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Where was the horror?, 22 December 2009

Just saw this movie. The acting was good, the plot boring, and where was the suspense, thriller, or horror in this movie. It seems to have been made as a TV movie for the ABC Family channel, or Disney channel. A very safe movie. Courtney is a very good actress, she moved the movie along, but deserves a better vehicle and scrip. I can not say more without giving away the ending, but there were so many holes in the plot, and not believable situations, that it was hard to even suspend disbelief. For an after school movie might have been nice, but the synopsis, and other comments supporting this movie on Netflix were misleading. I was hoping to see something scary, or suspenseful, instead, I was wishing for the movie to end.

Freakshow (2007) (V)
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We saw the Freaks and the Freaks Are Us!, 10 February 2007

We Saw the Freaks and the Freaks are Us!

Why are we afraid or repulsed by those who are different then us? Why do we cringe when we see human "oddities" doing mundane things? Recently I visited the "Freakshow," 2007, IMDb comment page, there I saw so many negative comments. Some said that the freaks of Freakshow were fakes. Some of the comments were filled with hate, and I wanted to know why was there such a reaction to this movie, "Freakshow" by The Asylum Studios.

The movie it self, even though not the best film out there, was not that bad. So, why is there such an unreasonable hostility toward this film? Because, I realized, they are not angry at the movie, the real live Freaks in the movie terrifies them! It's this fear of what is different, out of the norm for them that make them so incensed toward "Freakshow" (The Asylum, 2007).

You see, this century there have been other movies with the same theme, one called "SideShow" (Full Moon Pictures), another one called "Freakshow" (Arrow Home Entertainment Inc. 2001) and people loved them, however, these movies did not have "Real" freaks. The movies had gaffs and grifts, made up freaks.

"Freakshow" (2007) has "REAL" freaks. Tom Devlin is a great make-up artist and FX guy. But with all his talent, Tom did not make Jim Gold Man (The Great Riwami) into an armless wonder. Bill Quinn (Chef) needs no special effects to appear legless. Jeffrey Allen, (The Strong Man) is truly built that way. Margaret the Cannibal Girl, played by Amanda Ward, smiles as bright in real life. McKenna Geu, AKA Little Kimmie, is really as adorable. The suspension guys' hooks really did go through their flesh, and their tattoos are real. How about Mighty (Curtis) Mike? Yes, he is real dwarf, and proud of it. The tooth you see sticking out of Lon (Chris Adamson) is his real tooth. Larry "The wolf Boy" Gomez was born with hypertrichosis. That facial hair is 100 per cent real! And, speaking of faces. That is the outside talker's (the barker) real face. He could be hiding somewhere, or covering his face, a face that only a wife could love, but he is brave enough to go out in public that way. Even appearing in movies and talk shows to show that it is "okay" to be different. But I digress.

Why are they so angry at these freaks, these disabled or unusual people? Because they realize that if not for fate, choice, or accident they themselves could have been one of these freaks. And that terrifies them. Thus, their fear turns to hatred, as they are not able to express their fears, or unwilling to admit that the freaks makes then uncomfortable.

They do not want it to be known of the prejudice toward those of us who are different, they turn their anger toward the movie.

Having grown up in the sideshow, performing with other special people, AKA freaks, I saw this hatred. Not while we were performing, No, they paid money to see us. However, when we were out in the "real" world, shopping, playing, going to the movie, etc. That's when we saw their prejudice toward us. You see. Some people would like for us to go away. Locked up somewhere where they do not have to see us. Where they do not have to think of us as "people." We are people. We are like most of you. We have feelings, we fall in love, we have families, we cry, we laugh, we go on diets, and we even have "cell phones!" As Shylock said, "If you prick us, do we not bleed" or feel pain? Well, actually, if you are the "suspension guys" (piercing people) the answer may be, no.

Instead of hating us, give thanks that you are who you are, as we give thanks that we are alive, able to work, support ourselves, our families, performing in the sideshow, circus, even movies.

What I am trying to say is, enjoy "Freakshow." You are we, and we are you.

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"Hidden Lives: It's Not Easy Being a Wolf Boy", 9 November 2005

The documentary follows Jesus Chuy Aceves, as he wrestles with having to leave the circus and getting a "normal" job in order to be closer to his family. Chuy was born with hypertrichosis, The Werewolf Syndrome, a rare condition which causes people to be born with facial hair that covers the whole face, even the eyelids. The camera angles, visuals, and background music truly enhances this program. It has bit of humor, but it also breaks your heart as you see Chuy and his family agonize over this decision. Along the way we meet Chuy's sister, Lili, who is the hairiest female in the family. We also come face to face with Chuy's cousins, Danny & Larry - The Wolf Brothers, and Elliot, one the youngest members with hypertrichosis. We also meet Chuy's friend and mentor, Veekay the Clown. I believe you will enjoy this program. And you will agree "That is Not Easy Being A Wolf Boy."

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The Best of the Youth Oriented Telenovelas., 15 April 2004

A group of children, all from desfunctional families, live a supernatural adventure when they enter a mysterious "haunted house," where they discover that the owner, a friendly wizard, once believed to have died, is still alive. The wizard help the children discover their talents, their self worth, and that friendship and family is everything. María Fernanda Chacón and Miguel Martínez are best. They are young, but very talented. They sing, dance and carry the story. Have very good chemistry between them. Some segment are a bit scary for smaller children. Every episode have a MTV style musical video. This telenovela, produced once again by Rosy Ocampo, brakes the taboo of children kissing on the lips. However, this is explained as a kiss to break an evil spell.

The Alegrije Gang: Alfonso, 'Alcachofa' (Miguel Martínez) Country boy, brave, assure of himself, loves Chofis.; Sofía, 'Chofis' (María Chacón) Beautiful, sweet, trying to keep her family together by taking blame when anything goes wrong in her house. Brave and caring. Likes Alfonso; Esteban (Jesús Zavala) Chofis half brother. Spoiled and egotistical. creates fights between his parents, leaving Chofis to take the blame; Ricardo (Diego González ) Nayeli's oldest brother, his parents are always fighting over money matters. Loves Chofis; Nayeli (Nora Cano) Ricardo's younger sister, sweet and naive. Often silly and innocent in her views of life. Loyal to her best friend, Tina; Ernestina, 'Tina' (Michelle Alvarez) Very smart, shy, and fearful of about everything. Her mother constantly tells her that she's ugly and blame her for father leaving them; Pablo, 'el Chuletón' (Antonio Hernández); Stereotype fat kid. Always eating. Clumsy, but loyal to his friends. Allisson (Allisson) (New addition to the cast. Hip to everything in style. Flirt with the boys, making the girls jealous.

Currently on Telefutura 6:00 PM (2004)

Los Mini Pops - Kids with real talent., 4 October 2002

Los Mini -Pops is a feature of "Super Sabado Sensacional" (On Venevision and Univision Network) The mini pops are young talented children ranging in ages from three years old to fourteen years old.

These children sing, dance, act, perform comedy acts, and model. Some of the Mini Pops segment includes:

Mini Estrellitas - Children imitate their favorite artists. Mini Venezuela - Children are part of a modeling/beauty pageant. Many former Mini Pops went on to "El Club De Los Tigritos," "El Super Club," "Rugemania," and "Atomico." The best of the Mini Pops are invited to become part of Marjorie Flores' Ballet. Several Mini Pops are now popular TV stars.

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Great Show!, 21 September 2002

The Nick Cannon Show is great! I really enjoyed the "Nick Interactive Circus" where Nick takes over the circus. I just wished they would have shown more of the clown, with the red hair, at the circus. He was very funny.

Nick Cannon is a great talent. And the show is fantastic. By the way, what is the clown's name?