in this could be the same character he plays in spy kids. its like he doesn't even try! I'd like to say the best actor in this film is the dog, but that would be a little harsh on the rest of the cast. The only upside to this film is that it has the gorgeous Traylor Howard( no i haven't spelt it wrong it's Traylor not Taylor!) but even she cant save this sh*t stain of a film. Avoid this movie at all costs if you have any ounce of self respect

By Scott Dewhurst

Grand Theft Auto in its prime !!!!!, 1 April 2010

i really must say that i still think to this day that grand theft auto was at its best when San Andreas was released. Not to say that GTA 4 was bad, but it didn't offer the same breathtaking game play that San Andreas did. This game had it all - Action, good story, brilliant free roam game play.

There are so many features in the game that i will list them to make it short and easy - start some Gangwars and take over their turf,get new Haircuts, Tattoos, fly Jets?Planes all around the city, Swimming, Holding 2 guns at once, go in the Casino's and gamble playing Russian roulette and poker and other gambling games, Playing Pool, Playing Basketball, Recruiting gang members, Riding Bmx and Mountain bikes, Night vision and Thermal Goggles, Robbing houses after dark, jump off the tallest building wearing a Parachute, Dance in clubs, Illegal Car racing, Car MOD( add nitrous oxide), Get a Girlfriend, But your own houses and mansions, go to the Gym and becomme muscular, Get a Jet Pack and fly around San Sndreas, Get a Quadbike and ride through the countryside.

There are a few more that i cant remember off the top of my head, but hell just play the game to find out. The graphics are a little dated but this game is the best (along with resident Evil 4) so go and buy a copy now!!!

BY Scott Dewhurst

Twilight (2008/I)
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Kirsten Stewart on top form, but thats all, 1 April 2010

I didn't watch this film in the cinema, i waited till my sister got the DVD. Why? well i was an 18 year old when it was released, and i had no friends who wanted to go and see it. The thought of watching a film about a vampire falling in love with a human, really didn't appeal to them. But me being a huge fan of Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel, i was looking forward to another vampire franchise.

This is no Buffy the vampire slayer or Angel!!not even close.

The Story is about a girl called Bella (kirsten Swanson)who moves to her dads house in attempt to start a new life. At school she meets Edward Cullen (Robert Patterson) and soon falls in love with him, only to discover that he is a vampire. But he explains that his family is different, as they only feed on animals and not humans.

Well the story was just what i expected, but the way the vampires are portrayed is not! Firstly They don't burn in direct sunlight like vampires should do, they kind of glow or sparkle and become glittery. i am not fu*king joking! We see that the vampires are extremely fast which makes them harder to escape, especially Edward who is very fast at running. Some of the Cullens(Edwards family) have special powers- one can see into the future!

This film seriously lacks action. All through the film it is just talking and talking and talking, which isn't neccassarily bad in a film, but in a film involving vampires, you want action, fighting and death. The only fight is at the end, but it looks like a deleted scene from an Episode of Buffy. seriously. the first fight we see through the whole film and it lasts about 20 seconds.........OMG!!

I think the 1 thing i really likes was Kirsten Stewart. She really carried the film on her own as far as im concerned. Robert Patterson does a pretty good vampire( apart from the sparkly sh*t)

I was really expecting something with a lot of action mixed with romance and a touch of horror, but it was soooooo boring, the sequel is even worse in my eyes! If you are a fan of vampires then give this a watch. It isn't to bad, but don't expect loads of action and witty diologue like in Buffy and Angel

By Scott Dewhurst

Star Trek (2009)
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Star trek for a new generation, 31 March 2010

I never in a million years, thought i would be able to call myself a star trek fan, but this reboot has seriously changed that! I must admit that i never liked the old star trek movies. i found them boring, slow and repetitive. I wasn't too keen on the fight scenes and found them corny. But i decided to watch the new one on DVD. I was quite familiar with the story line and i knew the characters Kirk, Spock and Scotty.......somehow. But the thing about reboots is that its not relevant to know anything about the old ones, so i thought fu*k it, ill just watch it with an open mind and see if i enjoy it.And did i enjoy........I loved it!

The film starts with our main guy Kirk being born and took to earth to be raised by his mother. When he comes of age he decides that he wants to join the starfleet academy, so he can try to become a captain of his own ship, like his father before he. He meets Spock (portrayed brilliantly by Zachary Quinto) and later on Scotty (simon Pegg - brilliant as always. they team up to try and stop an alien race from destroying planets. They destroy planets by creating black holes which is cool!

This really is a new star trek franchise aimed at a new generation. I'm sure there will be a new generation of nerdy "trek" fans if they continue to make the films like the first one. Hell....... i might even be a "trek" nerd if they make sequels, which i really hope they do. there is about 7 different star trek shows so I'm sure they could make a dozen more movies for this rebooted franchise, and ill definitely be at the cinemas for each and every one. 10/10 easy choice Even if you hate star trek, try this movie out and i guarantee, you wont be sorry.

By Scott Dewhurst

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