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Don't waste your time, 19 December 2009

So much hype 'bout it, it's unbelievable... Could barely stay until the end - Brad Pitt's performance is so miserable, downright annoying actually and mainly because of his accent. It continues to define him as a mediocre actor, this is what he has been for the last 7-8 years.

I have no problem watching graphic violence and gore if it supports the movie, however I was disgusted by Tarantino's insult to our intelligence on this one: gratuitous scenes abound and the camera pauses unnecessarily onto those scenes.

I also found Christopher Waltz's performance performance less than stellar, and I was looking forward to watch him! That added to my disappointment.

The bad: disgusting and unnecessary violence, undefined characters - Brad Pitt being the lead in this category, twisted historical account - I mean REALLY twisted, if you saw the movie you know what I mean, long, boring scenes, unrealistic scenes - to only name one: Hitler and the top-5 SS brass come to see a movie in occupied territory accompanied of only 2 guards!, conveniently switch of languages that did not make sense - Germans switching to English, french for no apparent reason, and many more not worth taking the time to mention - that many they are! The good: there are a few scenes brilliantly done, one can see the Tarantino signature in them (the initial scene at the farm, the meeting between Landau and Shosanna at the restaurant), however this good fades out in the overall mess.

I am a fan of Tarantino but this movie disappointed me.

All in all, if you have anything else better to do (e.g. walk your dog, pet your cat, listen to your canary - you name it), just do that, don't waste your time!!! Especially if you like Tarantino or Brad Pitt. Keep their image untainted in your mind by avoiding this farse...

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Cute romantic comedy, 29 February 2008

It seems that this is a hate-it or love-it movie. I loved it. If you don't look deep into this movie and don't take it too seriously, you'll enjoy it. There are some good romantic scenes in it, some good lines and great comic moments. Anouk Aimée was wonderful as Millie, a troubled, aging actress looking for a role to help her out of her financial problems, who had to choose between an indie movie with a bigger part for her, or a smaller part in a big-studio movie. I also found Greta Scacchi (played Alice Palmer) believable as an aspiring director and Ron Silver (played Rick Yorkin) wasn't bad either. If you watch it at home, take a glass of wine, relax and enjoy this light movie!

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Even if you have some time to kill, think again - it's not worth it, 9 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this movie on a longer business flight within Canada. Even if there was not much to do on that evening flight, and the idea of a comedy appealed to me, this 'comedy' is so bad I was sorry I spent the time to see it instead of dousing... Here it goes: the characters are under-developed, the plot borders the ridiculous, and some of the scenes where you're supposed to laugh are quite disgusting. Ben Stiller's acting as the new husband Eddie is OK, however the screenplay doesn't help him. His new wife Lila, played by the beautiful Malin Akerman, who is supposed to become unbearable during their honeymoon trip to Mexico as the plot went on, looked quite charming to me as she was singing along to the radio and only Eddie's grumpiness signaled me that I was not supposed to like her. Then things go from bad to worse, with the new husband getting into an affair with another woman in no time - so much for a romantic honeymoon, with Eddie's annoying father Doc, played by Ben Stiller's real father Jerry Stiller, giving him advice geared on having sex and more sex... well, enough said. This movie couldn't have been any worse and it is not the pride of Farrelly Brothers. I haven't paid to go see this movie and I still feel bad for the time I wasted on it. If you want to go and see it, good enough, I've given you a fair warning.