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I love this show like family, 18 June 2004

This show calls up happy memories of laying on my grandma's shag carpeted living room, totally enthralled by this show. It was the mid 70s and we didn't even have a space shuttle yet. The ships, clothes and hardware of this show looked like something I could possibly experience in my lifetime. I figured that by 1999, I would be living and working in space as an adult. Well none of that really panned out but all these years later, this show is still great fun to watch. It has a style and mood that is so unique. I hope they never try to do a remake. Part of it's charm is how 70s it is. The bell bottom uniforms, the sketchy science, the sideburns. It's all so perfect. As a child, this show made me excited for the future like nothing else.

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Summer I wish I had, 13 September 2002

This movie ended up making me feel like I'd been sucking helium or something. Fun, silly and kind of surreal. Similar feeling to watching Dazed & Confused... except in D&C at least there were somewhat realistic characters with somewhat believable lines. The characters in this movie are all cartoons with silly lines and over-the-top acting. Total drive-in movie fare. It's perfect for a bunch of friends to hang out and watch while drinking a bunch of beer. You don't have to follow the plot too closely to understand what's happening. It's got everything. Cool vans, pinball, bikers, hot chicks, disco dancing and a happy 70s soundtrack.

I actually had a kinda hard time placing the year when I first saw it. I thought for sure 80s but in the arcade scenes not one video game was visible and instead pinball machines seemed to be the big craze.

I have to say I liked this movie a lot and could see myself going back and watching it a few more times. I've tried to watch Meatballs again recently and found to my disappointment that I no longer enjoyed it but somehow this film has the perfect knucklehead teen comedy vibe. I only heard of this movie because the band Fu Manchu mentioned it as an inspiration... I was unable to find a copy anywhere until one showed up on e-bay.

My new favorite movie, 16 July 2002

It's kind of frustrating to see so many people seem to really hate this film. It's just as frustrating for me to try to explain why I love it so much. Maybe because a lot of the humor of this movie is derived from a certain time period and well, "you just had to be there." I think that's all it comes down to is that this movie is a big in-joke for early 30-somethings or at least people who've clocked a certain number of hours watching bad 80s movies. The BADNESS is part of WHY it is funny. Watch "The Last American Virgin" or "Hard Bodies," Revenge of the Nerds" or of course "Meatballs" and understand that it's funny to be reminded of the kinds of things we laughed at in the early 80s. I think the movie also appealed to me for the amount of detail they went into for capturing the look and feel of the time-- and they did it without being overly blatant like "That 80s Show" or "Wedding Singer." The low budget of this film seemed to add to its feel of authenticity as well.

I love this movie because it's the best 80s comedy I've seen since the 80s.

So why is it funny to see a bunch of adults pretending to be teenagers rocking out to "Jane"? Or to see males wearing short shorts and striped tube sox? Or Sergio Valenti jeans with a colorful comb sticking out of the back pocket? Or polaroid cameras? Or betamax video? Well, you just had to be there.