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"Browalls" (1999)
One of the best shows ever canceled, 6 February 2008

This show was underrated badly. Am I the only person who sees it. The acting by Ingvar Andersson was fantastic. Sadly since NO ONE watched it only one episode was brought out. The show had a lot of potential but no one gave it a chance. It would have been nice to see some of the conflicts tied up to. For 8 years I've been waiting for a little light at the end of the tunnel in hope that at least America would try and make it but in English. It was a really sad thing because I got into this show and as soon as I tuned in on the next week to my surprise it was gone. Having sadly loving and lost I recommend it to anyone who likes a good crime story.

"Oz" (1997)
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Oz is a fascinating depiction of humanity in it's strangest forms, 6 February 2008

Oz is set in Oswald State Correctional Facility. It tells the story of confrontation, cruelty, violence, hate and survival at any cost. in a place like Oz, you have to have eyes in the back of your head.

This completely original, intelligent and compelling drama tells of how warped life becomes as soon as you step through the gates of Emerald City.

What is supposed to be a state of art correctional facility is in fact far from being such. The show brings to light some of the many flaws in the prison system, the underestimating of the humanity that cold hard killers are capable of still retaining, and the one true fact: The prisoners are the one's who control the prison.

This magnificent and somewhat surreal show teaches about the importance of every life and helps give an understanding to the reasons that most of the prisoners are there. This show may seem shocking at first but to truly tell it like it is, such a thing is necessary.

Oz is a great depiction of hell on earth and how such a place teaches you some of the most important lessons you will ever learn.

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Not your usual love story!, 6 February 2008

But I'm A Cheerleader was a great look at what Hollywood rarely looks at. Gays. It was a beautiful and funny movie with a great cast. Jamie Babbit Directed her young cast brilliantly and the cast should be commended on the believability of their characters. Each actor and actress really becomes the role. Admititly it is not without its drawbacks. Some of the scenes went to fast and we were not able to soak in the jokes. In some scenes the actors who payed the gay men did over act their roles a bit but i suppose they had to. Really needs two viewings to appreciate it more. Also anyone who does not get moved by 'that cheer' must be made of stone. A great movie for anyone in the closet or anyone just looking for a good feel-good-movie.