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Epic Movie (2007)
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You will LOVE this movie..., 14 February 2008

But only if you're a complete moron.

A smack in the face, a guy falling over, a girl farting really loud, and a bunch of familiar faces from various other movies that came out in 06-07.

There, now you know, don't waste your money even renting it. I did and now I regret it.

Maybe I'm being too harsh on the writers... no, I'm really not. I went into the experience expecting to see a mediocre slap-stick comedy with maybe a little hit-and-miss humor to it, but ended up with hate in my veins! I actually had to watch it in two sittings, it's that bad.

My friend liked some of it though, I'll say that to be fair, but he couldn't argue with ANY of my complaints either.

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I feel nauseous, 14 February 2008

I Just watched Day of the Dead 2008...

I want to go on record and say I love Zombies. I love them, I watch all zombie movies that come out even if I KNOW they're going to suck.

Avoid this movie like the plague! It's worse than horrible. All of the gore was CGI, the only thing worse than the acting was the directing although the dialog was a close 2nd, the characters failed to reach even 2-Dimensional, and THE ZOMBIES WERE CRAWLING ON THE ROOFS!! Why were the zombies crawling on the roofs? Would someone PLEASE tell me that? They stole the name of a really great zombie flick and replaced it with 87 minutes worth of people taking steaming dumps on Romero's idea.

This is the worst zombie movie I've ever seen in my entire life.