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Fun, entertaining and a total delight, 9 March 2010

I had been mildly anticipating seeing Sugar & Spice because I can appreciate the quirky, tongue-in-cheek teen comedies for what they are and have enjoyed a lot of them in the past. The plot with this one sounded hysterical and I like Marley Shelton, so I was ready to be entertained with this little flick.

I found Sugar & Spice to be an excellent and extremely amusing, enjoyable teen flick with edginess and sass. The material was not "rolling on the floor, laugh out loud" hilarious, but it was enough to where you get tons of continuous little chuckles and I always had a smile on my face, always. That's why I loved this movie so much. It was able to make me grin and laugh all the way through at such little things, such as the Betty masks and whole robbery ordeal, and little lines and scenes, tons of which are through out the entire film.

The performances were wonderful for their characters. Marla Sokoloff, Marley Shelton, Mena Suvari and James Marsden gave my favorite and most memorable performances of all, but everyone was memorable in their own, special way and I really just had an all out pleasurable experience with this joyous film and the joyous characters and essence it brings.

In the end, as I've said, I had an amazing blast with Sugar & Spice. It was fun, fresh and though it's not for everyone, it certainly was for me, because I saw it as much more than most would for it's eccentric and zany sense that was very different in ways from other films of it's caliber. If you can enjoy films like these for what they are, try on Sugar & Spice for it is really just non-stop delight from start to finish with lovable characters and a screwball, surreal plot. I enjoyed it greatly.

Dear John (2010/I)
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Compelling and endearing, though some things definitely just don't click at times..., 5 February 2010

I had mixed expectations when I was going in to see Dear John. I had never really given any thought about how good or bad it might be, because it was a night out with friends and I was unconcerned at the moment. Eventually, we started to watch the movie. At first, it was just dull. I mean, I know it was trying to build up the characters and establish a good story line, but I was a tad bit uninterested, just because the characters were so plain at the time. Though it does set up things rather well, it lacks in any really high appeal from the moment it comes on the screen, if that makes sense.

Anyway, on to the rest of the movie. Though there were times when I was very interested, it just overall was nothing special. The performances by each individual actor were extremely questionable. For instance, Channing Tatum was unable to display any real sense of emotion except for maybe two scenes in the entire movie, and Amanda Seyfried seemed like it was just too big of a role for her to play. While they both didn't do so hot separately, I have to say the chemistry between them when they were on set together was believable, intense and undeniably noteworthy; Certainly the best thing about the movie, in my opinion.

I do give Dear John a decent and satisfactory rating for it really strived to be a poignant and strong film, even though it fell a little short, and I was moved at times by the feelings Channing and Amanda expressed into their characters, though all together their performances were eh. It was interesting and entertaining, and I enjoyed it... lightly. With all that said, it again falls short of being rewatchable with it's extreme dullness throughout and lack of powerful, independent, likable performances. Not anything special, but certainly not anything bad, and I recommend you don't watch it with high expectations, because you'll be very disappointed, but if you're not an extreme critic and you're just looking to blow some time, or are extremely hard up for Channing Tatum shirtless, you can and will enjoy this in some way.

The Proposal (2009/I)
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A fun and excellently done comedy, 21 October 2009

Okay, I had been really excited to see The Proposal ever since it came out. I was hyping it up a lot when I knew it wasn't going to be a masterpiece, but I just love Sandra Bullock and Betty White and couldn't wait to get my hands on this film! When I did, it definitely lived up to my expectations.

The thing with The Proposal was you could predict the ending and predict some events that would be happening throughout the film and some of the main problems were cliché, but I wasn't basing my opinions on this movie to be,"Is it going to be predictable, because if it is, I won't like it!" No, I wasn't like that, because I knew this film was going to be predictable here and there, but I was looking to see if they made it enjoyable and at least brought some fresh, new material to the table, which they certainly did that! I thought some scenes were just so wonderfully done and the whole movie itself was constructed perfectly for the type of movie that it is.

I had a really good time watching The Proposal and thought it was great entertainment with insanely lovable characters; I wanted to shriek with joy every time I saw Grandma Annie; a lot of incredibly humorous scenes at times, my favorites were when Margaret and Grandma Annie were dancing to the spirits which got the biggest laughs out of any part of the movie from me and when the dog was picked up by an eagle and Margaret was chasing it around trying to get her phone back; both hysterical, and some questionable, yet sweet and charming dialogue; Near the end in the office was cute and original, and the credits were funny as well with the dialogue in them. This movie while being cliché, as I've stated many times, did still pack a very powerful punch and made me laugh, cry and enjoy it tremendously, so therefore it succeeded in what it was meant to do in the first place and that was to entertain. I loved it for the light-hearted, pleasant and fun comedy that it is....

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A beautiful, compelling and "true to the heart", stunning success, 18 October 2009

I was recommended Lost in Translation by a friend. I had heard of it, but didn't really know what it was about or what to expect. Well, the first time I watched it, I strongly focused on all the movie's major points and undeniably fell head over heels for it!

What makes this movie terrific? It's just overall very down-to-earth and very true to it's purpose and excellent sense of direction, like I could feel what the characters were feeling and it all seemed so real and authentically virtuous to where I could really get into this movie and understand the profound concept. You fall in love with the characters the second they are presented and you can't help but feel a total warmth as the two key protagonists get to know and even love each other as they spend more and more time together, going through constant adventures into each other's personalities and souls; Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson's magnificent performances just further improved the perfect character structure.

This movie seems so realistic to the point where it's almost like you're watching a documentary of two people's hectic lives as they coincide to bring happiness, joy, love and tranquility to each other's hearts. If a movie at the end, like this one does, got your complete and utter attention throughout the entire film, made you truly believe in the characters, story and principles and gave you so many constantly changing feelings throughout the whole movie such as joy, pain, love and laughter, you have got yourself a true to the heart, succeeding work of brilliance that is worth the mention as one of the best Romane films you or anyone has ever seen! I really think this movie is that incredible, and I'm overwhelmed with delight that a lot of other people did, too...

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Simply astounding and a completely delightful surprise overall, 30 September 2009

I really had no expectations going into watch Slumdog Millionaire. I had known it won Best Picture, but still, I was not impressed by the hype or plot or trailers, as a matter of fact. So, I sat down to watch it and from the beginning, I thought,"Uh oh, this is going to be overrated." Thing is, the movie ended up being so much more and I was ever so wrong for having my doubts!

What happens with Slumdog Millionaire is, from around the the start, it hooked me in, even though I had uncertainties and then, as the movie progressed, it just because so much more enticing and compelling by the seconds. I really came to care for the characters, well, Jamal and Latika mostly, that is, and since I was so interested and intrigued, I didn't have enough time to even care to predict how the movie was going to turn out.

That's another thing. The ending in this film was spectacular and a miraculously palatable way to end it overall. I loved it, and throughout the whole movie, they just never let you down. It's entertainment after entertainment, and they don't even give you enough time to start being bored, because while they make this movie seem so rushed, that's how it's supposed to be, to make the audience feel adrenaline, at a large amount of scenes, and like I said, even thought it's quite annoyingly chaotic at times, they manage to make the plot, strong, easy to point out and understandable from start to finish.

The really only downside I found to this movie is that it deeply tries to strive to impress at a lot of scenes when it really should just "go with the flow". At those certain scenes, I felt as if they tried way too hard to astonish the audience, when really they were already on a roll and should've just played it safe, but instead they reached to far, as a lot of films tend to do, so I will certainly not critically censure this movie for that.

Regardless of it's minor flaws, this movie deserved it's Best Picture after I was through watching it. Easily, in my opinion, one of the best films of 2008 if not the best, and a splendidly amazing film overall with overly adequate characters, a sturdy and professional plot and no scenes of uninterest whatsoever. I truly can't believe how remarkable this movie really turned out to be. See it if you haven't, for the hype and myself do not lie!

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Miyazaki is an anime genius; This is perfect proof, 29 September 2009

I have just begun my quest for Miyazaki films. The first one I saw was Spirited Away. After this being more than excellent, I immediately began searching for his other so called animation masterpieces. This, was the second I found. Since Spirited Away was such a beautiful, mesmerizing piece of artwork and it stuck and connected with me, I expected nonetheless from Howl's Moving Castle, but I got so much more than I bargained for, even going in thinking I was going to love it!

This movie has got to be one of the greatest and most magical animation films I have seen to this day, and one of the most beautiful, enchantingly haunting and marvelously assembled work of arts that I have seen in general! The things that Miyazaki did with this movie were so much better than what tons of animation filmmakers out there are doing today and in my honest opinion, he made the characters, plot and scenes way more lovable than they already were. I mean, I absolutely adored Sophie, Howl, Calcifer, Turniphead and even the Witch of the Waste because Miyazaki does such an incredibly impressive job with his characters and gives them such depth and likability! He makes them so simple yet gives them life, personality and charm, making us fall in love with them every time we watch the movie! Seriously, I believe that this has some of the best animation characters of all time, just because I can fall so in love with them over and over and they never get old and always make me smile and care for them with their overall attitudes and lines.

Another thing is he just made this movie so wonderfully intense and complex while still being mellow and easy to understand all the way through, as well. I know that sounds weird and probably doesn't make sense to you, but what I'm trying to say is that it seemed to me like he put in his best effort on this movie, as he probably does with all his movies, and made it so breathtakingly powerful, but still being straightforward to our eyes and mind, and we can understand it's ingenious complexity through simple characatures. I love the way Miyazaki's mind works! This movie also is ever so entertaining and surreally pensive, joyful and yet wistful from start to finish, and you can just get so into the plot and characters up until it's at a point where you can't look away because all you want to do is just sit right where you are and enjoy this mouthwateringly spectacular film! That's exactly what happened with me! Once I got in my spot I was stuck there through the entire film, and almost forgot I was even breathing that I was so in the feeling of this masterpiece.

There were scenes where I chuckled, because this movie has a lot of cute, random humor that you can't help but smile at. There were points where I wanted to cry for how incredibly passionate it gets, and there are points where I wish I could just jump right into the movie myself and see and feel what the characters see and feel, such as some of the landscape scenes with soothing music, which are just beautiful as well as the main message it tries to get through and the movie Howl's Moving Castle overall as a whole! This movie completely stunned me with it's magnificent animation, plot, characters and intensity. I loved every second and even though it got slightly rushed for a minor amount of time near the end, Miyazaki makes it to where you really don't care about the minor problem and makes Howl's Moving Castle completely worth the watch any day and I have already watched it 4 times in a week! I can't even fully describe how much I love and cherish this movie, but take my word for it, it is brilliant, bravura, unimaginably superb and I will certainly be watching more of Miyazaki's work very soon.

If you enjoy Miyazaki and you have not seen this yet, I recommend you do as soon as possible for you will of course fall in love with it, as well, for it is an anime masterpiece and a force to be reckoned with! I could go on and on about this film, but I'm going to end by saying that I am so happy this movie is loved as much as I love it; It is so far the best of Miyazaki's I've seen, though I admit Spirited Away was more professional in some distinct ways, but Howl's Moving Castle is just so much more enjoyable, for me; That it is implausibly and poetically dreamy with insanely adorable characters, an outstanding plot and non-stop fun, and that it is total rapture from the very beginning until the very last second.

Okay, now I have just been going on about how wonderful it is over and over again, so I think you get the point I'm trying to make by now. See it, it's really as amazing as I'm making it out to be! I love it!

Chocolat (2000)
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I had never craved chocolate so much in my life!, 14 September 2009

When I borrowed Chocolat from my friend, I really didn't know anything about it, or really what my expectations should be (other than that it's name made me hungry and there was something that was going to be happening about chocolate somewhere in the movie, hahaha). Well, when the movie started up, I got the main concept right away and was immediately interested, which they were very satisfactory at material like that, by that I mean, they weren't trying so hard to get the point through of what they wanted you to understand, they just followed the expression, "go with the flow" and that definitely worked out for the unquestionable better for this movie!

I immediately fell in love with Juliette Binoche's character Vianne, because they do an excellent job at establishing her character to where you really care for her and admire her, same for many of the other main and supporting characters like Josephine, Armande and Roux. This movie had amazing character structure which in the end benefited it greatly, because that is one of the things I look for in every movie, that they are able to introduce their characters with strong, effective personalities and dispositions, you understand what they are basically like right away, and magnificently all the actors and actresses were able to do that with their characters, as I have already stated and praised a couple of times; Juliette Binoche deserved an Oscar, and Carrie-Ann Moss, Johnny Depp, Lena Olin, Judi Dench, Alfed Molina etc. etc. all gave astoundingly award-worthy performances as well!

Second of all, the plot is absolutely miraculous. I couldn't help but be so mesmerized and entranced by how wonderfully they were able to create this strange, but lovable atmosphere of these people, not wanting to accept change to their quiet and "cardboard" little town, but then something so simple as chocolate is able to turn all their perspectives on life around all at once, which is a great and true message: The simplest things sometimes can make the biggest impact, and this movie definitely showed that and handled the idea incredibly well.

I love this movie, and the whole time I was watching, I had never wanted to consume chocolate so much in my life! I truly think it is really something special when a movie can just make the audience want to go out and do something or want to cooperate and or feel what the characters are feeling, and I mean that in a good sense of course, because the whole time I was watching this movie, I just wanted to experience these amazing experiences that the characters were experiencing and I even felt jealousy come over me as they obtained these opportunities!

This film certainly is nowhere near bad and or mediocre in any way! It is a masterpiece! One of the best films I have ever seen, actually, no lie there! I didn't find one flaw, but it's just I do think it's one of those films where I believe there are overall a few better movies than it, and by that I mean, while this movie is breathtakingly stunning in it's whole trial, there are movies that I, surprisingly, do enjoy more. Regardless, Chocolat is a fun, beautifully crafted, completely alluring work of art from start to finish, and by the end I was astonished at how fantastic this movie really turned out to be. I recommend to anyone who loves an enthralling plot that commingles with unforgettable performances behind unforgettable characters, non-stop entertainment and a little bit of a chocolaty sweet touch here and there...

Secretary (2002)
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Darkly, sexually submissive and eerie, fantastic drama!, 14 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

I had not heard much about Secretary... to be honest, I hadn't heard anything about it! I had wanted to see it mainly because it is kind of controversial for being a explicit, graphically sexual film and usually the intense, explicit and extreme intends to impress when it comes to me. I don't know what it is, but it's just something about people seeing dirty, filthy flat out severe ridiculousness portrayed on screen by a plot and characters, that just entices us. That is exactly the case with this film.

From start to finish, you get the general idea that James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal's characters are a little quirky and mysterious in their own mind and bodies, not sure about their life, like most people. As they get more acquainted with each other because of Gyllenhaal's character Lee Holloway's secretary job, a sadomasochistic side in them slowly comes out in a creepy, yet romantic kind of way.

The best thing about this movie is that it's powerful all the way through and never lets go. I never lost interest, because they manage to continuously entertain with eccentrically wonderful material and the fantastic performances by Spader and Gyllenhaal are just further benefits! I love the strong and painful love that the two main characters grow to share and the final minutes are unforgettable! The plot was well thought out, for, like I said, I find the final minutes of Lee sitting at the desk potently cunning and extraordinarily beautiful. "Promise me you will not move from this desk until I return." Well, she sure didn't! Then, when James Spader's character Mr. Grey finally realizes what's been right in front of him the entire time, he goes back for her. Aw, how sweet... and weirdly atrocious, but still sweet, right?

This movie is wonderful. I think they did an amazing job of keeping in touch with what reality could possibly be like in those situations, while still bringing that fresh, ludicrous and touching idealism to a very satisfying plot and dramatic, yet oddly and subtly calm and likable characters. Maggie Gyllenhaal definitely needs to do more "Secretary"s rather than more "The Dark Knight"s, for the better of those two performances is without a doubt, in my opinion, Secretary. Same for James Spader and the, again in my opinion, unquestionably bad "Crash".

Does anyone else agree? Regardless, it seems by this film's rating it is pretty loved, which I am very glad for, because it totally deserves it!

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All in all, it's nothing special..., 31 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

Well let's see, when I very first saw the trailers for The Strangers, I was so excited to see this movie because it looked like and excellently done and gruesome horror. I tried numerous times to try and go to the theaters to see it, but it just never happened. About 2 weeks ago, I finally got the chance to see it on TV... maybe I had hyped the film up too much.

Okay, first of all, this film could have been so much more. The acting was fine, dialogue was so so, plot was solid, but everything in this movie just falls flat; It's like they had the right chemicals, but mixed them wrong. Like I said, Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman do well in their parts (if all else fails they're not bad to look at through the whole movie either, if you get what I mean) and they made their characters likable and believable, in ways, but through the entire thing I was just not pleased at all.

For an R rating the film could've been much more brutal and shocking (They made it out to be more brutal and shocking than it really was). The dialogue(what dialogue there was when the main characters weren't being chased or alone by themselves) was nothing to praise at all, but I do admit I loved the "Why are you doing this to us?" "Because, you were home."

This movie did have a creepy atmosphere, it certainly did, but it just didn't capture the whole aspect well. I guess the filmmakers were trying to show that horrors don't have to be gory and bloody to be violently disturbing, which I appreciate, but still, they didn't do a good job of it, such as, the characters actions in the intense situations are very believable, but the situations themselves are just lame and or not unsettling in any way. The only thing that managed to get a slight cringe out of me was the ending where the strangers are taking turns stabbing the couple, which I thought was well done and was something that would make the audience be like "Oh my God!", but the rest of the movie itself was just substandard to where at a few times I found myself asking,"Why am I continuing to watch this?"

Well, to sum it all up, The Strangers is still an okay movie. I thought it had a nice eerie atmosphere with decent performances behind alright characters, but something just went horribly wrong to the point where I was very disappointed at the end of the film. They unquestionably had all the correct ingredients for a brilliant, grisly, frightening horror/thriller, but they didn't give their best effort and the film trips over it's own feet, so to speak. If you're a die hard horror fan it's worth seeing just to say you've seen it, but it could've been and should've been so much more than it was...

Pocahontas (1995)
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Is trashed by plenty, why?, 19 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: I advise anyone who has not seen the film yet to not read this comment.

Out of every film that has ever been labeled Walt Disney "classic" or "masterpiece", this is the lowest rated one with a 5.9 rating, why? People think it's degrading and offensive to Native Americans, no, seriously, that's why this gem is so hated.

Okay, people, it's a Walt Disney movie; Did you honestly think it was going to be 100% accurate and meant to reach out to full grown adults? Actually, it's not degrading or offensive one bit. It's actually really beautiful and touching. The song "Colors of the Wind" is one of the most beautiful and heartfelt songs that has ever been released in a Disney movie. The characters are top notch and the, what most think is crappy, animation, I think, is wonderful! Some things like Grandmother Willow telling her to follow her heart and that Pocahontas is able to overcome the barriers of race to find love are such powerful messages that were so great seeing in this.

As one comment says, "When Pocahontas originally came out, Disney's wave of recent hits came to a crashing halt. The film was labeled as racist or at least insensitive to Native Americans and the goodwill that Disney had established with its audiences quickly evaporated. You could say they have never been the same since", which is very disappointing because this movie was not a scratch on Walt Disney's film records like most people think.

I always love seeing Pocahontas rush to save the day and prove that any "savage"'s violence and carnage, whether Native American or not, can be halted by the powers of love. While this film gets a very bad wrap, it's not anywhere near as horrible as everyone lets on. With beautiful songs, great animation and wonderful, powerful messages one after another, Pocahontas is Disney's most underrated and under-appreciated masterpiece by far. I always enjoy watching it and find myself getting chills at many of scenes; I have chills all through "Colors of the Wind", when she is running to stop the war and the final scene when she is standing on the rock and the leaves brush past her in the wind.

Beautiful movie, a shame it wasn't considered a hit like most, and just overall gets very unfair treatment. Though it's no The Lion King, Aladdin or the numerous Disney classics before the 90's, it deserves just as much positive recognition which, like I've stated many times, it fails to get. I love it, and people who hate it need to open their eyes and see it for what a beautifully crafted and heartfelt story it really is...

P.S. The extra song sang by Pocahontas and John Smith on the 10th anniversary DVD is too die for...

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