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Bully (2011/I)
Falls Way Short of Really Showing the Extent of the Problem, 19 July 2016

This issue of 'bullying' is so much bigger and more ingrained into the psyches of virtually every human being than this documentary could possibly have addressed in its running time. However, they fell way shorter than necessary by picking subjects who are weak and have reason to be picked on --- not that they should be picked on & I'm not unsympathetic, but they don't make good case studies into the larger cultural norms that are the driving force behind the issue of bullying. If they'd wanted this documentary to have real impact, they needed to choose more relatable, realistic examples and shoot in bigger school districts where bullying is far more prevalent and life-changing. They also picked subjects with weak parents in weak towns and weak school districts who do very little to address this behavioral problem. Stopping the behavior is also far more involved than just having a rally here and there and showing pictures of deceased kids who died needlessly because they were not taught how to stand up for themselves -- I mean, seriously, if your child isn't mentally equipped to handle being bullied, do they have any real chance of surviving the real world? And that's the larger issue.... We need to look not just as the poor kids being bullied and just say "poor so-and-so" and force all efforts at changes this behavior onto other children who are no less equipped to handle life if they have to pick on someone weaker than themselves to get by. The documentary does nothing to address educating parents of these weak kids on what they need to do to make their own kids stronger and less likely to be bullied. It also doesn't address dealing with parents of bullies in any way. Change does not begin with rallies and all that goody-goody feel good for the moment crap. To achieve change, people have to be willing to put on the hip waders and slog through the crap that makes up human behavior and figure out why some are bullied and some are bullied. You cannot fix what you don't even understand. You also cannot fix what you are unwilling to punish. Bullying in schools should be treated like the crime it is -- in the adult world it's called harassment and there are laws against it.

Anyway.... The film was a sad attempt at really showing the problem surrounding bullying from all aspects. There were no consequences for the bullies, the victims parents were all pretty pathetic.... Feeling sorry for these kids isn't going to help them -- they need to be educated and strengthened, not coddled and babied and taught that weakness should be a crutch in life. As that one kid pointed out, once he stood up for himself the bullies left him alone. That is the best medicine for this problem -- albeit not the only one. Granted, that is becoming more and more difficult in light of the gun problems in so many schools, too.

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Gory and booooooring!, 3 February 2016

One goes to the movies, usually, to be entertained & escape reality... This movie was so gory and graphic that it provided neither an escape from reality nor entertainment. Some of the scenes are stomach turning. The plot is predictable which makes the drawn out length of this horrible movie completely pointless -- the story could've been told in 30 mins. (tops). The acting was pretty mediocre .... Not much acting to be done aside from dragging oneself along on the ground and breathing heavy through half the movie.

I honestly couldn't see any reason for the high rating this movie has on this site nor understand the whole Oscar "buzz" over it... Truly one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

To sum up... Don't waste your time. Or if you choose to waste it, make sure you're not eating while you watch... UGH!

I'd give this long-winded bit of trash a negative rating if possible.

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Mindless eye candy, 18 September 2014

Visually, this movie is pretty darn amazing. The CGI is pretty flawless; downright jaw-dropping in some scenes. The scenes do move by incredibly quickly at times, though, so it's hard to really absorb what you're looking at; especially at 1080p. The acting is hit and miss..... But, I can't fault the actors too much given the incredibly poorly written script they had to work with. Plot development is almost non-existent. The writers made some pretty big leaps from the previous movie to this one and the back story just doesn't fill in the holes well enough.

The only thing I found kind of annoying about this one is the amt. of product placement in it. To the point where some scenes felt like a commercial -- especially the latter part of the movie supposed to take place in Hong Kong.

That said, if you're up for a movie that will wow your eyes and not require any thinking to understand what's going on... Then this is for you. It will entertain from that POV. If, however, you're looking for great acting, great story, great script, then you might want to pass this one by.

9 out of 10 for the CGI work ..... 2 out of 10 for the movie as a whole.... Gave it a 7 overall 'cause it IS worth seeing for the CGI if nothing else.

Safe Haven (2013/I)
Same premise as Sleeping With the Enemy...., 5 June 2014

This movie has the same premise as Sleeping With the Enemy, but isn't anywhere nearly as good... While the acting is alright enough, the story lacked the suspense it could have had given the subject matter. Some of the story lacked believability -- granted, it IS just a movie and meant to entertain -- like someone being able to move on so quickly after being so badly abused. The villain didn't lack in creep factor, at least -- though, what happens to him doesn't really fit his level of psychosis (should have been more horrible;)).

The somewhat surprise ending added a bit of fascination to the whole story =)

All in all, not a terrible movie. Not great either. Worth wasting a rainy night on, though.

"Believe" (2014)
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Wanted to like it...., 28 April 2014

... watched 8 episodes waiting for the show to get better -- if it wasn't for the JJ Abrams connection, I wouldn't have stuck with it past the 2nd episode though. BUT, the show is just horrible. It's like another attempt at Touch, but falls far short of the canceled show (which wasn't that great itself). Eight episodes is all I could stomach... Will not be watching it anymore.

The acting is pretty bad... The plot holes are worse... There seems to be a lot of running around in circles -- getting nowhere. The lead character is such a brat that she ends up being more annoying than anything else. By episode 8 she's become insufferable.

If you're a fan of bad acting and pointless story line, this is the show for you... If not, save yourself the trouble ;)

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Don't Get It..., 26 February 2014

... boggles my mind why this crappy movie is hailed as such a work of art. It's a terrible movie. Virtually a work of pornography, really... Filth, drug use, irresponsible behavior and all of it a pack of lies. May be based on some true story somewhere, but it certainly doesn't mirror any semblance of reality anywhere.

The acting... Yeah it's great when the script is crap and the actors just have to pretend to hump like rabbits and get high left, right and sideways. Doesn't take much acting skill to pull of a porno.

Horrible waste of time movie! Something is definitely wrong in Hollywood when this type of crap is lauded as a great award worthy movie. Should be ashamed of themselves, honestly...

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Why did this crap get such great reviews?, 30 October 2013

I don't understand why this drivel got such great reviews! Seriously.... The trailer is better than the whole movie! The plot was so predictable as to become completely boring and uninteresting. The acting left much to be desire; as did the overall dialog. The outer space experience was virtually non-existent. The camera work in many parts of it brought back horrible flash backs of the "Blair Witch" movies and were even worse -- to the point of being painful on the eyes.

This is one of those movies where the those who gave it positive reviews must've been watching some other movie than those who gave it the negative reviews it rightfully deserves. It seriously fell short of what the previews hinted at as well as what could've been done with the movie.... I mean, a movie about space with so few space scenes is completely baffling especially when it could've been spectacular! Most of the movie deals with life INSIDE the "shuttle"... I don't know why they even bothered to purchase the stock images & footage from NASA quite frankly.

To sum up.... Don't waste your time. Listen to the negative remarks about this movie -- they're well deserved!

What a complete bore!

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Critics be damned...., 29 October 2013

To those who are expecting an exact retelling of the Lone Ranger tale, you'll be disappointed. From that angle there are more holes in the plot than in swiss cheese.

For those who put the preconceptions of the tale aside, you'll be entertained.

I don't understand the critics giving this movie such low ratings quite honestly. Sure it had it's problems --- the CGI work on the buffaloes is laughable & some of the scenic backdrops look every bit as fake as they are -- but overall it's a fun movie to watch. The new spin on the tale alone makes it worth checking out.

Depp shines in this one, as usual. If you enjoyed his performance in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, you'll enjoy his portrayal on Tonto in this movie, too. Definitely has some laugh out loud moments.

So, ignore the critics and naysayers on this one... This movie's definitely worth watching!

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Terrible!, 24 December 2012

Big name, big budget, big actors, terrible movie! The other movies in the series were very good in my opinion.... And then the crap hit the fan with this latest installment. First of all, it's not Bourne without M. Damon -- he's the face of the franchise, he wasn't killed off, there's no reason for making a sequel without him (and if he doesn't want to be in another Bourne movie, then there doesn't need to BE another Bourne movie). Second, the acting was pretty bad in this new installment. The actors aren't necessarily bad themselves generally, but they really didn't fit these roles. Third, the camera work is atrocious to say the least! Most of the action scenes were simply unwatchable! To sum up, this sequel is an insult to the rest of the Bourne series. It didn't add anything to the original 3 movies before it. If you don't want to ruin the Bourne movies for yourself, skip this one.

As a standalone (with a diff't title), it might've (though not likely) been a decent movie, but as a follow-up to the Bourne trilogy it absolutely bombed.

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Predictable story, visual masterpiece, 30 September 2012

I was drawn into watching this movie by the promising graphics more than anything else. I'm not a comic book aficionado in the least, so I went into the movie without any of that background knowledge. Nor did I need it, as I soon found out. There's enough back story inserted to get folks through & the back story of the characters isn't really integral to the story, I thought.

The plot was VERY predictable. There was nothing new or original about it. Can easily see where the story is heading and pretty easy to guess how it will end. So, in that regard, I'd give the movie a 1 out of 10.

Where this film shines -- and is downright amazing -- are the majority of the graphics. Fantastically intricate CGI work! From that aspect, I'd give the movie a 9 out of 10.

So, basically, this is a great one if you're looking for mindless entertainment as the story line isn't a challenge to follow. Definitely a feast for the eyes!

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