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"I'm never doing drugs.", 12 October 2002

Those were the words uttered by my friend after he and I finished watching Requiem for a Dream for the first time. This movie is inexplicable for words. It is unbelievably powerful and it feels like a bad dream. I'm glad that it did. The whole movie feels like a bad acid trip.

The performances of all the cast members were terrific and memorable. Jared Leto was good; nothing special, but better than average. Jennifer Connely acted superbly as the druggie who will do anything to get her fix. Marlon Wayans' performance was different from the pot smoking idiot as seen in the Scary Movie films, and it's a welcome one at that. He plays a vunerable man who puts up a tough persona for everyone else to see.

Now I hate saying things that have been said before, but Ellen Burstyn is the star of this film. She delivers a performance that is rarely seen anymore in any film. I was going through the scenes of the movie one day. I started at the beginning, with her as a sweet elderly women, then 5 seconds later, came to the end, as a ravaged, hideous, addict. I realized what a transformation she had to take her character through. I'm still furious that not only did she not win, but she lost to Julia Roberts. Gross.

I would like anyone who is ever considering doing drugs, or selling drugs, or anything that is involving drugs, you should see this film. It will make you think twice. It's an unnerving, disturbing, and simply beautiful piece of cinema. See it. See it even if you never plan on doing drugs in your life. See it. ****/****

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A Neo-Violent Joy, 17 July 2002

This is without a doubt one of the best movies I've ever seen and definately deserves its position on the Top 250. It's an acquired taste, but if you've been desensitised to violence (as i have), then you will want to watch this again from the minute it ends. Every single actor was perfectly fitted for its character. Steve Buscemi as the squirrely Mr. Pink, Harvey Keitel as the veteran Mr. White, and of course, Michael Madsen as the phsycotic Mr. Blonde. The list goes on and on.

Some people said that the violence was unnecessary and didn't move the plot forward as it did with Pulp Fiction. I agree, but the violence was used to develop the character's personalities. It showed their disregard for human life and that our anti-heros saw killing a cop as being as stepping on a cockroach .

I urge future viewers of this movie not to instantly compare it to Pulp Fiction and enjoy it as it's own film. An interesting thrill-ride crime drama from beginning to end, I give this film *****/*****