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Very American from a non-American point of view, 31 January 2003

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This comedy truly stands on its own, and though many people likened it to Futurama and the Simpsons, I think MITM's hilarity is original.POSSIBLE SPOILERS If the typical American family is like what it is portrayed by this series, then my belief that America is a great place to live in is confirmed. Not a place I'd like to raise my kids in though, if I ever had the chance of having some. Frankie is growing up too fast for the role he's playing in the sitcom, and it's kinda hard to accept that the witty little kid in season one of MITM is already kissing girls and crazy about the s-word in season three! The music/songs depicted in the series from time to time is just brilliant.

Just my two cents!

The most touching movie about friendship, 15 January 2003

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What endears this film to me is the human aspect of it. Yeah, sure the special effects are great and everything, there's no denying that. SPOILERS You see people being bombed in the movie, you see suffering, you see destruction, you see death, you see pain. You see Danny and Rafe, caring for each other, and how gutted Danny was over the supposed death of Rafe. But when a girl comes between them and Rafe returned from the dead, their friendship came under the ultimate test. Both friends were torn between the other and the girl. During the Japanese attacks, you see how Rafe still worry about the safety of Danny, even though the latter had broken his heart. Rafe took the nobler position however, by acting like a big brother to Danny, relenting over the girl. He even persuaded Danny not to go on the Dolittle mission, trying to protect Danny as he always had when they were kids.

Come the Dolittle bombing, their planes crashed in China. Danny's plane crashed later, and we see Rafe running towards him without a care for his own safety, testament to the bond of brotherly love between the two. When Rafe tried to release Danny from the capture by shooting the Japanese, he ran out of bullets. It was Danny's turn to manifest his love to his buddy, by sacrificing himself - he stood between Rafe and the bullets meant for him. In the last moments of his life, we see Danny agonizing in pain as Rafe, by this time in tears, tries to relieve him. We see the brotherly love between two friends that does not come often even between real brothers. Truly a touching movie about a friendship with a tragic end, though one I would dream to have.

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the best all-in-one comedy!, 17 July 2002

This has to be the best comedy ever created on earth. It features everything descriptive of the world. Of the people that make it, of their relations with each other, and of their diversity, with English as their main component for unity. I remember having good laughs with this series when it was re-run on Malaysia's RTM Channel 2 for the umpteenth time between 1993-1994. It was also the programme that made me love the English language even more. No other comedy seem to catch the wit this one had.