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Sparkhouse (2002– )
Love, power, sex, relationships and jealousy
9 September 2002
Sparkhouse is an update of the classic Wuthering Heights in which the roles of Cathy and Heathcliff are reversed i.e. it is the female character Carol who is the rebellious one in the relationship and is set in present day.

This is one of the most moving TV dramas that I have watched in a long time which owes both to the excellent script and the acting of the cast. Sarah Smart (Carol) and Joseph McFadden (Andrew) have such strong chemistry between them that you really believe in the intensity of heir relationship and are able to understand the motives for all of their actions. Beyond this, what really makes the story so is emotional is the supporting characters. Alun Armstrong plays Carols father with such sensitivity that although you know you should hate him as much as Carol does, you can't help feeling some of the pain he is going through.

On the other side Andrew's, parents add more depth to the story by their constant arguing and hate of each other yet their resilience to stay together both because of Andrew and because they do not know what to out outside of the marriage.

Sparkhouse emotionally illustrates differences between love and sex and shows that while some relationships are necessary for survival, others are so raw and uncontrolled that they can become a destructive power to all involved. There is a fine line between love and jealousy
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Tess of the D'Urbervilles (1998 TV Movie)
Brilliantly captured Hardy's purpose
3 September 2002
I watched Tess on TV when it was first aired an I was totally blown away! I knew nothing about Thomas Hardy or the novel and was very impressed not only by the shocking story and plot twists but the sensitivity of the acting to the characters. All of the characters qualities and faults are portrayed in such a way that it is not so easy for the audience to judge Angel as good and Alec as bad. It is highly relevant to controversial issues in society today (as with many of Hardy's novels) and you should watch it with an open mind. Since watching, I have not only read the novel but most of Hardy's other novels. I would certainly recommend anyone who enjoyed this to read Hardy and other similar writers such as Wilkie Collins.
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