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Day of the Dead (2008 Video)
What did I just watch?
13 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Words just cant really describe how bad this movie really is. So far I've seen zombies that use the ceiling to get in front of someone like an martial arts expert, zombies that walk on the wall like Spiderman. I've seen zombies that HIDE a body in the closet, and when the police arrives (after the body's have been found)lay in between them as to fool the police. I've seen purple blood. A zombie who's sad about being tied up in a car, and not going totally berserk, but just sad. The reason why? He's a vegetarian. Since when do zombies DODGE bullets? Or climb a ladder? Or leap like frog on amphetamine? Or flap their arms like a monkey on crack? I'm not saying that a zombie movie is very believable, but this was just over the top. The SFX in this film is not just bad, it's pathetic! Looks like the SFX from the Xena series or Hercules. At one point it looked like the blood was just painted on the frame. I was expecting so much more from this, seeing as the 2004 dawn of the dead was, imho, very good. Even if you think of it as a stand-alone, it's just sad beyond words. Still, you have to see this just to believe how a film with the magical title Day Of The Dead could suck so hard.
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