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Mind Games is Fabulous !!!!!, 26 February 2014

Wow, I just watched the first episode, and most shows typically take about 3-4 shows to really get going and develop the characters and story to a comfortable level. The whole cast is just great, but the chemistry between Christian Slater, Steve Zahn and Wynn Everett is stellar. I did enjoy Slater's last effort (Breaking In), but the show itself wasn't great, but Christian was. This show, "Mind Games" is excellent. The bi-polar issues, the ex-con issues, the exes, t's all in the in a believable, heart-felt and emotional way. You are immediately drawn into the characters and just root for them. Flawed characters are always the best, and the cast will not disappoint. Great job cast and director. The writing is excellent as well... thanks for such an excellent show it, I am already connected to it.

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Wow, what a surprise... great movie!, 31 January 2014

I gave this one 10 out of 10, because I had no clue it would be this good. As a Van Damme fan I watch anything and everything he is in, but this one was such a treat. The comedy was stellar. Comedies are often the hardest to come across on the big screen, but this one did it with grace and style. The cast was great, I liked every single character. Megan Boone "The Blacklist" was excellent, along with Dennis Haybert... Adam Brody great job as well... of course Van Damme, Kristen Schaal, Rob Huebel and Eric Edelstein. Fun script. The Office, meets Lord of the Flies meets Airplane or something like this? I don't really know what to call it, all I know is I enjoyed it and laughed a lot and this is what enjoing a movie is all about. Thanks to everyone who made this movie, a wonderful effort... hats off to you all! : )

Redemption (2013/I)
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And the Oscar goes to... Jason Statham!, 2 July 2013

I watch every Jason Statham movie, because there's just so many things about him that I like. Yes he is a butt-kicker and his acting is always solid and charismatic. When I put this movie on, I was expecting Jason to kick the hell out of everybody on screen, but what I didn't expect was for him to deliver an Oscar caliber performance. The only reason this movie is getting low IMDb scores is simply because everyone was expecting karate moves and submission holds, with action and some good down home acting. It is unfortunate that people would give a movie with such an excellent story, with great writing and Jason's performance of a lifetime. The depth and delivery of his character was mind-blowing and haunting. All I can tell is watch this movie no matter what the rating is, because the rating is by people who have no clue what real acting is. Hats off to Agata Buzek, just a superb job as well. Thank you to the director, producers and everyone associated with this film it is an absolute gem. Well done!

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This one Knocked my Socks Off!, 25 April 2013

I don't come on here and say much... only when I feel like it is needed. When I read the previous reviews and saw the low IMDb score, I figured something was wrong somewhere? I am so glad, I trusted the previous viewers and went with my gut on this one. What a fabulous movie. It was nicely written, engaging and you really care for the characters and what happens to them. It was a very heart-felt story. This is really what love is all about. The acting was great... guy Pearce was awesome as always and Zhu Lin was also exceptional. All in all a great watch and I am truly glad that I was a part of the experience. Hats off to the actors, writers and directors well done!

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The real Zero Dark Thirty..., 22 February 2013

After seeing both films back to back, I loved Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden, much better. This film was a more factual account of what really happened over there. Zero Dark Thirty, left many facts out of it's film and I'm not sure if the director purposely left them out to try to create more drama and suspense or that during filming maybe those facts weren't available? Don't know, don't care. Anson, is great in this, so are the other characters. The writing and data gathering on this one are priceless. Hats off to the folks at National Geographic, you guys made a superb film! Most of the people I know that watched this film and Zero Dark Thirty back to back all agree that this one is better. Thank you for this film. A film created for the person that wants the real truth about what happened, not some b.s. political movie by a self-absorbed, hype-driven director.

6 Bullets (2012)
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Van Damme is just awesome!, 21 February 2013

Van Damme is absolutely brilliant in this film. Yes it was in the vein of, "Taken" but 6 Bullets stands on it's own merits. I gave this a 10 out of 10, because I just didn't expect it to be as good as it was. I watch every Van Damme film and normally I enjoy them, but this one is one of his better films since JCVD. All of the actors were very, very good and the story was good as well. Human Trafficking is one of the sickest things on this planet and it's movies like this that inform people and hopefully, more people will do something in real life to stop this stuff. Thanks Van Damme for bringing your "A" game. It's good to know that even though you're over 50, you've still got it dude! Great job!

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Incredible Series !!!, 4 January 2013

After reading the low IMDb ratings, I wasn't going to watch this show, but unfortunately sometimes people are dead wrong in their opinions on this site. Furthermore, often people give bad marks just because they don't like an actor or director, which is unfortunate. This show is flat out one of the best I have ever seen. I don't ever recall a series with more action... ever! Chris Vance is flat-out an incredible actor. The whole cast is great. The writing is excellent. Luc Besson has created a real winner here. WATCH THIS SHOW>>> You will not be disappointed! Thanks to everyone who created this gem. Chris Vance is an equal of Jason Statham, they are both great in their own rights.!

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One of the best shows on TV today..., 8 September 2012

I found this show by fluke a few weeks ago and downloaded it, not having any clue about it what-so-ever. I ended up watching Seasons 1-3.5 in 3 days. I was glued to the TV enjoying every moment. For those of you who loved, "24" and "The Unit" this is a perfect combo platter of both shows wrapped up in a U.K. version. IT is great TV. Excellent writing, great, great, great actors... the whole show. The producers and directors got this one right, it is phenomenal! I thank all of you involved with this show for giving me such a great time and enjoyment. The tactical situations on this show is the bomb! They really researched all of it.

"Luck" (2011)
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One great show! I am sad to see it go. 10 out of 10, 3 April 2012

This was pretty much the best mew show out there... incredible story, directing, acting, writing, producing the whole lot of it. Dustin Hoffman, was so brilliant in this role it was mind-blowing. The whole cast was just perfect as actors, I enjoyed every moment of this. It seems these days that anything Michael Mann touches is really, really good. I think if this show would have got higher viewer ratings they would have fought the animal rights groups, but instead opted to pull the plug rather than fight the fight. The Human Society and PETA are two organizations that I do not like nor appreciate. They only want attention for themselves, but rarely do anything good for the actual animals themselves, which is sad, but true. Sue, sue, sue... is the only name in their games. Anyhow, don't want to veer to far off topic. Once again hats of to an incredible show.

The Way (2010/I)
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Best Movie of 2011, 31 March 2012

First of all I have to compliment Emilio Estevez, who is just flat-out a class-act, and one incredible writer/director. Also, he is a tremendous actor and always enjoyed watching him. The reason I gave this a 10 out of 10 is simply because it's the best movie I saw in 2011. The writing, acting & directing are all compelling, with great character arcs; you just get attached to these characters like their family. Being a traveler myself, I have been lucky enough to meet great people as did the characters in this film. You don't choose a life... you live one! Emilio, thank you so much for such a touching story, keep up the brilliant work, from one writer to another... hats off to you brother.

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