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Paris (2003)
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cliche-ridden, 13 March 2004

Paris is a very ordinary corrupt-cops-in-the-underworld movie, just laden with cliches, and its struggle to rise above them isn't very successful. There's not much originality in either the script or direction; from the cop who drives a sixties-vintage car to the address he wants written down on a barroom

matchbook, we've seen all of it before.

The movie looks good, and some of the performances are strong. Chad Allen

does show some chops, and an ability to hold the camera's attention, even if his range here is limited. Some of the blame for that has to lie with the script and the unconvincing situations it puts him in. And maybe he's better off not trying to play a character's depth when there is none given him to play. Bai Ling also

acquits herself credibly and as someone else noted here, there is some screen chemistry between the two stars.

But after all that, I'm still left with one question; how does a guy get shot in the back, from the side?