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I really don't care for Jack Black movies, and yet..., 16 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

Okay, let me just start off by saying when my friend told me he wanted me to watch this movie I was certainly not pleased. I mean, every film besides The Holiday that I have seen Jack Black in, I hated him in it. He is always type-casted as an annoying character and plays the part badly, so I really didn't want to watch this movie.

Well, after awhile, I decided, "Hey, how bad can it be?" I put it in... the way it started off, I was like, "Oh no, here we go," and for literally about the first half of the movie, he was holding me back from enjoying it. I mean, I loved the premise, it was very cute, the characters were all very well established and enjoyable and I was entertained, but Jack Black was just so annoying. To my surprise the whole movie changed around after awhile. When Jack Black sang the song about Math, I laughed! In a good way too! From then on out, he was actually very tolerable and even likable, and I was able to see the film to it's full potential. I loved the characters, such as the whole entire class's acting was very well as well as the supporting actors and actresses, well, maybe not Sarah Silverman.

Anyways, the movie was very well directed and put together at times. I loved Joan Cusack's Rosalie character and thought she was the funniest of the movie, though the classmates come really close behind, which my favorites of those were Tameka, Summer and Fred who were all really believable and true to reality.

All in all, School of Rock delivers. The ending song was fantastic, and the ending itself was totally unpredictable; I expected them to win, but they lost which actually turned out for the better! This film is really fun and enjoyable and just overall completely heartwarming. In the end, I was astonished how great it was. While cliché at times and the first half of the movie is really nothing special, well for my first viewing it wasn't, the second half totally made up for it regardless, I loved this movie, and am glad I watched it. I actually went out and bought it yesterday, only a few days after my first viewing! It was overly satisfying, and totally cut my expectations to shreds. Now, I have already watched it twice, and since I knew what I was in store for the second time around, Jack Black wasn't annoying at all! So I think it was that I didn't go in with the right expectations, but anyway, I loved this movie, and am surprised that I did...

17 Again (2009)
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Surprisingly enjoyable!, 15 August 2009

Okay, to tell the truth, the only reason I wanted to see this movie was because of Zac Efron. Don't start, I know a lot of people only wanted to see this for Zac Efron like I did! Well, I knew what all was going to happen through the film, I mean, come on, this movie isn't hard to predict. Since I knew what the film basically was going to turn out to be, I was just looking to see if the makers, actors and actresses did it right.

When it immediately started off with Zac Efron shirtless, I knew it was going to be a good movie, haha, joking, but seriously, in the end, I was very pleased with how this turned out. Though cheesy at times, this movie really delivers! I mean, it was clichéd and yet I enjoyed every second! Who says predictable films can't be fun? The movie was excellently done and excellently played out. It even managed to get quite a lot of laughs out of me, and it never stopped entertaining, by that I mean I never lost interest. Yes, this film of course isn't a masterpiece, but I really thought it was very well done and overall lots of fun!

Zac Efron gives a great performance as a teen Mike O Donell and the supporting actors and actresses are all likable and believable in their parts as well, which I found to be even more enjoyment, considering that a lot of films today have teens that couldn't act their way out of a bag. I laughed, I didn't cry, but was really touched at times and then at the end, I nodded my head in approval for 17 Again was a really nice and satisfying teen flick that deserves it's over average rating and any positivity it gets.

My favorite things were Ned's geekiness and Zac Efron's quirky humor with his daughter and son throughout the film. All in all, even if you go in expecting the worst, you'll end the movie with some point of satisfaction and enjoyment, and if you go in with in light and reasonable expectations, you're sure to end up liking it like I did! So do I recommend 17 Again? If you can get into "feel-good" films every once in awhile and are not one of the overly-criticizing film snobs, my answer is a definite yes!

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Beautiful and unforgettable, 15 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

When I got up the nerve to watch Dirty Dancing, I didn't really know what to expect. I knew the film was a big thing back in the 80's and that it had a lot of people who loved it, and since I love a lot of 80's classics I figured this is worth a shot, but at the same time I had my doubts because it seemed a little overrated, from what I'd heard. When I finished this movie all those doubts were left in the dust!

Well, when it started up, I was thinking, "Oh no, this is going to be a predictable mess." While it was predictable, every single second of the film is sheer joy, had implausible pizazz and was lusciously alluring to where I couldn't take my eyes off of it for a second, which in the end, the material of the film prodigiously overcomes it's cliché level!

This movie has got non-stop style, fun and wonderful performances! Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze were perfect for their roles! With scenes like the one where their mouthing the words to the song "Love Is Strange" by Mickey & Sylvia and the final dance scene to the, now a classic, "I've Had the Time of My Life", which the dance deserved an Oscar all by itself and did win a handful of awards for the song choice, make this movie just so unforgettably magnificent!

The characters, dances, romantic humor and intensity as you see Grey and Swayze slowly falling in love make this movie so easy to fall in love with itself and when it went off I was so pleasantly astonished at how spectacular it really was! This is an absolute gem, is certainly my favorite dance film of all time and by itself is one of the greatest movies ever! I love it and think it's unforgettable, as I've stated a couple of times, with magnificent performances, excellent character structure and unimaginably wonderful dances! Now I see what all the love is about! Classic; It's rating is an unappreciated crime!

Komodo (1999)
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Comes off as a poorly made and cheesy B-movie, but..., 9 August 2009

I mean, with a name like Komodo and the way the movie case and posters look, whoever expects this to be good from the get go is crazy. Well, I had watched it over 5 years ago and had forgotten about it until now, and decided to watch it again, because I didn't remember a thing about it. I remembered it being laughable, but here again, I didn't remember anything about the actual movie, so I was not that excited about rewatching it, but I felt like I could get a good laugh at it in any case.

Well, I didn't laugh one bit! In fact, I was very pleased with how this movie turned out! As it started off I was immediately entertained. The plot was as thin as paper and the characters became questionable at times, but overall this movie was very satisfying and not bad at all. The performances were surprisingly over average! I could watch an hour and a half of Kevin Zegers laying in the floor reading the newspaper or something like that anyway for he is a fantastic actor and is not bad to look at at all. The main girl did astonishingly well too; She made her lines and character believable, and though of course this movie isn't a masterpiece it turned out to be way more than I thought it would be.

The special effects were surprisingly really good as well, I mean, for a B-Movie. This film obviously wasn't given a high budget and job well done with the special effects for such a small amount of money! Overall, I actually even think a 3.7 is too low of a rating! There are a lot worse films than Komodo, for this was not bad at all and is even worth a second watch! Great opening act, pleasing performances, nice special effects, but a plot that is so dull it's see through and around the end felt rushed and a little mediocre. Still, I enjoyed this film and recommend it if you can appreciate it for what it is.

Dead Calm (1989)
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Overall very satisfying and a surprisingly nail-biting thriller, 3 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film to not read this comment.

I had been wanting to see Dead Calm since I saw a preview for it on TV. It was coming on Encore one night and I was very excited to see it. Well, it wasn't what I suspected, not that I mean it was disappointing, because it definitely wasn't, it just turned out a lot different than I thought it would. I mean, I expected Billy Zane's character to be very psychotic and senile, not as conservative as he was, which actually turned out for the better anyway, and he was very intimidating as he was, calm and preserved, not being over-the-top aggressive and in the end unbelievable.

He did a very great job in his performance, with a subtle but frightening character, as did Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill who delivered very well. Especially Nicole Kidman; This is one of her greatest early performances that I found her so enjoyable and entertaining to watch; she did a fantastic job. I thought it was very suspenseful too, like, I was expecting it to be just entertaining and great fun, not as thrilling as it was with nail-biting tension between her character and Billy Zane's; I never looked away. This movie was excellently constructed, for that matter. The only reason I didn't give it a higher rating is because it's just one of those movies I feel overall there are much better movies, such as it got a little boring and uninteresting at times, and it of course is no masterpiece, but overall just a very satisfying thriller that anyone can get enjoyment out of.

It's ending was cliché and mediocre, as did the movie become a little predictable at times, but hey, the rest of the movie with it's performances and excellent build-up anticipation, and the way Billy Zane is killed *claps*, make up for it's predictable ending and minor parts of banal irk. Overall, this was a really delightful treat and I plan on seeing it again very soon because I feel I would even enjoy it a lot more a second time around. Wonderful performances, great suspense, superbly constructed and definitely worth the watch!

Peter Pan (2003)
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What could've easily been a total disaster..., 26 July 2009

... turned out to be a completely lovable, totally magical, surprising masterpiece that I can easily say is one of the best films of all time.

Well, I'm going to start off by saying that I loved the whole entire atmosphere and feel to this movie; Every single second and scene was sheer joy and it just is one of those films that drags you in and doesn't let go! I have not read the books or seen the play, but a lot of comments say that this is the truest version of Peter Pan and I'm going to stick with them!

Another thing is there was no "over-the-top"ness. Like, all the characters could've easily been portrayed by actors that tried way too hard and ended up ruining the film, but surprisingly no characters were annoying or unlikeable. What fantastic performances! Everyone did an excellent job and made all the characters so enticing and down-to-the-core wonderful! I mean, Jeremy Sumpters is the best Peter Pan there ever was, Ludivine Sagnier was an amazing Tinkerbell, certainly better then Julia Roberts, as well as Jason Isaacs being overly-skilled here with his unforgettable performances as both Mr. Darling and Captain Hook.

Another thing I love is that they gave Peter Pan a heart and a passionate personality unlike the Disney version and the dreadful Hook. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the 1953 classic, but one thing they failed to do in that they do in this was give him personality and pizazz, and actually feelings towards Wendy, the sexual tension between them was easy to spot and another great thing about the movie; Don't even get me started on Hook.

In the 1953 we only see Peter Pan with a one-sided attitude that keeps throughout the whole film, but in this they took the extra step and actually taught him to love, and as well as change his emotions dramatically. Plus, they couldn't have chose a more beautiful face for Peter Pan. Like I said, Jeremy Sumpters is an incredibly amazing Peter Pan and him being a total hottie only adds to his perfectness for the role. I loved seeing him as the playful, energetic, lovable character that he portrayed perfectly. The graphics got a little edgy and some of the lines became questionable and a little childish, but I really don't care! This movie was beautifully entrancing enough to where I can overlook it's very, very, very few and minor problems. Overall there isn't one thing I would've changed about this movie.

Why is this movie still in my head days after viewing?! It is fantastic, unforgettably majestic and truly under appreciated! I enjoyed every second, was so intrigued and astounded by the characters, performances from the actors and actresses playing the characters, plot, and overall mood and atmosphere that they gave this astonishing gem. Yes, it's really as wonderful as I'm making it out to be and like I said, this could've easily been an over-the-top, mediocre, highly unlikeable mess that dishonored the great name of Peter Pan, but it wasn't, it wasn't even close to that at all, look to Hook for that disappointment.

Go out and see it immediately if you haven't for it is absolutely miraculous! It is one of the biggest shames in the world that this failed at the box office, but then again it's competition was Lord of the Rings, which was suicide anyway. No matter, I will always love it and have already watched it 10 times in one week. It's miraculous, okay, going to shut up now, you've got my point that this one of the best movies ever made and anyone who hasn't seen it is missing out, tremendously...

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Where to start..., 15 July 2009

Okay, I'm going to start off by saying that I did not see this movie willingly. By that I mean I was forced to go see this for my friend's birthday and was not pleased about it. I have not even seen the first one, but my brother had, so he filled me in on everything and gave me the basic points and I pretty much had the concept, so I knew what I was in store for with this. This movie, actually didn't turn out as bad as I was expecting, which says a lot considering I still pretty much hated it.

When I think of Transformers, I immediately think of plot less, brainless action, and that's exactly what I got. A bunch of crap being blown up all over the screen, "mind-numbing" action scenes and horrendously bad dialogue and acting. The best things about this movie was the wacky mom and maybe some of the final battles, which I give credit for, are more enticing than they appear. The movie, while mildly entertaining, was just one big mess! I did not care for a lot, I mean a lot of the humor, such as every time I thought this movie was halfway decent and enjoyable, they completely ruin it with some horrifically unfunny and unnecessary joke! Those 2 ghetto robots and Leo got on my last nerve. The movie also become very cliché at times, and of course the whole entire thing from start to finish was pretty mediocre.

Another thing, did this movie really have to be two hours and thirty minutes long? They could've basically summed up the entire movie in about an hour and a half, and it would've made the movie actually better if it was shorter because it would've cut out a lot of unnecessary scenes and since it was so long and mediocre it got way too boring and uninteresting at a lot of parts. The acting's nothing to cheer about, as I've said, and the movie itself was so poorly established in means of plot and dialogue that I couldn't even enjoy it at times, but hey, I still was entertained at a lot of parts for it's action, and some scenes were worth remembering, and overall there are worse films.

This movie is bad, it's definitely bad, but then again, it could've been a lot worse and I honestly mean that. Overall, to sum it all up, it was cliché, poorly done, boring and flat out ridiculously intolerable at times, and the plot was so thin at times it didn't even have one, though of course I wasn't expecting it to have a deep meaningful plot anyway, but it was entertaining in ways, the acting wasn't that horrendous, but pretty lousy, and forgettable, it had some nice action, was enjoyable at a few parts, and could've been done a lot worse. With all this said, I never want to see it again...

The Beach (2000/I)
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Pretty powerful and enticing with wonderful, likable performances, 4 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

The Beach was one of those movies I had been wanting to see ever since I had heard about it really, which wasn't that long ago. I am into the whole "tropical paradise" theme of movies, like The Blue Lagoon, because I love their cinematography and they usually are great entertainment with an excellent plot, in some way, and this looked very interesting and entertaining. I finally had the chance to view it and I'm so glad I did.

The best things about this movie are the performances and it's keen sense of paranoia and chaos. I never lost interest because it was so entertaining with it's superb use of intensity! Like I said, the performances, Leonardo DiCaprio's in particular of course, are excellent and all the actors and actresses make their characters memorable and not bland or faceless, in my opinion. Another thing was it's sense of paranoia. I loved how you see how their perfect paradise isn't as perfect as it was made out to be and everything slowly starts to crumble. There were some really intense scenes which heighten your interest in the movie even more, one of the final scenes for example, where Sal is given the choice to shoot Richard and remain on the island or not kill him and leave, and another of the scenes close to the end where Richard witnesses the people who he made a copy of the map to their island for in the beginning get murdered. The movie is very enticing overall, and even though it gets a little mediocre at times, The Beach is very nicely done.

Well, I enjoyed it a lot, and found it to be a greatly put together film with great performances, memorable scenes and characters and since I said I am a sucker for the whole "tropical" type theme of films, that might be why I enjoyed this more than a lot of others and find the rating a bit unfair, but still, if you enjoyed this like I did, I'm sure you agree with me that it's memorable and definitely worth the watch for the powerful and true film that it is...

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Good fun, but truly all over the place, 4 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

Well, where to start. I was recommended this film by a friend and when I read more about it I was pretty excited to put it in because it looked like lots of fun, and it definitely was! It's about Marie and Alexa, two friends who go to visit Alexa's parents for a vacation. Suddenly, a mysterious killer shows up and starts killing off Alexa's family.

The things I loved most about this film was that Marie played an incredibly cunning and clever victim! I loved all her approaches to the situations and her overall attitude and mood because she was so sly. Another thing was the whole entire gas station scene which was very well done and never stopped being interesting. If it wasn't for her being so wily and the whole gas station scene being so fun this movie would've gotten a much lower rating. Some downsides were it got very boring at times, one scene in particular which was the entire car spy and car chase scene after the gas station scene. Also, the mom's death was so unbelievable! Come on, I believe in miracles, but she had her throat slit, her hand chopped off, and she lost all that blood for that long of a time period; Her coming back to life was unnecessary.

Well, overall, I was satisfied with the film in ways and liked the direction it was going in and was ready for it to end... then, it showed the surveillance camera at the gas station's recording of Marie killing the gas station clerk! At first, I didn't know what to think, then it started showing Marie being the killer! In my opinion, it would have been better off without the psychological spin and just as simple, gory fun, but they just had to be daring with a psycho-lesbian twist. To me, I loved Marie being such a smart victim, but they turned her into a pathetic psychopath who at the end stumbles around trying to kill Alexa and is finally tricked and stabbed through the chest, oh, but not killed, put in the hospital, because they gotta have that terrifying final shot of her reaching out to Alexa in the mental institution, which her lesbian crush wouldn't have gotten on my nerves if she wasn't the killer, but she was, and it did. This movie overall would've been better off as a simple slasher. Usually, the twists in horror films don't bother me as much, because I like horrors to have that extra pizazz, but this one did.

In the end, if you cut off the movie at the part where the police get to the gas station, you've got yourself a very entertaining and fun horror flick, but if you continue on, there's just disappoint. All the characters except for Marie, when she is a victim, not a psycho, are bland and forgettable except Alexa which she's only memorable for her screaming and being the crush. The movie itself was nicely put together, I mean, no huge plot holes except that they didn't even care to go more into how "this and that" happened when Marie was the killer, such as the scene in the opening when you see the killer, who is Marie, giving himself a blowjob with a dead girl's head and how was Marie getting to these places if she was Also in the truck with Alexa? Um, Okay?!

Well, I've pretty much stated my piece on Haute Tension. To sum it all up, it's fun, gory, and entertaining with an amazing main character, for the most part, but has a poor twist, get's pretty boring a couple of times, and is flawed in many areas. It's definitely not the worst foreign horror, but definitely not the best either...

Mean Creek (2004)
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Intense and disturbingly hypnotic, 22 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

I was so surprised at how wonderful Mean Creek ended up being. I had been wanting to see it for awhile before I finally got around to renting it at Movie Gallery. When I put the movie in, I had no idea what I was in for, I just knew the cast and the basic plot, but I was still so excited. As it started off, I was immediately interested. This is one of those movies where it sucks you in from the start and doesn't let go, because they spend just the right amount of time on making their characters structured and believable. I love the main story plot; George, the bully and victim, is especially mean to Sam, who is really our main protagonist, and so Sam's brother, Rocky, comes up with a scheme to get back at George with the help of his two friends, Clyde and Marty.

As the film progressed, I got more and more interested as to what's going to happen as Sam, Clyde, Marty, Rocky, George and Millie, Sam's mutual crush, are out in the boat having a good time when all of a sudden George brings up the sensitive subject of Marty's father. Things get out of hand, and Rocky ends up accidentally pushing George off the boat drowning him because he can not swim. After that, the movie is just too tempting to look away from, because they've built up all these characters and suspense to finally show the climax and now you're wondering how it's all going to end. This movie is fantastic and eerily intense! All the actors and actress gave great and memorable performances, the plot was cunning and effective as well as the movie itself. It never stops entertaining, and I was left wanting to watch the movie all over again! This deserves any positive recognition it gets! I loved it!

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