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The Matrix (1999)
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bad dude, 25 November 2002

this movie is sorry it can't be written in words Keanu Reeves is a good actor so why did he do this movie i watched it twice to see if i was missing something overrated garbagethe plot about not being real is fun but the movie is not to see how it done right watch THE 13TH FLOOR it is better and makes more sense 1 OUT 10

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interesting, 25 November 2002

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denzel washington is strange in this kind of role SPOILER ALERT i never liked ethan hawke but i love denzel washington anyway this movie is about a young policeman hawke who joins the lapd and gets to be partners with washington a veteren of the police force and finds the man is not a bad officer but evil (he kills drug dealers for the money)only thing washington owes money to the mob and can't pay it and in the end washington is killed by the mob and hawke quits the police force RATED R FOR STRONG LAUGAUGE STRONG VIOLENCE DRUG USE AND BRIEF NUDITY 5 OUT 10

good movie, 22 November 2002

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not a bad movie about virtual reality SPOILERS AHEAD when douglas hall finds out he not real why didn't he kill gretchen mol and how did the cop find out he was real and of they weren't real where were they hope they can create virtual reality someday much better than the matrix rated R FOR LAUGAUGE AND VIOLENCE 7 OUT 10

Insomnia (2002)
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best movie ever made, 22 November 2002

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this has got the best film ever made al pacino has his best role since the godfather robin williams best role to date this movie should get all the oscars i have not seen the 1997 version so i won't compare but it can't surpass this one hilary swank has her best role as the younger cop much better than boy's don't cry which was a bad movie SPOILERS AHEAD pancino by accident shoots his partner only one who witness him do is williams who the real bad guy swanks charactor who admires pacino suspects that there is more the partners death than pacino is tellings it is hard to believe that robin williams al pacino and hilary swank are anti gun 10 out 10 rated for strong laugauge violence and brief nudity

Blood Work (2002)
old dirty harry?, 4 October 2002

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eastwood is not bad in this thriller it is flawed but what movie is not it MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD about a police detective who suffers a heart attack and is haunted by the killer who is closer home to home than he thinks jeff daniels is great is the killer eastwood is averge as the retired cop who tries to track him down not a waste of time if you like thrillers

great movie!, 6 August 2002

I just saw this movie and loved it. it was suspenceful. Denzal Washington plays a bedridden cop who finds a serial killer posing as taxi driver the ending is really surprising i liked all the actors except Jolie the movie is really dark and bloody so beware some parents might their children to see this movie but everyone else go see this gem

Signs (2002)
intense film, 6 August 2002

M. Night Shyamalan is a great director - The Sixth Sense Unbreakable both with Bruce Willis here we have Mel Gibson and Joaquin Pheonix the movie is great and the ending is awesome Gibson plays a farmer who finds crop circles in his cornfield the movie has got to be seen to be believed. i can't wait till they put it in dvd go see in the theater while you have a chance i can't wait to M. Night Shyamalan does another movie He should do more movies

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awesome, 22 July 2002

This is one of the suspense thrillers I've ever seen the twenty minutes of this movie will have you sweating Bridges is a parnoid teacher or is he? Tim Robins and Joan Cusack are as might be right wingers this movie has all action should have gotten best picture of the year see this movie you won't regret it

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Dont let this movie be forgotten, 20 July 2002

This is the Israeli film ever made it a masterpiece it deals with the Arab conflict and two British men and how they fight Palestine a powerful anti-war statement and how the old lead and the young die in it. They should put this movie on dvd but sadly this was forgotten, if you can see this movie go for the actors who are not famous but who cares this movie is a landmark i like its pro-Israel message see this great movie