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Where to start..., 15 July 2009

Okay, I'm going to start off by saying that I did not see this movie willingly. By that I mean I was forced to go see this for my friend's birthday and was not pleased about it. I have not even seen the first one, but my brother had, so he filled me in on everything and gave me the basic points and I pretty much had the concept, so I knew what I was in store for with this. This movie, actually didn't turn out as bad as I was expecting, which says a lot considering I still pretty much hated it.

When I think of Transformers, I immediately think of plot less, brainless action, and that's exactly what I got. A bunch of crap being blown up all over the screen, "mind-numbing" action scenes and horrendously bad dialogue and acting. The best things about this movie was the wacky mom and maybe some of the final battles, which I give credit for, are more enticing than they appear. The movie, while mildly entertaining, was just one big mess! I did not care for a lot, I mean a lot of the humor, such as every time I thought this movie was halfway decent and enjoyable, they completely ruin it with some horrifically unfunny and unnecessary joke! Those 2 ghetto robots and Leo got on my last nerve. The movie also become very cliché at times, and of course the whole entire thing from start to finish was pretty mediocre.

Another thing, did this movie really have to be two hours and thirty minutes long? They could've basically summed up the entire movie in about an hour and a half, and it would've made the movie actually better if it was shorter because it would've cut out a lot of unnecessary scenes and since it was so long and mediocre it got way too boring and uninteresting at a lot of parts. The acting's nothing to cheer about, as I've said, and the movie itself was so poorly established in means of plot and dialogue that I couldn't even enjoy it at times, but hey, I still was entertained at a lot of parts for it's action, and some scenes were worth remembering, and overall there are worse films.

This movie is bad, it's definitely bad, but then again, it could've been a lot worse and I honestly mean that. Overall, to sum it all up, it was cliché, poorly done, boring and flat out ridiculously intolerable at times, and the plot was so thin at times it didn't even have one, though of course I wasn't expecting it to have a deep meaningful plot anyway, but it was entertaining in ways, the acting wasn't that horrendous, but pretty lousy, and forgettable, it had some nice action, was enjoyable at a few parts, and could've been done a lot worse. With all this said, I never want to see it again...

The Beach (2000/I)
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Pretty powerful and enticing with wonderful, likable performances, 4 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

The Beach was one of those movies I had been wanting to see ever since I had heard about it really, which wasn't that long ago. I am into the whole "tropical paradise" theme of movies, like The Blue Lagoon, because I love their cinematography and they usually are great entertainment with an excellent plot, in some way, and this looked very interesting and entertaining. I finally had the chance to view it and I'm so glad I did.

The best things about this movie are the performances and it's keen sense of paranoia and chaos. I never lost interest because it was so entertaining with it's superb use of intensity! Like I said, the performances, Leonardo DiCaprio's in particular of course, are excellent and all the actors and actresses make their characters memorable and not bland or faceless, in my opinion. Another thing was it's sense of paranoia. I loved how you see how their perfect paradise isn't as perfect as it was made out to be and everything slowly starts to crumble. There were some really intense scenes which heighten your interest in the movie even more, one of the final scenes for example, where Sal is given the choice to shoot Richard and remain on the island or not kill him and leave, and another of the scenes close to the end where Richard witnesses the people who he made a copy of the map to their island for in the beginning get murdered. The movie is very enticing overall, and even though it gets a little mediocre at times, The Beach is very nicely done.

Well, I enjoyed it a lot, and found it to be a greatly put together film with great performances, memorable scenes and characters and since I said I am a sucker for the whole "tropical" type theme of films, that might be why I enjoyed this more than a lot of others and find the rating a bit unfair, but still, if you enjoyed this like I did, I'm sure you agree with me that it's memorable and definitely worth the watch for the powerful and true film that it is...

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Good fun, but truly all over the place, 4 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, where to start. I was recommended this film by a friend and when I read more about it I was pretty excited to put it in because it looked like lots of fun, and it definitely was! It's about Marie and Alexa, two friends who go to visit Alexa's parents for a vacation. Suddenly, a mysterious killer shows up and starts killing off Alexa's family.

The things I loved most about this film was that Marie played an incredibly cunning and clever victim! I loved all her approaches to the situations and her overall attitude and mood because she was so sly. Another thing was the whole entire gas station scene which was very well done and never stopped being interesting. If it wasn't for her being so wily and the whole gas station scene being so fun this movie would've gotten a much lower rating. Some downsides were it got very boring at times, one scene in particular which was the entire car spy and car chase scene after the gas station scene. Also, the mom's death was so unbelievable! Come on, I believe in miracles, but she had her throat slit, her hand chopped off, and she lost all that blood for that long of a time period; Her coming back to life was unnecessary.

Well, overall, I was satisfied with the film in ways and liked the direction it was going in and was ready for it to end... then, it showed the surveillance camera at the gas station's recording of Marie killing the gas station clerk! At first, I didn't know what to think, then it started showing Marie being the killer! In my opinion, it would have been better off without the psychological spin and just as simple, gory fun, but they just had to be daring with a psycho-lesbian twist. To me, I loved Marie being such a smart victim, but they turned her into a pathetic psychopath who at the end stumbles around trying to kill Alexa and is finally tricked and stabbed through the chest, oh, but not killed, put in the hospital, because they gotta have that terrifying final shot of her reaching out to Alexa in the mental institution, which her lesbian crush wouldn't have gotten on my nerves if she wasn't the killer, but she was, and it did. This movie overall would've been better off as a simple slasher. Usually, the twists in horror films don't bother me as much, because I like horrors to have that extra pizazz, but this one did.

In the end, if you cut off the movie at the part where the police get to the gas station, you've got yourself a very entertaining and fun horror flick, but if you continue on, there's just disappoint. All the characters except for Marie, when she is a victim, not a psycho, are bland and forgettable except Alexa which she's only memorable for her screaming and being the crush. The movie itself was nicely put together, I mean, no huge plot holes except that they didn't even care to go more into how "this and that" happened when Marie was the killer, such as the scene in the opening when you see the killer, who is Marie, giving himself a blowjob with a dead girl's head and how was Marie getting to these places if she was Also in the truck with Alexa? Um, Okay?!

Well, I've pretty much stated my piece on Haute Tension. To sum it all up, it's fun, gory, and entertaining with an amazing main character, for the most part, but has a poor twist, get's pretty boring a couple of times, and is flawed in many areas. It's definitely not the worst foreign horror, but definitely not the best either...

Mean Creek (2004)
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Intense and disturbingly hypnotic, 22 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was so surprised at how wonderful Mean Creek ended up being. I had been wanting to see it for awhile before I finally got around to renting it at Movie Gallery. When I put the movie in, I had no idea what I was in for, I just knew the cast and the basic plot, but I was still so excited. As it started off, I was immediately interested. This is one of those movies where it sucks you in from the start and doesn't let go, because they spend just the right amount of time on making their characters structured and believable. I love the main story plot; George, the bully and victim, is especially mean to Sam, who is really our main protagonist, and so Sam's brother, Rocky, comes up with a scheme to get back at George with the help of his two friends, Clyde and Marty.

As the film progressed, I got more and more interested as to what's going to happen as Sam, Clyde, Marty, Rocky, George and Millie, Sam's mutual crush, are out in the boat having a good time when all of a sudden George brings up the sensitive subject of Marty's father. Things get out of hand, and Rocky ends up accidentally pushing George off the boat drowning him because he can not swim. After that, the movie is just too tempting to look away from, because they've built up all these characters and suspense to finally show the climax and now you're wondering how it's all going to end. This movie is fantastic and eerily intense! All the actors and actress gave great and memorable performances, the plot was cunning and effective as well as the movie itself. It never stops entertaining, and I was left wanting to watch the movie all over again! This deserves any positive recognition it gets! I loved it!

Elephant (2003)
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Just an ordinary day, right?, 18 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really had no idea what I was in for when I sat down to watch Elephant. I knew it was really loved, but I honestly didn't know what the film itself was about and I hadn't really thought what it would be like; I just knew that I'd been eager to watch it for some reason.

Anyway, when it started up, I was immediately sucked in and just found myself being so interested. I love how they build up all their characters to where you really care about them, and they make all of them have some significant purpose and redeeming qualities of some sort to where you don't get bored with them like it seems you would. Yes, surprisingly, I was not bored once. This is the kind of film that might make you really bored if you're not into it right away, but fortunately I loved it from the beginning.

I love how the movie makes itself out to be just an ordinary day, going through the lives of these ordinary teenagers. When Alex and the other guy rolled up in there and began the school shooting, that's just really one of those moments where you're like, "What the hell just happened?!"... I could not believe my eyes. They spent all this time centering the movie around these character just to have them all, except Eric, killed off?! What delightful irony! It was so tragic, yet made the movie more of a masterpiece than it already was, and gave the characters actual depth allowing them to die, showing that things can happen at any time, to anyone, for any reason.

In the end, Elephant delivers from the very start and never stops. It is quirky, entertaining, completely interesting and surprisingly brilliant. Definitely deserves any love it gets and was overall one magnificent film!

P2 (2007)
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Though a bit mediocre, it doesn't fail at being fun, 18 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

P2 was recommended to me by a friend who really loved it. I looked it up and it seemed interesting enough and right away I was ready to watch the movie whenever I got the chance. Well, when it started off I was immediately interested. The film starts off pretty strong as you see Angela (Rachel Nichols) getting ready to go home for the holidays. However, the obsessed Thomas (Wes Bentley) has plans of his own as he "invites" Angela for a "nice little" dinner with him. All in all things go horribly wrong for Angela as she ends up trying to escape the maniac's clutches.

This film, for me, had quite a lot of new material, such as, I loved the way Jim died, for it was a fresh, cunning death. Some other things I also enjoyed were the dog chase scene which I found really intense, and I liked how even though Bentley's character became quite moronic at times, he never actually stopped being intimidating. The film itself had nice suspense too. However, the movie's cliché level is what really drags it down a few points; There were just some things I found so unnecessary and predictable to the point where it wasn't enjoyable at times. It does get a bit mediocre, and of course it's no masterpiece.

Overall though, P2 was a very entertaining and exciting movie to watch. I thought both Nichols and Bentley gave pretty good performances, and while the movie isn't the best of the best, it's worth the watch.

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It pales in comparison to the book, but is still pretty good, 19 April 2009

My mom had been wanting me to watch this movie ever since she had heard that I had never seen it. It seemed interesting enough and one day when it came on TV I recorded it and decided to watch it later that night. Now, maybe I was just not expecting much from it, but I absolutely loved it the first time I watched it. Then, I realized it was based on a book.

Not long ago I finished the book, and when I look back this movie kind of did not do it justice at all. There was tons of material that was left out and though I like the ending in the movie better than the ending in the book, I thought the book was much more mystifying and eerie. The thing about the movie though is it's entertaining enough on it's own to where I still really enjoy it and the characters are well adapted and played out by the actors and actresses. The movie maintains some eeriness and has a nice, creepy atmosphere, but now I just wish that there was so much more they would've done with the movie.

I guess since I'm not a huge fan of the book, it doesn't really upset me that the movie fails to do it justice, but I really do wish there would be another movie adaptation where it's rated R and they include tons of more important material. In any matter, Flowers in the Attic is enjoyable, entertaining and well executed. It's nothing like the book, so don't expect it to be if you haven't seen it and think you might like to.

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A watered down, cardboard cut-out of the original with not so satisfying edits, 19 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

Okay, let me start off by saying that I absolutely loved The Blue Lagoon and the only reason I gave this the rating I gave it is for their effort. Yes, I could tell they actually put in an effort to make this a satisfying sequel, but sadly failed.

Well, I'm going to start with the beginning. I like how they began where the first one left off by finding Richard and Em dead floating in the boat along with baby Paddy who survived, though they had been in a completely different looking boat, not laying on their stomachs, had been found by completely different looking people and the people who found them's boat looked completely different, but still, they made an effort. On into where Lilli, Richard (Paddy) and Sarah are shipwrecked. I like how they showed them finding the home Em and Richard inhabitant from the first film, though if I recall the house was on the beach not half-way into the woods and the inside looked (using this word again) completely different, but still, I loved how the movie actually gave an effort. Also, I liked how they gave an effort to make Sarah a more compelling parent figure as Paddy was in the first and they actually accomplished that, I felt a little sad when she died and I did not care one bit when Paddy did.

Well, then the rest of the film goes on and we see Lilli and Richard grow up. From then on out until about the last 20 or so minutes of the film are left, it is the exact same as the first! Nothing is new except the cast! Since this is rated PG-13 and the first was rated R, you get no actual compelling feelings and scenes as you did in the first, such as, in this you do not get to see the sex scene or any sex scene that leads up to their baby, when you did in the first and it made the film more touching and beautiful. The last 20 or so minutes as I said, they tried something new, and gave an effort by adding to the movie that people actually found the castaways on the island this time. I hated this change. Not because I hated the idea, they just went about it all wrong. So these people are landing on this island that isn't even on the map, as one of the passengers stated, why, the movie did not say. The idea that a very lady-like and civilized daughter would fall in love with this guy she just saw for the very first time on an island who has no interest in her at all and is uncivilized is very stupid and the idea that one of the crew members will deliberately chase Richard across the island to try and kill him just because they were what, in a fight, is stupid.

At the very end, there is a baby born which you do not care about at all in any way because the film spent absolutely no time at all on showing it grow up whatsoever, which they did in the first, and then it goes off. I have wrote so much and spilled my heart out about this sequel because I absolutely fell in love with the first and I thought this was very, very disappointing. Like I said, I didn't give this a lower rating because it actually does manage to entertain at a lot of points and the actors captured their parts rather well, I guess. As you can obviously tell by now, I thought they gave an effort at trying too and I found that respectable, but overall this was totally unnecessary and just left me wanting so much more. It makes the first look like a goldmine, which it already was a masterpiece anyway...

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A visually exhilarating and beautifully scripted coming of age romance story, 19 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

I was so surprised with how amazing The Blue Lagoon turned out to be. I had been wanting to see it for awhile and finally I got my hands on it. When I first put it in, I was immediately interested. When the film was over, I was in complete shock because I was not expecting what I got. I loved how they lost Paddy at a very early age and as the years went on, had to survive by themselves with the little knowledge they knew. This movie is also an excellent coming of age film. I loved how Em and Richard grew up and the film showed how they were discovering themselves in different ways and in the end fell absolutely in love with each other. The acting from Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins is to die for and spot on (this is not bad acting folks), and of course if you didn't enjoy the movie, there's always the nude scenes and shots to look forward to and keep you interested, which I have to admit I thought were very tasteful.

This movie also manages to completely entertain, which is very difficult to do when there are only two main characters throughout most of the film. Also, it was so heart-wrenching how they both ate those berries so they could die peacefully with their baby. I was so upset because if they would've just held on a bit longer, they would've been rescued, which that of course pulled a few tears from my eyes.

In the end, The Blue Lagoon is positively excellent and so beautifully touching. The scenery is beautiful, the whole story is beautiful, Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins are beautifully beautiful and at the very end, I actually wanted to watch it all over again. This deserves more appreciation and a much higher rating. I thought it was one of the best films, and actually the best film of the 80s and better yet one of the best films of all time and I will love it for many years to come...

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A remarkable end to a classy trilogy, 19 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

To tell the truth, I was actually very sad when I finished this film because it meant the fun of the Lord of the Rings series was over. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was no doubt about it the best movie in the series and an excellent way to end a wonderful, captivating adventure.

The acting from all three was A+, the suspense was A+, the battle sequences A+, and everything else was practically perfect in a sense, and I enjoyed it from beginning to end because of how well done it was. I loved how this movie makes you actually notice how all the characters have roughly changed through out their journey and how most of them's true colors show in this final film. Plus, the whole thing about Frodo writing a book and letting Sam be able to finish the last pages was an awesome script choice. I also loved how Smeagol takes a turn for the worse and battles it out with Frodo for the ring.

Everything about The Lord of the Rings series is absolutely wonderful and this movie is incredibly incredible. I watched all three in one day, when I wasn't even expecting to like the first one, and now I consider them superb and well worth all the acclaim they receive. They'll remain in my mind for years to come, and I plan on watching them many more times in my life. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I love the Lord of the Rings!

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