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Hard Times (1975)
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Great Movie, Charles Bronson's best, 7 November 2006

I saw this movie with my Dad when I was 15 years old and it has been one of my favorites ever since then. I think that this is what you would call a man's movie. The two times that I had a woman watch it with me thinking they would like it also I was surprised to learn that they just didn't get it. Charles Bronson's character doesn't talk a lot but when he does he says something. The fight sequences are some of the best that you will see in film and they give you a sense of the anxiety that any fighter feels before the first punch has landed. I can't think of any other actors that would have been better for these parts than Charles Bronson, James Coburn and Strother Martin. They are all likable in different ways and even most of the so called bad guys have qualities that can be respected. Charles Bronson is in his mid 50's in this film and looks as hard as a rock. His physique looks like a streetfighter not a bodybuilder like what an actor today would go for if they had this part. With that said I hope that no one in Hollywood ever decides to remake this movie because they won't be able to do it justice or find actors that can hold a candle to these guys.

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Sophisticated thriller, 20 January 2004

My wife and I saw this movie at the Sundance Film festival and were very entertained with it. A wealthy businessman played by Robert Redford is kidnapped by a loser played by Willem Defoe. This is a very low key movie that lets the suspense build slowly until the climax. The characters are realistic and the plot is believable. Screen play has some twists which were not overdone. Robert Redford and Willem Defoe were both at their best. Wife's part played by Helen Mirren was one of the most difficult emotionally and she showed an outstanding performance. Overall the cast's acting was very good. If you like sophisticated thrillers you shouldn't miss this one.